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Mitsuki Endo (遠藤 三貴 Endō Mitsuki) is a Japanese singer, actress, and dancer who represented Kamen Rider Fourze as a member of Kamen Rider Girls. She joined the group in 2011, and left March of 2017 to pursue acting.

She played Satsuki Yamabuki (山吹沙月 Yamabuki Satsuki), one of the two police receptionists in Kamen Rider Drive, along with Hitomi Isaka. She celebrated her 22nd birthday during filming of Drive's sixteenth episode. [1]

Personal Life

  • Her special skill is basketball, which she has been playing for over ten years since high school. She was captain of her basketball club and played the position of shooting guard.
  • She originally aimed to be an actress, but she enjoyed being a Kamen Rider Girl so much that she stuck with it for six years straight.
  • Her favorite anime include Code Geass and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.


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