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"I'm tired... Sleepy... Want my money..."
―Misora after using her powers[src]

"Hi~! It's everyone's idol, Mii-tan here!"
―Misora when starting web videos as Mii-tan[src]

―Misora when criticizing Gentoku's fashion sense[src]

Misora Isurugi (石動 美空, Isurugi Misora) is the 19-year-old daughter of Soichi Isurugi who works with Sento Kiryu by using her ability to purify Fullbottles. Often secluding herself in nascita's basement, she is more well-known as the online idol Mii-tan (みーたん, Mītan), using her huge following of fans to help her seek out and collect information. She later uses the CD Fullbottle to briefly become the CD Lost Smash (CDロストスマッシュ, Shī Dī Rosuto Sumasshu).



Misora Isurugi is daughter to astronaut Soichi Isurugi. In her childhood, her father would often read to her picture books as Misora would point out several things of her liking, which would eventually become the basis of the Fullbottles. Ten years ago, after her father returned from the Martian exploration, a young Misora stumbled across the Martian artifacts that were collected during the return ceremony. Upon coming into contact with Martian Queen Vernage's golden bracelet, she fell into a seven-year coma, thus unlocking her ability to purify Fullbottles.

She was admitted into the same mental hospital as her own father, who was possessed by Evolto at the time, escaped a month later and where she began purifying the Fullbottles for Faust. However, she realized the evil intentions of Faust and lost the will to purify any more, so her father escaped with her back to Nascita where she was convinced by Soichi to continue purifying the bottles for good. To this day, she remains in Nascita's basement in hiding because she is still wanted by Faust.

Purifying the Fullbottles

Misora began supporting Sento Kiryu's activities as Kamen Rider Build by purifying the bottles from the Smash essense. Though she can purify the bottles with her Golden Bracelet, this ability drains most of her energy. Sento created a specialized booth built for Misora to mitigate her exhaustion. Because of this, she would often be lazy and could be found to be asleep in the lab. Additionally, Misora can collect information regarding Smash sightings as the online idol "Mii-tan" and earning hundreds of thousands of fans all over the country. Despite feeling secluded in Nascita, Ryuga Banjo in an act of kindness accompanied her outside for one instance.

Sometime after Sento discovered Blood Stalk was apparently Soichi, he kept Misora in the dark to not make her worry. However, Misora would find out after seeing her father taking the Sclash Driver data from Sento's computer. She was horrified by for Soichi's actions, but was too conflicted to stop him. After Sento learned he was Takumi Katsuragi the entire time, Misora noticed how overridden with guilt he became. After he apologized to Misora about hiding her father's true nature, she brushed it off aside and motivated Sento to become the "narcissistic, ego-driven hero of justice" she remembered. These words allow Sento to find the confidence to accept responsibility as his actions as he continues to protect his country as Kamen Rider Build.

Japanese Civil War

During the events of the Hokuto invasion, Misora went outside to witness the catastrophe that unfolded and started to blamed herself for war over Pandora Box because she purified the Fullbottles. As she broke down and tried to force her golden bracelet off, Sento comforted her as he begged her to not blame herself. When Misora began displaying the ability to heal using her golden bracelet, she manages to harness it to heal Ryuga Banjo and Taizan Himuro, while momentarily losing consciousness.

On the eve of the Proxy Battle between Touto and Hokuto, Misora was entrusted by Sento with a killswitch he had created to break the Hazard Trigger should he go berserk, at the cost of his life. Spectating the event, Misora was unable to follow Sento's request even as his rage threatened to kill Kamen Rider Grease. Thankfully, Ryuga intervened at the last moment and saved both Kazumi and Sento's lives. After the Proxy Battle, she was approched by Kazumi Sawatari, who was revealed to be a fan of her idol videos.

Despite this victory, Seito had launched an invasion against Touto and Hokuto. When she arrived to the Touto and Hokuto border following the emergence of Kamen Rider Rogue and the Hell Bros, Misora's eyes turned green and reveals the entity inside of her, Vernage. She uses her powers to warp Sky Wall and would force Rogue and the Hell Bros back to their own territory. Following this, she collapsed and wouldn't be awake until hours later, later revealing that she doesn't recall the events that unfolded.

After Sento unknowingly attacked Misora during under the influence of the Hazard Trigger, her bracelet notably had an effect on a Hazard Form, causing the form to duplicate one of the Fullbottles used for the match. Although this managed to knock Sento back to his senses. This effect would later become the inspiration of the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle.

The Evolto Revolution

Although the war between Touto and Seito had come to a close, Blood Stalk decided to press on by raising the Pandora Tower from the Sky Wall. While the Kamen Riders march on against Seito's forces, Misora was caught in the crossfire and held hostage by one of the Washio brothers. After Vernage takes possession of her, she takes the Kamen Riders away to safety. The Vernage-possessed Misora reveals to the others about Blood Stalk's true nature of Evolto who had been possessing Soichi Isurugi's body the entire time.

After Rogue abducted Prime Minister Himuro, Evolto demands Sento for the Evol-Driver in exchange for the Touto Prime Minister's life. It was discovered that parts of the Evol-Driver was used as spare parts to build Misora's machine. While trying to escort Taizan Himuro's freedom during the trade, Misora recognized her father still possessed by Misora. This led to Nariaki Utsumi ambushing her and snatches the Evol-Driver from her hands, allowing Evolto to emerge as Kamen Rider Evol.

Following this, Evolto separated himself from Misora's father and took hold of Ryuga and later Sento, until he managed to regain his final form, Black Hole. After Sento was released from Evolto's possession, he was restored to being Takumi Katsuragi again but no memory of being Sento. Back at Nacita, Katsuragi recognized Misora Isurugi as the girl whom he had purifying Fullbottles at Faust. He would employed Misora to purify the Pandora Panel into the Genius Fullbottle, but she berates him for not believing in friendship, despite Takumi claiming doing such could lead to betrayal and distrust. However, Katsuragi would eventually regain his memories as Sento Kiryu, and would able to use the Genius Bottle to become Kamen Rider Build Genius Form.

The War for Earth

Following Sento's memories being restored, everyone ponders why Evolto was collecting Fullbottles despite having already reached Black Hole form. However, Gentoku suddenly greets everyone in the cafe in a set of denim clothes. His sudden fashion sense repulsed everyone in Nacista, with Misora being the most disgusted over the mismatch of clothes that Gentoku wore. He tried to wore a set of flashy pink clothes, which were also rejected by Misora.

When Sento's biological father, Shinobu Katsuragi, resurfaces as another Kamen Rider Build, Evolto would kidnap Misora and through her connection with Vernage, had her administered with Nebula Gas. The Vernage-possessed Misora transformed into the CD Lost Smash and fought Sento, who struggled to risk both Misora and Vernage's lives. With the arrival of Cross-Z, Build manages to transfer Vernage's consciousness to Ryuga and restoring Misora back to normal.

Evolto continued to collect the Lost Bottles to complete the Black Panel to evolve into a horrifying new monster form. Misora would support Sento's plan to use the White Panel to merge their world with one where the Sky Wall did not exist, using Evolto himself as the catalyst. Shortly after Evolto's national television broadcast, Misora and Sawa stayed behind in the coffee shop while the Kamen Riders raced up to Pandora Tower. After after recieving a call from Nariaki Utsumi, Misora raced to the Pandora Tower where she witnessed Kazumi's final battle as Grease Blizzard. While rest of the team awaited for Evolto at the top, Misora informs everyone about Kazumi's death, and broke down in tears.

Misora witnessed the three remaining Riders charging after at Evolto. While Build and Cross-Z were left overwhelmed by Evolto's monster form, Rogue sacrifices himself to immobilize Evolto, allowing Sento to trap Evolto and tether the worlds. However at the last second, Evolto grabs Ryuga and drags him into the ripple between the two Earths. Before Sento gave pursuit, he promised Misora that he will return with Ryuga. As the worlds began to unite, Misora's golden bracelet fell off as Vernage finally rests in peace. Misora and Sawa stood together at the Pandora Tower as they enter the New World.

New World

Sento meets the new Misora.

After Sento defeated Evolto for good, the new world was successfully created. This world’s version of Misora now working with her father, Soichi Isurugi, at Nascita and first shown serving Kazumi and his underlings drinks, only to be startled by Kazumi's infatuation for her. Shortly afterwards, Sento arrives at Nascita and orders a coffee. Misora saw Sento's face and said that she had a feeling that they have met before, although Misora didn't remember Sento's name. Her dad instead exclaims that Sento is Taro Satou and asks for an autograph. Misora is last seen berating her dad to continue on working, while at the same time mimics one of the Tsunagizu moves and catchphrase.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders

After finding the bottle containing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's essence in Sento's hands, Misora purified the bottle into the Doctor and Game Fullbottles. This allowed Sento to assume one of Build's forms that resembled Ex-Aid.

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

During the Build Annihilation Plan, both Misora and Sawa were among the Japanese populace whom had been compelled by Kengo Ino to eliminate Kamen Rider Build. Eventually, however, they were freed by the influence of Vernage. With her bracelet, Misora combined the Gold Rabbit and Silver Dragon with the Genius Fullbottle, allowing Sento and Ryuga to become Kamen Rider Build Cross-ZBuild Form and defeat Kamen Rider Blood.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

Misora is drawn to Ataru Hisanaga's world as a result of the Imagin Futaros using his powers to grant Ataru's wish of meeting Kamen Riders. She reunites with Ryuga and Kazumi briefly, though she loses her memories again shortly afterwards and mistakes them for unfamiliar fans of hers.

Later, as Tid's forces wreak havoc on the people, Misora attempts to guide panicked civilians away from danger. They are saved by the intervention of Grease and Rogue, and Misora attacks one of the enemies with a street sign while leading the people to safety.

Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z

Due to the appearance of Killbus, the memories of Misora from the previous world have eventually merged with this world’s Misora due to Killbus using Ryuga Banjo and the White Panel to restore the Pandora Box. After reuniting with Sento and the rest of her friends, she confirmed her father hadn't regained his memories likely since he wasn't injected with Nebula Gas. She also privately talked with Yui Mabuchi to put faith in Ryuga as he was willing to sacrifice himself to stop Killbus.

Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease

Misora Isurugi Grease.png

Sometime after the incident with Killbus, Misora continues her father's business by promoting Nacista as a food stand. She later asks a joyful Kazumi to go out for her. Believing it to be a date, he puts on a suit and goes shopping with her, but is heartbroken when he learns that she only wanted him to help her find a present for her dad.

Eventually, Misora was ambushed by Uraga and several Guardians. The Hokuto Sanbagarasu transform into Smashes to defend her, only for Uraga to use the stolen Build Driver and Hazard Trigger to transform into Kamen Rider Metal Build and defeats the trio. Metal Build would take Misora hostage in exchange for the White Panel.

Fortunately, Misora is being rescued by Ryuga, while Kazumi finishes Uraga, as Phantom Build, off, in which Misora witnessed. Misora thanks a wounded Kazumi for saving her before the Hokuto Sanbagarasu, whom Kazumi thought to be dead, arrived by surprise. She later asks Kazumi for a date in which he accepts in joy.


Misora was shown to be aloof, and rather lazy. Usually, she talks in an almost monotonous tone and uses short words. However, once she assumes her alter-ego Mii-tan, she's shown to be a total opposite from her usual, gloomy demeanor. Ever since the war between Touto and Hokuto, her lazy personality seemed to have disappeared and she seems to be more active. This is probably because she hasn't made any Fullbottles ever since Sento made the RabbitTank Sparkling Fullbottle.

It is revealed that her shut-in personality stems from being secluded from society for so long, as she tells Ryuga during their "dates". She always wanted to live a normal life, however, her power to purify Fullbottles makes her unable to do so. To this day, Misora openly states she didn't want the power.

Misora cares deeply for her allies, especially Sento and Banjo as she would always try her best to help them out with their own problems. Although, she is rather cold towards Kazumi for being her fanboy & Gentoku for his ridiculous fashion senses.

She also still cares for her dad unconditionally, even after knowing her father is Blood Stalk. When she finally found that Soichi is possessed by Evolto, she becomes enraged at Evolto while demanding to give her father back. Although, she still believe in his word to help Sento.

However, when Misora was possessed by Vernage, she'll turn sarcastic and sharp-mouthed, although her speech also carries a sense of royalty and dignity due of Vernage being the Queen of Mars.


Former Powers

Misora's Golden Vernage Bangle.

Double Rabbit Hazard

  • Fullbottles Purification: Misora has the unique ability to purify Fullbottles that receives Smash materials to make them compatible with the Build Driver using her unlockable Golden Bracelet. This ability drains most of her energy, and she herself states that she'll fall unconscious for one week after doing so. This special ability is synchronized with Misora's willpower. Misora explained that when she purified Fullbottle, she saw a vision of Mars during it's destruction. When she think strongly that Earth didn't have to suffer the same fate, the purification succeeded. However, for it to work, Soichi had to trick her into believing that she was using her powers for good, so that she would purify Fullbottles willingly; also Misora ​​was able to purify the Nebula Gas that surrounded Ryuga Banjo by the Sclash Driver. The bracelet, notably, has an effect on a Hazard Form in Berserk mode, causing it to become a double version of one of the Fullbottles used for the match. This manage to knock Sento to his sense for a while and cancel his transformation. This effect would later become the basis of the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle.

Misora healing Taizan Himuro.

  • Healing: Through unknown means (most likely stemming from her bracelet), Misora could heal wounds just by touching them with her hands. However depending on the severity of the injuries, she will lose consciousness after doing so.

Vernage Manipulating the Sky Wall Structure

  • Sky Wall Manipulation: During the Seito Invasion of Touto, Misora unconsciously manipulated the structure of Sky Wall temporarily to ward Rogue and Washio Brothers away.
    • Aerokinesis: This is primarily done using a strong gust of wind. When doing this, Misora's eyes turned emerald green because she was taken over by Vernage inside her bracelet. However, Misora will lose consciousness after doing so.
    • Teleportation: Misora (or in this case Vernage) could Teleport herself and anyone to Nascita when in danger.

Former Weaknesses

  • Purification Exhaustion: Though she can purify bottles with her Golden Bracelet, this ability drains most of her energy, and she herself states that she'll fall unconscious for one week after doing so. To lessen the strain, Misora uses a specialized booth built by Sento, mitigating her fatigue to general exhaustion. She may also lose consciousness from her healing abilities.


CD Lost Smash

CD Lost Smash

  • Height: 199.6 cm
  • Weight: 96.0 kg


  • The CD Lost Smash is armed with multiple disk-like protrusions, which can rotate up to 120 000 rpm, scraping enemy armor.
  • Additionally, the CD Lost Smash can generate CD projectiles, called Glare Slicers (グレアスライサー, Gurea Suraisā) to attack enemies.
  • The CD Lost Smash is extremely agile, specialising in good rhythmic avoidance patterns and close combat manoeuvres.

Appearances: Build Episode 43





  • Soichi Isurugi: Misora's father who was possessed by Evolto ends up in the hospital when Evolto leaves him to possess Ryuga.


  • Team Build - Teammates and Friends
    • Sento Kiryu: Sento was introduced to Misora by Soichi Isurugi. Despite how they bicker, Misora shows herself caring for Sento. When he asks her to activate a switch he made for the Hazard Trigger, in case he loses himself again, Misora refused to, showing her feelings of caring towards him. Overhearing Sento about using the power of a Pandora panel to boost his Hazard Level but could possibly end up killing him, she tries to stop him from dying while letting out her feelings for being more than being just family.
    • Ryuga Banjo: When Ryuga met Misora, they don't get along a bit until later during his struggles of losing his girlfriend. Hearing that Ryuga possessed alien DNA, Misora felt she wasn't alone being the only weird one.
    • Sawa Takigawa: Both Misora & Sawa share a sisterly relationship. Despite being a spy still for Nanba, though angry for the deception, she forgave her and took her back. When crying for Kazumi's death, Sawa comforts her with a hug.
    • Kazumi Sawatari: Kazumi is Misora's number one fan and who harbors a loving crush on her as Mii-tan. But she rejects his feelings for her and doesn't call Kazumi by his name nor "Kazumin", as she instead calls him Grease always until after his death which left Misora totally devastated. She admitted that she feels awkward of his infatuation for her due to him being her number one fan. To cover up for this, she often acts antagonistic towards him, even in New World. Although, after Kazumi saves her from Keiji Uraga, she finally starts dating Kazumi.
    • Gentoku Himuro: At first an enemy as Night Rogue then Kamen Rider Rogue, later as an ally when asked to join them after his father's death and when Utsumi became MadRogue joining Evolto, wounding him. Misora finds Gentoku's new fashion styles lame and disgusting until Gentoku wears a leather jacket.
  • Vernage: The queen of Mars possessed Misora as a little girl, trying to prevent Pandora's Box from being opened by Evolto. Years later, during the Touto-Seito war, Vernage awakened once again inside Misora and later warns Team Build to prevent Evolto's annihilation of Earth.
  • Takumi Katsuragi: Sento's alter-ego who's the opposite of him. She tries to get through to Katsuragi on what it means to be having heart in people, not just in mind.


  • Evolto: Learning her father was possessed by Evolto, she desired to get him back from his possession.
  • Nariaki Utsumi: Utsumi grabbed the Evol Driver from Misora with the Transteam Gun pointed at her to give to Evolto.

Behind the Scenes


Misora is portrayed by Kaho Takada (高田夏帆, Takada Kaho). As Vernage, her other voice is voiced by Sora Amamiya (雨宮 天, Amamiya Sora).

Concept Art

CD Lost Smash concept art

CD Lost Smash was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保, Shinohara Tamotsu).




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