This article is about a/an a set of monsters in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.

These are the monsters used by Xaviax, normally invisible to those who lack Advent Decks or who have never passed through a mirror. They serve in grabbing and bringing the people Xaviax chooses into Ventara for his research and to obtain enough DNA samples for a machine to mass-transport the people of Earth to Karsh as slave labor to rebuild it. Xaviax creates them through unknown means, a mere hand wave seeming capable of spawning a new monster. Other than the Minions, none of their names are used onscreen, simply being called "Monsters". Their precise connection to the Riders' Advent Beasts isn't expounded upon, but it can be theorized that those Monsters were made by Eubulon the same way Xaviax made his.



Smaller, weaker, and more numerous monsters that Xaviax uses as foot soldiers, usually sending them in groups either on their own or to accompany other Monsters. They are usually weak enough for a Rider not to need a Final Vent to defeat them.


Larger and stronger monsters that Xaviax often sends alone. Many pairs or larger collections share similarities to each other, and these groups are sometimes sent out together. Though they are far less numerous per type than the various Minions, there are still seen to be multiples of many of them.


  • Many Dragon Knight Mirror Monsters keep their names from Ryuki, though sometimes with minor adjustments.

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