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Mirage Magnum

Mirage Magnum

"Hyper, Magnum Strike!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Reflective Beast-Gun Mirage Magnum (反映銃ミラージュマグナム Kyomen Jūjū Mirāju Magunamu) is the weapon used by Kamen Rider Beast when he is in his Final Form, Beast Hyper. It first appears in episode 29.

This weapon is a gold and blue gun with a picture of a lion on the side. It can be wielded outside of Beast's transformation.


  • Ring Slot (リングスロット Ringu Surotto) - As the name implies, it is the slot to insert the Hyper Ring onto. By acting as a kind of warp hall, the Hyper Ring can send large amounts of magical power to the Mirage Magnum.
  • Mirage Spectre (ミラージュスペクター Mirāju Supekutā) - A magical mirror attached to the top of the Mirage Magnum. It converts magical power into magical bullets, and as magical power increases for the Mirage Magnum Strike attack, Chimera is able to appear as an energy apparition.
  • Assault Branch (アサルトブランチ Asaruto Buranchi) - The Mirage Magnum's barrel. It is made up of the special alloy Sorcerium (ソーサリウム Sōsariumu), giving the Mirage Magnum high strength and the ability to withhold magical power, preventing the Mirage Magnum from self-destructing from the strong recoil of attacks.
  • Divine Mural (ディヴァインミューラル Divu~ain Myūraru) - The graven lion image carved along the entire body of Mirage Magnum, it acts as a magical magazine that holds in magical bullets.
  • Reflect Mortar (リフレクトモータル Rifurekuto Mōtaru) - The Mirage Magnum's muzzle. It improves the power of magical bullets by increasing and amplifying magical energy. Because the strongest point of magical energy is added during shooting, a magic circle is summoned in front of the Reflect Mortar during time of shooting, strengthening magical bullets as they pass through, enabling massive damage during deathblows.
  • Task Pointer (タスクポインタ Tasuku Pointa) - The two spike-like front facing bits jutting out from the top and bottom of the Reflect Mortar. It is a control device that controls the magic bullets, preventing decrease in magical power, as well as ensuring the bullets hit their targets.
  • Shoot Trigger (シュートリガー Shūtorigā) - Beast Magnum's trigger.
  • Magnant Stem (マグナントステム Magunanto Sutemu) - Beast Magnum's grip. Recoil of the weapon can be supressed by holding the Magnant Stem tightly.

Finishing attack

After opening the mouth of the Hyper Ring and inserting it into the Mirage Magnum's ring slot, Beast Hyper can execute a Magnum Strike (マグナムストライク Magunamu Sutoraiku) attack called Shooting Mirage (シューティングミラージュ Shūtingu Mirāju), where he fires Beast Chimera at the enemy as a beam of magical energy after the Inner Phantom comes out of the Mirage Spectre screen, flies around Beast and then slams into his back, charging up the finisher, before Beast Hyper shoots the opponent.[1]

Monsters destroyed by the Shooting Mirage

A list of monsters (mainly Phantoms), that were destroyed by the Mirage Magnum's Shooting Mirage finisher.



Ganbarider performs the Shooting Mirage.

The Mirage Magnum is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


  • Mirage Magnum's color motifs (Gold and Blue) is somewhat similar to the Meteor Storm Shaft, the upgrade device of previously show's Rider.
  • It is shown that Beast can use this weapon even when he is not in Hyper Form and even without being transformed.
  • The Mirage Magnum appearing first as a stone gun before being unlocked is the same as the Transformation Gun GaburivolverIcon-crosswiki used by the KyoryugersIcon-crosswiki. As seen with Daigo Kiryu (Kyoryu Red)Icon-crosswiki in Brave 1Icon-crosswiki, which aired only a few weeks before Beast Hyper's debut episode, the Gaburivolver first appeared petrified before being unlocked when the ZyudenryuIcon-crosswiki approves of its partner.