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Misuzu Hatori (羽鳥 美鈴 Hatori Misuzu) is a young woman whose appearance was copied by Medic in order to save her life.

Character History

Losing Shou

Like Medic, she was also a ballet dancer before getting into a car accident along with her pet dog, and being knocked unconscious. How is the Golden Drive Born? Following the Global Freeze, Roidmude 009 found her unconscious and copied Misuzu's appearance as its own human form, while simultaneously healing Misuzu's injuries and Shou before leaving. Though Misuzu was healed, she was still unconscious and later was admitted to the hospital.


It is revealed that the culprit who drived into her and Shou was her ballet teacher, Kazuya Igarashi, due to his jealousy. As Kazuya is about to drop the wheelchair-bound Misuzu to death, Shinnosuke and his team found them, quickly arresting him. Afterwards, Shou rushes towards Misuzu, who awakens from her unconscious state and reunites with her dog. Where is the Truth About the Goddess?


Misuzu Hatori casual

Misuzu before attacked by Roidmude 5886

Over three years later, Misuzu was attacked by Roidmude 5886, an amalgamation of Roidmudes who had taken to attacking the human templates of the Roidmudes. 5886 was stopped just short of robbing Misuzu's data by Heart and Genpachiro Otta, Medic having realized that she would be the third target having lived nearby. Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Heart

Behind the scenes


Misuzu Hatori is portrayed by Fumika Baba (馬場 ふみか Baba Fumika), who also portrays Medic.


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