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Missing Link is the first Kamen Rider Edition of S.I.C. Hero Saga, based on Kamen Rider, the original series. Published in Monthly Hobby Japan, the S.I.C. Hero Saga stories illustrated by S.I.C. figure dioramas portray stories featuring the characters created by Shotaro Ishinomori.

Missing Link ran in the July to October 2002 issues. New characters introduced during the Missing Link story are the twelve Shocker Riders (ショッカーライダー Shokkā Raidā, each with different colored scarves) and the Shocker Tank (ショッカータンク Shokkā Tanku).


  1. Infiltration (潜入 Sennyū)
  2. Disappearance (失踪 Shissō)
  3. Awakening (覚醒 Kakusei)
  4. Puppet (傀儡 Kairai)


Shocker scientists began abducting twelve humans for their creation of Shocker Riders. As Kamen Rider 1 infiltrates the base, he was shocked to see another human being turned into a Shocker Rider by the Shocker scientists while in stasis. As he quietly walks into the operation room, a red scarf Shocker Rider appears and fights him. When Ichigo wins, he realised that the base is moving.

Outside, Kamen Rider 2 shocked to discover that the Shocker's new base is a moving tank with its own AI named the Shocker Tank. He quickly takes the Machine Cyclone and bursts in to save Ichigo. As the Double Riders reunite, they perform the Rider Double Kick to burst out of the tank while destroying the base. However, the Shocker Riders are revealed to have survived with 8 members left and face the Double Riders. After the battle, one surviving member of the Shocker Riders makes his escape much to Ichigo's dismay.


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