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  • Chaos,

    This is Grand Zi-O from the Tokupedia Discord.

    It's been 3 days since we last had our talk, and It's obvious that youre not going to listen to what I have to say, now that you blocked me on discord. But as part of my last plea, you need to stop blaming others for your wrongdoings and insulting others that are trying to talk to you. You have a problem listening to people that are giving you advice to ensure your well-being on the discord server and since you kept on causing drama in the discord, you obviously got what you deserved. 

    During our conversation, you constantly kept going on and on about how Shaman and Rgia are terrible people and that you hate them and so on and so forth. Again, you got what you deserved. Shaman gave you plenty of warnings and he let your past incidents slide, but you crossed the line when you reported people who literally did nothing to you. Just because Shaman is an admin, doesn't make him a tyrant that you think you have the right to hate on. He's only doing his job. If someone is constantly causing problems in the server, he gives them the ban. Rules are rules, Chaos.

    You fail to understand why you were banned in the first place. Right after you were banned, that was when you revealed your true colors to me and others, and those colors were very disturbing to see. You kept talking about how Tokupedia is a bad server and everyone hates you, all which are obviously not true. You did things that annoyed people too many times to the point where they had it with you, therefore, they gave you the boot. You created this mess. You did all of this to yourself so if anything, it is none other than your fault. 

    And for the record, stop playing the victim card. You always try to act like you're right and everyone else is wrong. You have trouble accepting criticims from other discord users in regards to your theories. You fail to understand how people feel about your theories and you just assume they hate you and are misunderstood, when clearly they're not. The more you kept pushing your theories in the discord server, the more annoyed people became and when they were annoyed, you act like they are your enemies. You refuse to admit your faults and you continue to blame Shaman for banning you and Rgia for not supporting you. No one is discord is there to baby you, like Rgia said. 

    It's obvious that you're not going to accept the things I'm telling you here on this wiki, but I'm making this last effort to reach out to you, since you continue to be in denial.   

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