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For the A.R. World version from Kamen Rider Decade, see Kamen Rider Raia (A.R. World).

"My predictions are never wrong."
―Tezuka on his fortune telling ability[src]

"When I made that prediction, the next Rider to go was actually you. But fate has changed."
―Tazuka revealing to Shinji that he was supposedly to die in his place according to his prediction.[src]

Miyuki Tezuka (手塚 海之 Tezuka Miyuki) is Kamen Rider Raia (仮面ライダーライア Kamen Raidā Raia), a fictional character in the tokusatsu production Kamen Rider Ryuki. He is one of the 13 Kamen Riders the series revolves around.


Kamen Rider Ryuki

He is a very accurate fortune-teller that believes in predestination. He fights to stop the Rider war and change their fates, similar to Shinji, Kamen Rider Ryuki. Tezuka is among the few honorable and noble Riders in the series. Though he was given the left Survive card, he gave it to Kamen Rider Knight, even though that could have made him stronger. Tezuka was not the original deck holder that was chosen to become a Rider. The real chosen one was Yuichi Saito, an excellent pianist and dear friend to Tezuka, who had lost his ability to play when a mugger (later revealed to be Takeshi Asakura) broke his hands and ruined his ability to play. Kanzaki later appeared before Yuichi to offer the restoration of his hands if he becomes a Rider, but Yuichi refused and was eaten by the monster GuldThunder as a result. Taking the Card Deck, Tezuka later contracted Evildiver and became a Rider to avenge his friend by ending the Rider War.

While at a square performing Coin Fortune Telling, Tezuka notices Ren and reads his future before revealing himself as a Rider. Though he overpowered Knight but not intent on dealing the deathblow, Raia is shocked with Knight's suicidal counterattack. But after the fight, Tezuka tells Ren that he cannot win the Rider War because of the doubt in his heart. After seeing a vision of Knight being defeated by Kamen Rider Gai, Tezuka prods at Ren to know the truth behind him when he meets Shinji, who also intends to stop the fighting among the Riders. Tezuka aids Ryuki and Knight in dealing with Gai before he (Gai) is killed off by Ouja.

Changing Destiny

"At last...I changed fate..."
―Tezuka before his death[src]
Kamen rider raia 04

Raia's death at the hands of Ouja

Raia died during a fight against Ouja. When Ouja performed his Final Vent against Ryuki, Raia pushed him out of the way and took the attack instead. He died shortly afterwards due to his wounds. Being a very accurate fortune teller, he knew Ryuki was the one to be killed and let himself take the blow as he probably knew that Ryuki's better off being the one to stop the Rider war while Knight was better off with the Survive card. Before he was about to die, he sensed something off with Yui but he never got the chance to tell Shinji before dying in his arms.

timeline reset

After Shiro restored time to its proper course after Yui's death, Tezuka was given a second chance in life with no memory of being a Rider and was seen doing tarot card readings on the corner of the street, Miyuki Tezuka meets Shinji, saying that "Today is a bad day for you". He attempts to fortune tell Shinji's fate.A New Life

Post Series and other events

Kamen Rider Decade

The Arrival of the Samurai Sentai

Sea Food Riders

Kamen Ride Raia & Scissors in the World of shinkenger

Kamen Rider Diend Summons Kamen Rider Raia and Scissors , armed with his Evil Whip to figth shinken Gold in the World of shinkenger ,later easily are defeated by chinomanako. The Arrival of the Samurai Sentai

Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker


Kamen Rider Diend summons Kamen Rider Raia,Gai and PunchHopper in the World of Decade to fight KickHopper and Ouja. Armed with the Evil Whip he and Gai fight against Ouja, but the result of the fight is not shown. Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Raia in Legend War

Kamen Rider Raia was part of a group of reinforcement riders led by Akira Date/Kamen Rider Birth to aid the primary riders in defeating the Rock Great Leader. All the Kamen Riders got on their bikes and performed the All Rider Break attack which destroyed the Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER


Kamen Rider Raia appears as a toy, when Sento and Sougo they find Ataru he brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, with Sougo and Sento stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER  

Appearances in other media

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~

Type21. - Get it! Can You Ready the Muffler Too!?


Kamen Rider Raia appears with Drake,Dark Kiva , and Double, according to Kivat-Bat the 3rd Raia is considered for marriage the especially ideal.Type21. - Get it! Can You Ready the Muffler Too!?

Type24. - I'll Investigate This Match!


Kamen Rider Raia participating in the Poker Battle alongside General Shadow, Kamen Rider Garren and Kamen Rider Chalice without a strategy to have the victory because your hand is very weak unlike General Shadow, Garren and Chalice he lining the cards up and point to General Shadow to choose the result is a disaster , general shadow enraged tells him to play well but he ends up dropping a metal pot by knocking him out implying raia's prediction was always right.Type24. - I'll Investigate This Match!

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Ryuki (Video Game)


Raia as seen in the Videogame

Kamen Rider Raia appears as playable character in the PS1 game,like that the others Ryuki Riders also he summons his Contract monster EvilDiver and using is Advent cards and his finishers Hide Venom 

Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes


Kamen Rider Raia appears in the video game with the others Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes.

Kamen Rider Riderbout


Raia as seen in Kamen Rider Riderbout

Kamen Rider Raia appears as a playable character with the other Heisei and Showa kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Riderbout.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul


Kamen Rider Raia Medal

Kamen Rider Raia is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.

Other Game appearances

Masked Rider Expansion


Kamen Rider Raia Masked Rider Expansion card

Kamen Rider Raia appears as a playable character in this trading card game with other Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Heisei-Era , Showa-Era,super sentai,Metal Heroes and other Heroes.

Battle Spirits


Kamen Rider Raia Battle Spirits card

Kamen Rider Raia appears with other Kamen Riders and Monsters in Battle Spirits.

Kamen Rider Raia


Kamen Rider Raia

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 190 cm.[1]
  • Rider Weight: 92 kg.[1]

Rider Senses:

  • Eyesight: 10 km.[1]
  • Hearing: 10 km.[1]

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 10 t.[note 1]
  • Kicking Power: 15 t.[note 2]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 40 m.[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5 sec.[1]

Special Attacks:

Tezuka can transform into Kamen Rider Raia using his Advent Deck and V Buckle upon forming a contract with Evildiver. His Visor, the Evilvisor (エビルバイザー Ebiru Baizā), is small shield mounted on his left arm. Raia's punching power, kicking power, and jump height are identical to Knight's, but he is slightly slower.

Through the use of the Swing Vent Advent Card, Raia can arm himself with the Evil Whip (エビルウィップ Ebiru Wippu), a whip derived from Evildiver's tail. Raia can also use the Copy Vent to summon a copy of his opponent's weapon

By using his Final Vent, Raia can execute his finisher, Hide Venom (ハイドベノン Haido Benon), in which he rides on Evildiver's back and rams into the enemy.

Appearances: Ryuki Episodes 13-14, 16-17, 19-23, 28, Decade Episodes 24 , All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker , Heisei Generations FOREVER (as a toy).

Raia Survive

Raia Survive

Special Attacks:

Kamen Rider Raia Survive (仮面ライダーライアサバイブ Kamen Raidā Raia Sabaibu) is Raia's Survive Form, assumed by using the Survive Shippu Advent Card. It never appeared in any media but can be seen in concept art.

In this form, Raia's Rider Visor transforms into a bow-like weapon called the Evilvisorzwei (エビルバイザーツバイ Ebiru Baizā Tsubai).

Contract Monster

Main article: EvilDiver


  • Advent Deck - Transformation device and Advent Card holder
  • V Buckle - Transformation belt
  • Advent Cards - Trinkets that enable a Rider to summon Contract Monsters, access equipment, and use special abilities
  • Evilvisor - Raia's Visor and personal weapon that enables him to use Advent Cards
    • Evilvisorzwei - Upgraded version of the Evilvisor used by Raia Survive
  • Evil Whip - Raia's personal weapon


  • Rideshooter - Motorcycle used by any Rider to enter the Mirror World

Rider Cards


Kamen Ride: Raia

"Kamen Ride: Raia"
―Diendriver summoning announcement[src]

Behind the scenes


Miyuki Tezuka is portrayed by Hassei Takano (高野 八誠 Takano Hassei). As Kamen Rider Raia, his suit actor was Keizo Yabe (矢部 敬三 Yabe Keizō).

Miyuki's actor, Hassei Takano, previously portrayed Hiroya FujimiyaIcon-crosswiki in Ultraman GaiaIcon-crosswiki. He later portrayed as Katsuhiko Yano/Kamen Rider 2 in the movie Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next.


Kamen Rider Raia's name and appearance are derived from the Latin word "Raia", which is used in the scientific terms for Rajiformes and Raja, the genera that relate to rays and skates.


65941231 383984225561719 805559741005692928 n

Kamen Rider Raia concept art


  • Like other Riders in the war, Tezuka died an ironic death: He made predictions that were always right but sacrificed himself in order to prove his prediction wrong.
    • Another ironic death was in Rider Time Ryuki, Tezuka betrayed his team after falling in love with Jun, only to betray him also and dying from the wounds defensively inflicted by Gai. He also remembers his whole past with Shinji near-death but dies before he could apologize to Shinji.
  • Aside from Ryuki, Raia is the only one who has been a hero in both Ryuki's series and movies. (Knight and Zolda were once anti-heroes while Femme was a villain in 13 Riders.)
  • Raia is the first Rider in the franchise to be mostly magenta/pink.
  • Miyuki Tezuka shares the same first name with Miyuki OzuIcon-crosswiki/MagiMother from Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki.




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