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Mogura Beastman (モグラ獣人 Mogura Jūjin, 5-20): A mole-themed Beastman, the Mogura Beastman, otherwise known as simply Mogura (モグラ Mogura), is able to burrow underground as far as ten meters and prone to chant "chu-chu". Mogura was originally working for Geddon and was sent after Amazon, only to fall back due to police interference.

After getting a chance to redeem himself, Mogura goes after Masahiko to set a trap for Amazon which ended up with his arm dislocated and many other injuries before he escaped. As a result, Mogura is exiled to the surface and chained up to die of sun stroke. Amazon, taking pity on the monster, rescues him from his cruel fate.

Though confused as to why, Mogura becomes Amazon's recurring ally until Garanda's Tokyo Mold Destruction Operation, where he faked offering his services to Garanda to take mold. However, Mushroom Beastman expected it and poisoned Mogura, living long enough to make his way to the doctor, but when Amazon attempted to give the vaccine to him, Mogura refused saying it was now no good for him but told Amazon he should take it so he doesn't get infected by Mushroom Beastman's mold, before he died in Amazon and Masahiko's arms. Soon after avenging him, Amazon builds a memorial in Mogura's honor.

In Kamen Rider Spirits, after Needle shot some stingers into his body, he was mutated into a giant mole monster.

Kamen Rider Decade

Eijiro as Mole Beastman.

When the Hikari Studio arrived in the World of Amazon, becoming Amazon's base, Eijiro Hikari, donning a fake mole nose while holding sunflowers, proclaimed himself to be Amazon's helper Mole Beastman and chanted Mole Beastman's signature chant. Whether a real Mole Beastman existed in the World of Amazon is unknown. Amazon, Friend

Video game appearances

Pachinko Kamen Rider: Full Throttle

Mogura Beastman appears as an ally in Pachinko Kamen Rider: Full Throttle.

Behind the scenes

The concept of a Beastman who sided with Amazon was present from the planning stage.[1][2] For its motif, mole was chosen due to the impression Mogurang of Kamen Rider left on staff.[3]


Mogura Beastman was voiced by Ryūji Saikachi (槐 柳二 Saikachi Ryūji), who previously voiced Spider Man, the first Shocker kaijin fought by Kamen Rider in the first episode of Kamen Rider, the original series.



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