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"Pain... and sadness... will never disappear. That's why... I'd rather get hurt than let it happen to those dear to me. Isn't that right? Kouta?"
―Mitsuzane before transforming for the first time.[src]

"It's true he was a hero. But...Kouta isn't here now. That's why we have to be the heroes!"
―Post-Helheim invasion redeemed Mitsuzane before transforming to fight Jam[src]

Mitsuzane Kureshima (呉島 光実, Kureshima Mitsuzane), referred to as "Mitchy" (ミッチ, Mitchi) by his friends, is the younger brother of Takatora Kureshima and a member of Team Gaim who transformed into Kamen Rider Ryugen (仮面ライダー龍玄, Kamen Raidā Ryūgen, lit. "Dragon Mystery") to protect his team and his friends during the Inves Games. He initially joined his brother with the intent on going forward with Project Ark, but eventually betrayed him and stole his powers and masqueraded under the identity of Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin (仮面ライダー斬月・真[ザンゲツ・シン], Kamen Raidā Zangetsu Shin, lit "True Slaying Moon"). In the seven months that followed after Kouta and Mai left for the Helheim Planet, Mitsuzane was the last person with a functional Sengoku Driver and strove to become the hero Earth needed now that Kouta and Mai were gone.


Mitsuzane during his childhood, being cared for by Takatora.

As a young child, Mitsuzane was raised by his older brother, Takatora Kureshima. His parents were typically overseas, causing him to never have any bond with his parents. Growing up, Takatora tried his best to have Mitsuzane go down a path of education and success in hopes that Mitsuzane will not learn of the Helheim conspiracy.

He and his brother met Touka Akatsuki, who his father brought from the orphanage as their maid and befriended her.

Mitsuzane in his teenage years was a member of Team Gaim becoming Armored Rider Ryugen to protect his team alongside Armored Rider Gaim in the Inves Games. Quickly, they rise to the top of the rankings and Mitsuzane learns firsthand of a conspiracy going with the White Armored Rider, the "forest", and the Inves. He learns that the White Armored Rider is in fact Takatora.

When Inves starts to attack humans in broad daylight, Mitsuzane quickly realizes that Yggdrasill has made the Beat Rider Teams scapegoats in the Helheim conspiracy and chooses to discard his Sengoku Driver. However, he is forced to pick it up once more to save Kouta and Kaito when they are captured by Yggdrasill and accidentally shows on the camera feed to his brother that he is an Armored Rider as well.

Takatora confronts Mitsuzane and reveals to him the truth of Helheim, causing Mitsuzane to prioritize his friends happiness by leaving them in the shadow. This ultimately causes him to betray his friends numerous times and results into his crush, Mai to lash out at him for attempting to blame Kouta for an Inves attack (planned by Mitsuzane on his own friends to prevent confidential information from being leaked).

Mitsuzane recovering the Genesis Driver left behind by Takatora.

Before his full downfall, and after he cleared the Beat Riders' names, Mitsuzane and Takatora meet a grown up Touka again, and soon learned that their father Amagi has passed away, much to Kureshima brothers' mourn to their father's death. On the next two days when finally goes home, he spots the Helheim plants are everywhere around their home, and being ambushed by an Armored Rider assassin who can produce Helheim's power, such as opening the Crack. Until he is saved by Takatora, in a same time the Armored Rider stole Takatora's Melon Energy Lockseed before he could transform, leading Takatora to follow the Rider alone, and being told to stay in the home safe, and clean the plants out of their house.

Mitsuzane takes the mantle of Genesis Armored Rider Zangetsu Shin when his brother is forcefully stripped of his rank and thrown into Helheim by his peers when the latter decides to ally himself with Kouta. Mitsuzane blames Kouta for all of the "miserable" things that have been happening to him and decides to use Zangetsu Shin as a way to destroy the bond between Takatora and Kouta. Though this fails, Mitsuzane allies himself with the Over Lords once Project Ark fails and becomes more sadistic as everyone continues to protect Kouta.

When his brother turns out to be alive, Takatora and Mitsuzane clash with the former being defeated and thrown into the water with his Sengoku Driver being permanently destroyed. After this battle, Mitsuzane suffers from hallucinations of his brother taunting him as Mitsuzane believes that he's nothing more than his brother's shadow. He later learns after the death of the last Over Lord, Rosyuo, that Mai is now the bearer of the Forbidden Fruit and rushes to her side with Ryoma Sengoku.

Ryoma presents Mitsuzane a Yomotsuheguri Lockseed.

He is tricked by Ryoma on a suicide mission to kill Kouta and returns victorious, but realizes that Ryoma dissected Mai alive to steal the Forbidden Fruit and breaks down with the revelation that Kouta and Mai are both "dead". In the aftermath, Takatora returns alive, helping his brother cope.

Mitsuzane, after the Helheim Invasion, strives to be a hero in Kouta's stead as the last Sengoku Driver user in Zawame City. Kouta temporarily returns helping Mitsuzane defeat Kohgane, but shortly leaves afterwards.

The Golden Fruit Cup Event

Mitsuzane's appearance in the movie.

All Armored Riders (Alive in AU, except Sigurd and Duke) against Armored Rider Mars.

Set sometime after Ryoma Sengoku presents to Kouta a way to enter the Yggdrasill Tower through a back entrance, Mitsuzane's tragic memory of defeating Takatora is kept after the world is transitioned into the Soccer World, prompting him to realize that the current world he's in is fake, even though its peaceful with having no Inves invasion. He did remember that his brother has never been married. He acts alone for most of the film, such as after witnessing Takatora becomes insane and Sid's demise, investigating the disappearance of Ryoma Sengoku, and most luckily, noticed and kills the small hopper that causes all Riders to go insane like his brother and Sid had. Once he watches the last record, he goes to Lapis and confronts him. At the same time, all the Riders are eliminated which leaves Mitsuzane as the last surviving Rider. He suspects Lapis as a threat until Sagara reveals the true mastermind behind the recent event, and what will happen to Kouta. When Kouta wass brainwashed by Kohgane, Mitsuzane steps up to snap him out of it, with the help of Lapis. Later, surviving Riders Marika and Baron help get Mai away from their brainwashed friend and Kohgane. The Riders gather to stop Kohgane once and for all. However, Kohgane survives his encounter and returns to the real world seven months later.

Other Events

Movie War: Full Throttle

Kureshima brothers, alongside Kouta, transform in Movie War Full Throttle.

Set sometime after the events of the finale episode, Mitsuzane has finally reconciled with his brother Takatora and redeemed from his past sins. However, when Megahex's invasion and Ryoma's return threatens the peace, Mitsuzane becomes Ryugen once again, fighting alongside his brother to protect Zawame.

In the final portion of Movie War, Mitsuzane later teams up with Gaim, the returning Baron, Zangetsu Shin and Drive to fight Megahex ZZZ and the mecha Roimudes and Inves.

Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle

Mitsuzane in Knuckle Gaiden.jpg

Mitsuzane presents Zack a new Sengoku Driver, Kurumi Lockseed and Marron Energy Lockseed.

Mitsuzane is revealed by Peko to have graduated from his school and helps Takatora with his work somewhere abroad. He appears to fight two of Neo Baron's Kurokage Troopers as Ryugen to save Zack before giving him a new Sengoku Driver along with the Kurumi and Marron Energy Lockseeds as he still remembers that the original Team Baron still possess Kaito's Genesis Driver. He tells Zack that Neo Baron has stolen precious data about Lockseeds and Sengoku Drivers which are now being produced again by Yggdrasill and Mitsuzane is on the chase for getting them back. When giving Marron Energy Lockseed, he tells Zack that it can be activated with the core from the Genesis Driver which Zack remembers that it is busted.

Chou Super Hero Taisen

Team Genm

An iteration of Kamen Rider Ryugen fought in the Game World's Chou Super Hero Taisen tournament as part of Kamen Rider Genm's Team Genm, competing for the title of Kamen Sentai Gorider with Ryugen serving as candidate for Midorider. Though Team Genm made it to the final round, they were bested by Emu Hojo's Team Ex-Aid, with Ryugen being defeated by Kamen Rider Zolda. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER


Kamen Rider Ryugen appears as a toy, when Sento Kiryu and Sougo Tokiwa they find Ataru Hisanaga. He brings them to his room which is filled with Kamen Rider memorabilia, with Sougo and Sento stunned to see toys of themselves. Ataru reveals that Kamen Riders are fictional.Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER  

Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Kamen Riders in Beyond Generation.jpg


Mitsuzane as a member of Team Gaim.

Initially a member of Team Gaim, Kouta views Mitsuzane as a younger brother. Mitsuzane is the son of the director of the Yggdrasill Corporation and attended an elite high school, a side of himself that he keeps hidden. Living under his brother's shadow, he wants to live freely and break free from the path established for him, as such he sees Team Gaim as family due to him being able to be himself while there once. Because of this, he falls in love with Mai Takatsukasa, the co-leader of Team Gaim.

During the Beat Riders Saga, Mitsuzane eagerly follows Kouta into dangers and shapes his own beliefs around Kouta's to always wanting to help others if possible. By doing so, after discovering Yggdrasill's goals and the only logical option to save humanity, he focuses less time with his friends to a more calculated person to ensure that his best friend Kouta doesn't interfere with humanity's overall safety. In addition to this, Mitsuzane hid from Kouta the truth about Yuya because he couldn't bear to see his friend crushed and expose his identity as the younger brother of the White Armored Rider.

Mitsuzane, due to Yggdrasill's influence, his personality turns into one similar to his late-father as his delusions and jealousy causes him to attack Kouta.

During the Yggdrasill Saga to the Forbidden Fruit Saga, Mitsuzane transitions from the safety of humanity to focus on eliminating Kouta for involving Mai into getting in harm's way. As a logical thinker, Mitsuzane uses his status as a Kureshima to his advantage to coerce and manipulate others to achieve his own ends. This ultimately plays the downfall of many, including his loved one: Mai Takatsukasa and temporarily Kouta as Mitsuzane stabs him. As he adopts this more crude and sinister outlook on life when faced with the end of humanity, Mitsuzane appears in a suit for the remainder of the Helheim Invasion, and swears to eliminate those who also interfere with his desires, such as Kaito Kumon. After seemingly murdering Kouta, and having Mai fall into the wrong hands twice with Rosyou fusing the Golden Fruit on her and Ryoma apparently killing her to extract the Golden Fruit, all he accomplished was meaningless for siding with the villains. Additionally, what Mitsuzane hadn't realized was that he was turning into a ruthless, uncaring person willing to sacrifice everything for his own gain, just like his late-father Amagi was, which is something that Takatora couldn't prevent.

Mitsuzane as he honors Kouta's memory.

Nearly a year after the end of the Helheim invasion, Mitsuzane attempts to atone for his sins as the last Armored Rider in Zawame City and vows to protect it from enemies in Kouta's stead. In a final confrontation against Kohgane, Mitsuzane stands alone against Kohgane's attack on the city.

In Movie War Full Throttle, Mitsuzane is still struggling with his past behavior as he worries about being unable to save Mai during his infiltration into Megahex's cocoon. Mitsuzane is shaken when Takatora asks him shoot Megahex alongside Takatora, but decides to trust in his brother's plan.


  • Gifted Intellect: To be added


Like with the other Armored Riders and Genesis Armored Riders, Kamen Rider Ryugen/Ryugen Yomi/Zangetsu Shin's forms are called Arms (アームズ, Āmuzu). His personal Lockseeds are styled either dividing into three parts or ending with a fighting grunt ("Ha-Ha-Ha" or "Sei-ya Ha"). As Ryugen, all of Mitsuzane's Chinese Soldier-themed Arms' helmets share the suffix Men ( lit. "Face") as their title, while his visors are called Ryugan (龍眼, Ryūgan, lit. "Dragon Eye". Doubles as a pun on "Japanese Longan").

As Armored Rider Ryugen/Ryugen Yomi, Mitsuzane's Sengoku Driver plays Chinese erhu & gong music and announces "Hai" (ハイー, Haī) before every transformation. By pressing the Sengoku Driver's Cutting Blade down on the Lockseed after transforming from one to three times, he can activate one of three finishing moves based on his current Arms form: Squash (スカッシュ, Sukasshu), Au Lait (オーレ, Ōre), or Sparking (スパーキング, Supākingu).

As Genesis Armored Rider Zangetsu Shin, Mitsuzane's Genesis Driver announces "Soda" (ソーダ, Sōda) before every transformation. By pushing the Genesis Driver's Seaboll Compressor into the Energy Lockseed after transforming from one to two times, he can activate one of two finishing moves based on his current Arms form: Squash (スカッシュ, Sukasshu) or Sparking (スパーキング, Supākingu). In addition to the Genesis Driver's finishing moves, Zangetsu Shin can perform a Sonic Volley (ソニックボレー, Sonikku Borē) finishing attack by inserting an Energy Lockseed into the Energy Drive Bay of his Sonic Arrow.

All of Mitsuzane's main forms and their armaments utilize Kanji instead of Hiragana or Katakana.

Ride Wear

The Ride Wear (ライドウェア, Raido Uēa) is Ryugen's default form undersuit, which is briefly seen during Ryugen's transformation sequence before the Armor Part attaches or when he changes Arms. However, this form is completely vulnerable to any incoming attacks when shot at directly in the suit rather than at the Arms that is descending down on the Rider.

The Ride Wear that Ryugen's Sengoku Driver has is easily identifiable through its Rider Indicator (ライダーインジケーター, Raidā Injikētā) faceplate. The Rider Indicator only identifies what Ride Wear a Sengoku Driver contains for simplicity and can be replaced with extensions such as the Genesis Core or Senyo Joint.

Kamen Rider Ryugen's standard Arms' ending theme is entitled "Point Of No Return".

Budou Arms

Budou Arms

"Hai! Budou Arms! Ryu! Hou! Ha-Ha-Ha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[2]

  • Rider Height: 206 cm
  • Rider Weight: 105 kg

Ability Parameters:[2]

  • Punching Power: 6.7 t
  • Kicking Power: 10.2 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 28 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5.9 seconds

Budou Arms (ブドウアームズ, Budou Āmuzu, lit. "Grape Arms") is Ryugen's grape-based default form. Accessed through the Budou Lockseed, this form bears the Syoryumen (招龍面, Shōryūmen, lit. "Summoned Dragon Face") helmet. This form debuts in episode 4.

While assuming Budou Arms, Ryugen dons the Budou Armor Part (ブドウアーマーパート, Budou Āmā Pāto, lit. "Grape Armor Part") and his Arms Weapon is the Budou Ryuhou. If Ryugen activates his Sengoku Driver's Sparking function, he can temporarily convert the Budou Armor Part into its fruit form and spin it to use as a shield for bouncing off enemy attacks.

In this form, Ryugen's statistics are the same as Gaim's Orange Arms, making Ryugen, in theory, a good substitution for Gaim. However, the downside of this form is that, as a gunslinger, it lacks close combat abilities.

This Arms has two finishing attacks.

  • Sengoku Driver finisher:
    • Ryugen Kyaku (龍玄脚 lit. "Dragon Mystery Kick"): Ryugen activates the Squash function on his Sengoku Driver and jumps into the air while purple energy surrounds his right foot that releases grape-shaped energy as he strikes the target with a powerful kick.
    • Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット, Doragon Shotto): This finisher has two variations depending on which function Ryugen activates from his Sengoku Driver.
      • Squash: Ryugen pulls the hammer once, making violet-hued energy shaped after grapes expel from the sides of the Budou Ryuhou, with golden Asian lung energy coils circling the barrel. The energy balls then move to the muzzle of the gun, pooling into one big sphere. Once the charge is complete, seconds before the trigger is pulled, the ball takes the form of an Asian lung's head, and shots are fired at high speeds, with each shot taking the form of a flying Asian lung.
      • Sparking: Ryugen shoots a more powerful version of the original Dragon Shot, though changed somewhat, as the Asian lung takes form and races over to the target.
Appearances: Gaim Episodes 4-9, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, Gaim 10-11, 15-17, 20-22, ToQger Vs. GaimIcon-crosswiki.png, Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, Gaim 25-27, 29, Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!, Gaim 47, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Knuckle, Final Stage, Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png

Kiwi Arms

Kiwi Arms

"Hai! Kiwi Arms! Geki! Rin! Sei-ya ha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[3]

  • Rider Height: 206 cm
  • Rider Weight: 100 kg

Ability Parameters:[3]

  • Punching Power: 8.4 t
  • Kicking Power: 11.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 28 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5.7 seconds

Kiwi Arms (キウィアームズ, Kiui Āmuzu) is Ryugen's kiwi-based form. Accessed through the Kiwi Lockseed, this form bears the Kiuimen (急威面 lit. "Urgent Domination Face". Doubles as a pun on "Kiwi") helmet. This form debuts in episode 10.

While assuming Kiwi Arms, Ryugen dons the Kiwi Armor Part (キウィアーマーパート, Kiui Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Kiwi Gekirin.

In this form, Ryugen's offensive stats have increased enough to almost rival Baron in Banana Arms, making him very dangerous to face against with his Kiwi Gekirin in hand, and unlike other Arm Changes of similar caliber (such as Gaim's Pine Arms and Baron's Mango Arms), Ryugen's jumping height in Kiwi Arms hasn't taken a hit, allowing him to jump as well as he could in Budou Arms, as well as a slightly faster running speed, though this can be easily looked over.

This Arms' finisher is the Spinning Hoop (スピニングフープ, Supiningu Hūpu): Ryugen activates the Au Lait function on his Sengoku Driver and charges the Kiwi Gekirin with kiwi-shaped energy before slashing the enemy.

Appearances: Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, Gaim Episodes 10-11, ToQger Vs. GaimIcon-crosswiki.png, Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!, Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!, Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

These Arms involve Lockseeds that are normally used by a different Armored Rider. All of these forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Gaim Hyper Battle DVD: Fresh Orange Arms is Born!, where Mitsuzane tests out different Arms to use in his battle against Kouta and his new Fresh Orange Arms.

Melon Arms

Melon Arms

"Hai! Melon Arms! Tenka gomen!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Melon Arms (メロンアームズ, Meron Āmuzu) is Ryugen's honeydew melon-based form. Accessed through the Melon Lockseed, this form bears the Melo Kabuto (メロウカブト, Merō Kabuto, lit. "Melo Helmet") helmet with the Pulp Eye (パルプアイ, Parupu Ai) visor. Melon Arms is normally used by Kamen Rider Zangetsu.

While assuming Melon Arms, Ryugen dons the Melon Armor Part (メロンアーマーパート, Meron Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Melon Defender.

This is the first of three forms that Mitsuzane tests out in the Hyper Battle DVD. However, he was embarrassed to use it because it is the same form his brother uses.

In Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing, it is locked to a special Ryugen Budou Arms Ganbarizing Card.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Gaim Hyper Battle DVD: Fresh Orange Arms is Born!.

Banana Arms

Banana Arms

"Hai! Banana Arms! Knight of spe~ar!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Banana Arms (バナナアームズ, Banana Āmuzu) is Ryugen's banana-based armored European Knight form. Accessed through the Banana Lockseed, this form bears the Burn Casque (バーンカスク, Bān Kasuku, a pun on "Banana") helmet with the Burn Sight (バーンサイト, Bān Saito, see "Burn Casque") visor. Banana Arms is normally used by Kamen Rider Baron.

While assuming Banana Arms, Ryugen dons the Banana Armor Part (バナナアーマーパート, Banana Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Bana Spear.

This is the second of three forms that Mitsuzane tests out in the Hyper Battle DVD. However, he complained that it is hard to balance with the asymmetrical shoulder pads.

In Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing, it is locked to a special Ryugen Budou Arms Ganbarizing Card.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Gaim Hyper Battle DVD: Fresh Orange Arms is Born!.

Pine Arms

Pine Arms

"Hai! Pine Arms! Funsai destroy!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Pine Arms (パインアームズ, Pain Āmuzu, short for "Pineapple Arms") is Ryugen's pineapple-based armored Japanese Samurai form. Accessed through the Pine Lockseed, this form bears the Spine Kabuto (スパインカブト, Supain Kabuto, lit. "Spine Helmet") helmet with the Pulp Eye (パルプアイ, Parupu Ai) visor. Pine Arms is normally used by Kamen Rider Gaim.

While assuming Pine Arms, Ryugen dons the Pine Armor Part (パインアーマーパート, Pain Āmā Pāto, short for "Pineapple Armor Part") and his Arms Weapon is the Pine Iron. Unlike Gaim, whenever Ryugen swings the Pine Iron, he summons a golden energy projection of a Chinese dragon that can attack the enemy.

Pine Armor Part consists of the following parts:

  • Spine Kabuto (スパインカブト, Supain Kabuto) is the helmet to protect the head of a Rider.
    • Palm Stem (パームステム, Pāmu Sutemu) is an analysis unit installed on the top of the head that monitors the wearer's biological information. Of the five large blade type sensors, the central sensor reads the heart rate of the wearer, physical and mental damage, etc. and attempts cooperation with the Sengoku Driver so that the combat ability can be maximally drawn out. The remaining four sensors monitor the armor damage covering the upper body of the Pine Arms.
    • Pulp Eye (パルプアイ, Parup Uai) is the visual line sensor section of a Rider. A myriad of small camera eyes is arranged radially and can be caught far beyond the human visual range.
    • Reversal Arm (リバーサルアーム, Ribāsaru Āmu) is a type of armor that protects the head, installed on the two sides of Pulp Eye. It has a role of receiving damage attacked to the head laterally to reduce damage.
    • Spine Armor (スパインアーマー, Supain' Āmā) is the armor with the function of diffusing and absorbing shock by attaching spiked unevenness on the surface, installed on the back of the head. Also, the unevenness of the armor surface also has functions such as destroying the enemy's weapon itself, causing the blade to spill.
  • Spine Lung (スパインラング, Supain Rangu) is the armor to protect the chest of a Rider. It boasts enough strength to scratch even if it is slashed with a sharp sword.
  • Spine Sleeve (スパインスリーブ, Supain Surību) is the armor to protect a Rider from shoulder to arm. The surface of the armor is covered with large irregularities, and it deflects the enemy's attack and damages the attacking side.

This is the third and final form that Mitsuzane tests out in the Hyper Battle DVD. He commented that the form seems to be strong and he will try it.

In Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing, it is locked to a special Ryugen Kiwi Arms Ganbarizing Card.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Gaim Hyper Battle DVD: Fresh Orange Arms is Born!.

The Rider Arms (ライダーアームズ, Raidā Āmuzu) are forms based on past Kamen Riders. With the exception of W Arms, all of these forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. However, some of these forms are also used in the norm by other Armored and Genesis Armored Riders.

Double Arms

W Arms

"Hai! W Arms! Cyclone! Joker! Ha-Ha-Ha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:

  • Rider Height: 203 cm
  • Rider Weight: 96 kg

Ability Parameters:

  • Punching Power: 8.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 11.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5.4 seconds

W Arms (ダブルアームズ, Daburu Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider Double's CycloneJoker form that is accessed through the Double Lockseed.

While assuming W Arms, Ryugen dons the Double Armor Part (ダブルアーマーパート, Daburu Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Triggermagnum.

In this form, Ryugen is able to perform one of two finishing attacks.

  • Joker Extreme (ジョーカーエクストリーム, Jōkā Ekustorīmu): After jumping high up, Ryugen's body splits down the middle as the two halves descend with a drop kick.
  • Unnamed Rider Shooting: A shooting attack with the Triggermagnum.

He was not, however, shown to activate a function on his Sengoku Driver beforehand for either finisher. The Double Lockseed's phrases for the Sengoku Driver functions are in the toyline.

  • Squash: Maximum Drive (マキシマムドライブ, Makishimamu Doraibu)
  • Au Lait: Cyclone (サイクロン, Saikuron)
  • Sparking: Joker (ジョーカー, Jōkā)

An apparent side effect of the Legend Rider Lockseeds is channeling the represented Rider's personality, with Mitsuzane proclaiming "Now, count up your sins!" (さあ、お前の罪を数えろ!, Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!) before executing the Maximum Drive, which actually is a misplacement of Double's signature pre-battle catchphrase.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle.

Faiz Arms

Faiz Arms

"Hai! Faiz Arms! Mr. Justifaiz!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Faiz Arms (ファイズアームズ, Faizu Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider Faiz that is accessed through the Faiz Lockseed.

While assuming Faiz Arms, Ryugen dons the Faiz Armor Part (ファイズアーマーパート, Faizu Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Faiz Edge.

Fourze Arms

Fourze Arms

"Hai! Fourze Arms! Seishun switch on!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Fourze Arms (フォーゼアームズ, Fōze Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider Fourze's Basestates that is accessed through the Fourze Lockseed.

While assuming Fourze Arms, Ryugen dons the Fourze Armor Part (フォーゼアーマーパート, Fōze Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Rocket Module.

In Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing, it is locked to a special Ryugen Kiwi Arms Ganbarizing Card.

Jimber Dragon Arms


"Hai! Mix! Budou Arms! Ryu! Hou! Ha-Ha-Ha! Jimber Dragon Fruits! Ha-Ha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Jimber Dragon Arms (ジンバードラゴンアームズ, Jinbā Doragon Āmuzu) is Ryugen's grape/pitaya-based fusion form that is accessed through the simultaneous use of the Budou Lockseed and Dragon Fruits Energy Lockseed.

While assuming Jimber Dragon Arms, Ryugen dons the Jimber Dragon Armor Part (ジンバードラゴンアーマーパート, Jinbā Doragon Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Sonic Arrow.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Gaim (novel) and later the Super Imaginative Chogokin toyline.

Yomotsu Ride Wear

The Yomotsu Ride Wear (ヨモツライドウェア, Yomotsu Raido Uēa) is Ryugen Yomi's default form undersuit, which is briefly seen during Ryugen Yomi's transformation sequence before the Armor Part attaches. However, this form is completely vulnerable to any incoming attacks when shot at directly in the suit rather than at the Arms that is descending down on the Rider.

While the Sengoku Driver that Mitsuzane uses is the same as the original Ryugen, its Rider Indicator (ライダーインジケーター, Raidā Injikētā) faceplate becomes red once the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed is inserted into the Driver. However, it still only identifies what Ride Wear a Sengoku Driver contains for simplicity and can be replaced with extensions such as the Genesis Core or Senyo Joint.

Yomotsuheguri Arms

Yomotsuheguri Arms

"Hai! Yomotsuheguri Arms! Mei! Kai! Yomi! Yomi! Yomi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[4]

  • Rider Height: 206 cm
  • Rider Weight: 96 kg

Ability Parameters:[4]

  • Punching Power: 17.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 22.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 35 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 5 seconds

Yomotsuheguri Arms (ヨモツヘグリアームズ, Yomotsuheguri Āmuzu) is Ryugen Yomi's default form and an upgraded version of Ryugen's Budou Arms. Accessed through the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed, this form bears a variation of Kiwi Arms' Kiuimen helmet known as the Yomi Kabuto (ヨミカブト lit. "Underworld Helmet"). This form debuts in episode 42.

While assuming Yomotsuheguri Arms, Ryugen's under-armor suit changes from green to dark red upon donning the Yomotsuheguri Armor Part (ヨモツヘグリアーマーパート, Yomotsuheguri Āmā Pāto) and he is able to wield any of the Over Lord Weapons in addition to his own Budou Ryuhou and Kiwi Gekirin.

Compared to Kiwami Arms, Ryugen Yomi actually performs better; hitting harder, moving faster, and jumping higher than the aforementioned form. However, its performance is crippled by the continuous spasming fits caused whenever the Lockseed drains more of the user's life, and even between these fits the user is left continuously staggered and trembling with pain, with the result that even an untransformed Kouta is able to hold off Ryugen Yomi for over a minute simply by evading the majority of Ryugen's attacks. Ryugen Yomi is thus not an especially dangerous opponent despite its overwhelming power, if not for Kouta's desire to keep Mitsuzane from coming to further harm.

The Yomotsuheguri Arms Armor does not appear from a Helheim Crack, but instead from a dark cloud. Once the armor attaches, a crimson-colored steam will emit instead of the usual fruit juice like liquid. In addition, activating this form changes the Rider Indicator's color from the Ryugen palette to the Ryugen Yomi palette, the only form besides Kiwami Arms to alter the Rider Indicator directly.

Similar to Budou Arms, when Ryugen Yomi activates his Sengoku Driver's Squash function, he can execute one of three finishing attacks.

  • Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット, Doragon Shotto): Similar to the Budou Arms Squash version, except the grape-energy shaped bullet and Asian lung do not appear, only seen shooting several violet blasts.
  • Ryugen Kyaku (龍玄脚 lit. "Dragon Mystery Kick"): Ryugen Yomi jumps into the air while dark red energy surrounds his right foot that releases Yomotsuheguri Armor Part-shaped energy as he strikes the target with a powerful kick.
  • Unnamed Rider Thrust: Ryugen Yomi charges Redyue's Dau tip with the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed's energy and jumps before charging and impaling the enemy fatally.

Mitsuzane loses access to this form when Kouta destroys the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed by crushing it with his bare hands.

Appearances: Gaim Episodes 42-43

Genetic Ride Wear

The Genetic Ride Wear (ゲネティックライドウェア, Genetikku Raido Uēa) is Zangetsu Shin's default form undersuit, which is briefly seen during Zangetsu Shin's transformation sequence before the Armor Part attaches. However, this form is completely vulnerable to any incoming attacks when shot directly in the suit rather than at the Arms that is descending down on the Rider.

Melon Energy Arms

Melon Energy Arms

"Soda! Melon Energy Arms! (Japanese techno music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[5]

  • Rider Height: 206 cm
  • Rider Weight: 109 kg

Ability Parameters:[5]

  • Punching Power: 14.3 t
  • Kicking Power: 18.2 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 24 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 6.1 seconds

Melon Energy Arms (メロンエナジーアームズ, Meron Enajī Āmuzu) is Zangetsu Shin's Yubari King cantaloupe-based default form. Accessed through the Melon Energy Lockseed, this form bears the Barilon Kabuto (バリロンカブト, Bariron Kabuto, lit. "Barilon Helmet") helmet with the Steering Eye (ステアリングアイ, Sutearingu Ai) visor. This form debuts in episode 28.

While assuming Melon Energy Arms, Zangetsu Shin dons the Melon Energy Armor Part (メロンエナジーアーマーパート, Meron Enajī Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapon is the Sonic Arrow.

Compared to his fellow Genesis Armored Riders, Mitsuzane as Zangetsu Shin is less formidable than the original Zangetsu Shin. Though the stat increase compared to a Sengoku Driver is more noticeable, Mitsuzane as Zangetsu Shin resorts to using his environment to gain the upper advantage and cannot take on other Energy Lockseed Riders by himself. However, when Mitsuzane throws away all his doubts and becomes focused, Mitsuzane is regarded to be even stronger than Takatora, defeating Gaim Kachidoki Arms singlehandedly and later forcing both Gaim Kiwami Arms and Baron Lemon Energy Arms to retreat.

This Arms has two finishing attacks.

  • Genesis Driver finisher:
    • Unnamed Rider Slash: Zangetsu Shin activates the Squash function on his Genesis Driver and fuels all the energy from the Melon Energy Lockseed into his body, which is then converted into his Sonic Arrow before he slashes the target. This finisher has a close-range version and long-range version.
  • Sonic Arrow finisher:
    • Sonic Volley (ソニックボレー, Sonikku Borē): Zangetsu Shin locks the Melon Energy Lockseed into the Sonic Arrow and fires a volley of arrow shots. In a variation, Zangetsu Shin fires multiple volleys from the arrow shots. Like his brother, Mitsuzane in Zangetsu Shin can also utilize a slash version of this finisher.

Mitsuzane loses the ability to transform into Zangetsu Shin when his Genesis Driver is disabled due to Ryoma activating its kill switch.

Appearances: Gaim Episodes 28-29, 31, 33, 35-36, 38, 40-41

The Rider Arms (ライダーアームズ, Raidā Āmuzu) are forms based on past Kamen Riders. Inexplicably, the Genesis Armored Riders are capable of using the Legend Rider Lockseeds despite none of them being Class S Energy Lockseeds. All of these forms are exclusive to Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. However, some of these forms are also used in the norm by other Armored and Genesis Armored Riders.

Agito Arms

Agito Arms

"Liquid! Agito Arms! Mezamero! Sono tamashii!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Agito Arms (アギトアームズ, Agito Āmuzu) is a Legend Rider Arms based on Kamen Rider Agito's Ground Form, as well as utilizing the powers of both Storm Form and Flame Form in the same manner as his Trinity Form, which is accessed through the Agito Lockseed.

While assuming Agito Arms, Zangetsu Shin dons the Agito Armor Part (アギトアーマーパート, Agito Āmā Pāto) and his Arms Weapons are the Storm Halberd and Flame Saber.





Legend Rider Devices

Ryugen Lockseed (龍玄ロックシード, Ryūgen Rokkushīdo): Allows the user to transform into Ryugen Arms. The core image depicts Ryugen's Sengoku Driver in Budou Arms while the lid backside image depicts the Budou Lockseed.

  • Transformation: Ryugen Arms! Bu-dou, Ha-Ha-Ha!
    • Squash: Ryugen Kyaku (龍玄脚, Ryugen Kyaku, lit. "Dragon Mystery Kick")
    • Au Lait: Budou Ryuhou (ブドウ龍砲, Budō Ryūhō, lit. "Grape Dragon Gun")
    • Sparking: Dragon Shot (ドラゴンショット, Doragon Shotto)

"(Digital beeping) Ryugen!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The gunner Rider who wears the grape armor is... Ryugen! (葡萄の鎧を着た銃使いのライダーは…龍玄だ!, Budō no yoroi wo kita jū tsukai no Raidā wa… Ryūgen da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Sengoku Driver Chinese ensemble) Hai! Ryugen!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Budou Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Ryugen Ridewatch (龍玄ライドウォッチ, Ryūgen Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Ryugen, this Ridewatch would provide access to the RyugenArmor. It is dated 2013.

Behind the Scenes


Mitsuzane Kureshima is portrayed by Mahiro Takasugi (高杉 真宙, Takasugi Mahiro).[6] He was also a guest star in Episode 10 of Garo: Yami wo Terasu MonoIcon-crosswiki.png.

His suit actor is Daisuke Satō (佐藤 太輔, Satō Daisuke), who was previously the suit actor for Gokai SilverIcon-crosswiki.png in Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki.png and Beet J Stag/Stag BusterIcon-crosswiki.png in Tokumei Sentai Go-BustersIcon-crosswiki.png[7], and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (竹内 康博, Takeuchi Yasuhiro).


  • Mitsuzane is the only Armored Rider with a unique body type, as Gaim's body type is used by ZangetsuKurokage, and Knuckle, while Baron's is used by Gridon and Bravo. This also means that only his Sengoku Driver has a unique standby sound that isn't used by anyone else. With the exception of Bravo and Knuckle, as well as the non-summer Movie Armored Riders, all the Riders that share a body type also use the same standby sound.
  • Despite using the Double Lockseed in the Movie War and announcing Double's catchphrase of "Now, count up your crimes!", Mitsuzane commits numerous questionable acts that tarnishes his honor and loyalty to his friends and causing his own city to fall apart in fear of Inves and using the other Beat Rider Teams as scapegoats in Yggdrasill's overarching plan to initiate Project Ark. On the other hand his use of the Double Lockseed might simply be a reference to his two-faced behavior.
  • Due to not actually receiving his own Energy Lockseed through conventional means, the Ride Wear associated with the Melon Energy Lockseed is the one made for Takatora. This means that unlike Kaito, whose Lockseed was designed to retain his Ride Wear, Mitsuzane utilizes Zangetsu Shin's Genetic Ride Wear, allowing him to masquerade as the original Zangetsu Shin and still also pose as Ryugen whenever he pleases.
  • Unlike most Riders in the Gaim series, whom went from being an Anti-Hero/Villain to Hero, Mitsuzane seems to be the complete opposite, as he changes from Hero to Anti-Hero, and later to a Villain Rider then finally back to Hero.
  • Mitsuzane has the most Rider identities out of any other character in Gaim.
  • In the final episode of the series, Mitsuzane comments that his Budou Lockseed is the last Lockseed left (barring Kohgane's Black Ringo Lockseed). This however leaves Mitsuzane's Kiwi, Blood Orange, and Suika Lockseeds unaccounted for, as well as the Melon Energy Lockseed formally used by Takatora.
    • This is later proven false during Movie War Full Throttle, as both Mitsuzane's Kiwi Lockseed and Takatora's Melon Energy Lockseed appear, enabling both Kureshima brothers to transform into Ryugen Kiwi Arms and Zangetsu Shin respectively. In addition, his Rose Attacker Lockvehicle also appears. It is unclear whether Mitsuzane genuinely forgot about the existence of the Lockseeds during the events of the finale, or if he simply meant that he was the last Armored Rider on Earth.


  • An unused model of Ryugen using the Genesis Driver to transform into Melon Energy Arms can be found by browsing through the ROM files of Kamen Rider: Battride War II.
    • Ryugen is also the only one of the core four Riders of Gaim to not be playable in the Battride War series.
  • In Japanese mythology, "Yomotsu" refers to the Shikome, a hag sent by Izanami to kill Izanagi for breaking his promise of not seeing her within Yomi no Kuni. One of the items Izanagi used to stall the hag from killing him as he ran back to the surface was his black headdress, which took the form of grapes.
  • Ryugen has notably utilized an Arms Weapon from another Arms temporarily on two occasions via acquiring them from another Rider. On both occasions he was in his default Budou Arms.
  • In the promotional poster of the movie Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer Ryugen among other Kamen Riders is seen in the background of the movie poster but they didn't show up in the actual movie.
  • Ryugen is the only one of the core four Gaim Riders who only has one Movie-Exclusive Form. (Gaim has Wizard, Ichigo and Drive Arms, Baron has OOO and Ringo Arms, and Zangetsu has Fourze and Watermelon Arms).
  • Despite being Zangetsu Shin, Mitsuzane was mostly described as Kamen Rider Zangetsu Nise (仮面ライダー斬月・偽 [ザンゲツ・ニセ], Kamen Raidā Zangetsu Nise, lit. "False Slaying Moon") since Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo stated that he was a phony and lacked of his elegance, while Takatora is the actual Zangetsu Shin.[8]
  • Hobby Japan's Official Perfect Book for Gaim explained that part of the reason Kiwi Arms was used so infrequently was because suit actor Daisuke Sato had difficulty wielding the Kiwi Gekirin, due to wind and fire wheels being such rare and unusual weapons. According to Sato himself, he didn't really understand how to use the weapons until the very end of the series.
  • Ryugen Yomi wasn't part of the original series plan, but was created at the request of Gen Urobuchi, who felt that they needed to close the power gap between Mitsuzane and Kouta. The initial design was described in the script as "Black Ryugen" (黒い龍玄, Kuroi Ryugen), but the staff felt that a simple recolor would be too boring and created the finalized suit by combining Budou Arms' armor, Kiwi Arms' helmet, Kurokage's Ride Wear, and newly-made gauntlets and loincloth.

Legend Rider Lockseeds


Main article: Mitsuzane Kureshima/Appearances


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