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For the version from the original Kamen Rider series, see Snake Woman Medusa.

Snake (スネーク Sunēku) is the brainwashed state of Miyoko Harada (原田 美代子 Harada Miyoko), she is a special class soldier assigned to Bat's squadron, and later works independently alongside her romantic interest.

Character History

An innocent girl who suddenly appeared in front of Haruhiko. She took Haruhiko to the outside world as a volunteer and gave him hope to live, but in reality she was more seriously ill than Haruhiko. At the invitation of Spider to "cure the disease", she becomes Shocker's cyborg. After the remodeling, she will act as a cyborg Snake with Haruhiko (Cobra) who also became a cyborg. At the end, she is mortally wounded by Kamen Rider 2's Reversal Kick, and dies in Cobra's arms.



  • Height: 168cm[1]
  • Weight: 47kg[1]

Snake is a cyborg which Miyoko transforms by wearing a special reinforced suit and a mask. She fights the Riders with Cobra with her flexible body, illusionary footwork and Snake Fist (蛇拳 Hebi Ken).

Behind the Scenes


Miyoko Harada is portrayed by Ryoko Kobayashi (小林 涼子 Kobayashi Ryōko). As Snake, her suit actor is Yumi Sunaoshi (砂押 裕美 Sunaoshi Yumi).


Snake is based on the Snake Woman Medusa, the girlfriend of the kaijin Cobra Man in the original manga. Her real name was Myoko (美代子).



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