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"Meteor, Ready? (Funky disco music)"
―Standard transformation announcement[src]

"Meteor Storm! Meteor On, Ready? (Hard rock music)"
―Transformation announcement for Meteor Storm[src]

"(Switch) On, Ready? (Switch) Limit Break!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Meteor Driver (変身ベルト メテオドライバー Henshin Beruto Meteo Doraibā) is a belt that gives Ryusei Sakuta the ability to become Kamen Rider Meteor.


To transform, Ryusei inserts the Meteor Switch into the Switch Socket (スイッチソケット Suitchi Soketto), pulls the Waiting Trigger (ウェイティングトリガー Weitingu Torigā) back, and pushes down the blue and spherical Enter Lever (エンターレバー Entā Rebā), resulting in him being hit by Cosmic Energy from the M-BUS satellite. However if the M-BUS satellite is unresponsive for whatsoever reason (i:e Tachibana did not authorize it), the transformation will not initiate.

Limit Breaks

By switching on the Meteor Switch and rotating the Celestial Drive Unit (セレスティアルドライブユニット Seresutiaru Doraibu Yunitto), Kamen Rider Meteor can perform two different Rider Kick Limit Break (リミットブレイク Rimitto Bureiku) attacks.

One is a flying side kick called Meteor Strike (メテオストライク Meteo Sutoraiku) and the second is a spinning kick called Meteor Tornado (メテオトルネード Meteo Torunēdo).
While in Meteor Storm form, Meteor can use a stronger version of the Meteor Strike called Meteor Storm Strike (メテオストームストライク Meteo Sutōmu Sutoraiku).

Astroswitch compatibility

Meteor can also insert Fourze's Circle Basement-oriented Astroswitches into the Meteor Driver, replacing the Meteor Switch.

  • Elek: Amplifies Meteor's attacks by supplementing them with electricity. It also gives him an electric variation of the Meteor Strike.
  • Fire: Amplifies Meteor's attacks by supplementing them with flames. It also gives him a fiery variation of the Meteor Tornado.
  • N Magnet: Amplifies Meteor's attacks by supplementing them with electromagnetic energy. It also allows him to tag-team with Fourze Magnetstates to execute the Rider Super Electromagnetic Strike (ライダー超電磁ストライク Raidā Chōdenji Sutoraiku) Limit Break.


  • There is a common myth that the Celestial Drive unit resembles a disco ball, when in fact it’s supposed to resemble a Celestial sphere.
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