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Miyoko Ohki (大木 美代子, Ōki Miyoko) is a student at Amanogawa High after 5 years after the end of the original series. Nicknamed Miyoppe (ミヨッペ), she is the new (and only) member of the Space Kamen Rider Club at this time. She appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum.

She looks up to the founding members of the club, especially Yuki. And just like Yuki, she has a Hayabusa doll with her and, as Miu observed, is as energetic as her too.

Character History

Upon seeing Kamen Rider Fourze in action, with Gentaro and Kengo Utahoshi explaining to her clearly what being a "Hero" is supposed to be, she changed her perspective and asked to be forgiven by Saburo Kazeta, whom she had previously labelled as being a monster.

Kidnapped by Kageto Banba to escape Kamen Rider Meteor, she was rescued by Saburo after realizing his inner "Hero" and evolved into an Inazuman.

After Gentaro return from the past, Miyoppe formed an alliance with Saburo's new Shounen League.


Being the sole member, she has Gentaro Kisaragi as her only friend. Having never experienced the bond of friendship with someone her own age, she sees the Kamen Riders only as monster exterminators, instead of heroes who save people (even enemies) from evil.

Behind the Scenes


Miyoko Ohki is portrayed by Rika Adachi (足立 梨花, Adachi Rika).


Miyoko Ohki shares the same surname as the tokusatsu Inazuman's female ally: Satoko Ohki (大木 サトコ, Ōki Satoko). Her nickname Miyoppe is the same as the manga Inazuman's childhood friend.


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