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Mikio Jinno (刃野 幹夫 Jinno Mikio) is a senior detective of the Futo Police Department partnered with Shun Makura, and a friend of Shotaro Hidari.


Despite being a senior detective, Jinno is very gullible, falling for the same trick every time, until he was arrested during the Jewel Dopant case for a crime he didn't commit and vowed to be less gullible after he was cleared of his charges. Despite his personality, he is a dedicated officer and sometimes wise. He often discusses cases with his friend Shotaro, unaware of the fact that he is one of Kamen Rider Double's halves. Jinno also carries a light-blue back scratcher with him and is almost never seen without it.


Despite his gullible personality, Jinno is not completely incompetent as he is able to figure out the identity of the Jewel Dopant after everyone else came to conclusion of the wrong person. His gullibility has also shown to be a strength since those who lie to him end are drawn into his delusion, such as Shotaro lying to him about seeing a UFO ending up helping Jinno look for one or a girl lying about not liking fighting actually stopping her violent behavior. He is also able to defeat enemies like the Masked Soldiers of the Commander Dopant all by himself in a manner highly reminiscent to famous action star Jackie Chan, which is a difficult achievement for the average human.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Travelers Record

Jinno appears in the video game Kamen Rider Travelers Record.

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