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Michelle Walsh

Michelle Walsh

Michelle Walsh is a reporter working under Maya's online editor who is intent to uncover the truth, yet is too arrogant to realize what is really happening in the city. When Maya tries to flush out the Kamen Rider, Michelle takes photos that stated that Maya faked a monster abduction, resulting in Maya getting fired by the site's online editor. Since Maya's termination, Michelle has secretly shadowed her to find out what she truly knows about the mysterious abductions. However, Michelle is revealed as a member of a government agency called the "No-Men" sent to uncover the mysteries of the abductions. After learning about the Kamen Riders, she is instructed by Agent Phillips to go after Kit and capture him. She attempts to question Kit and learn more about Ventara, but Kit manages to escape. After that, she heads out in pursuit of the Riders, as well as Maya, Trent, and Lacey. A short time later, following a long battle with only Len remaining in the aftermath, she shows up with a mysterious letter, giving Len hope that they can win the war against Xaviax. She takes Len, Maya, Trent, and Lacey to Eubulon and is now locating Xaviax's teleportation devices. She eventually talks to Maya and Trent about her past actions saying that she was putting her job above all else and makes amends to their relationship. During the epilogue, she continues to work for the No-Men but is trying to be a little more patient.

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