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Memory Gadgets

All Memory Gadgets (including Fang Memory).

The Memory Gadgets (メモリガジェット Memori Gajetto) are items powered by artificial Gaia Memories called Pseudo Memories (ギジメモリ Giji Memori) that allow them to switch between their Gadget Mode (ガジェットモード Gajetto Mōdo) and their Live Mode (ライブモード Raibu Mōdo). The Gadgets can in turn be attached to Kamen Rider Double's weapons to perform a Maximum Drive with different Elemental Gaia Memories.

Like the purified Gaia Memories and the SkullGarry/RevolGarry, the Memory Gadgets were likely created by Shroud.

List of Memory Gadgets

StagPhone Stag Mode

Stag Phone Stag Mode

The Stag Phone (スタッグフォン Sutaggu Fon) is a cellular phone that switches between Cell Phone Mode (携帯モード Keitai Mōdo) and Stag Mode (スタッグモード Sutaggu Mōdo) with the use of the Stag Memory (スタッグメモリ Sutaggu Memori). When in Cell Phone Mode, it allows Kamen Rider Double to summon and control the HardBoilder and the RevolGarry. At least two Stag Phones exist, serving as Shotaro's and Philip's personal cellular phones.

The Stag Phone also has a Maximum Drive for the Heat Memory, where it is engulfed it in flames and hits the Dopant with fiery tackles.

When attached to the Trigger Magnum, it allows Kamen Rider Double to perform the Trigger Stag Burst (トリガースタッグバースト Torigā Sutaggu Bāsuto) Maximum Drive, crushing the Dopant between two pincer-like energy projections shot from the Trigger Magnum.

When attached to the Metal Shaft, it allows Kamen Rider Double to perform the Metal Stag Break (メタルスタッグブレイク Metaru Sutaggu Bureiku) Maximum Drive, crushing the Dopant between two pincer-like energy projections emitted from the Metal Shaft.

Pink Stag Phone

Pink Stag Phone

A pink version of Stag Phone made for Tokime was appeared in manga Futo Detective.

BeetlePhone Beetle Mode

Beetle Phone Beetle Mode

The Beetle Phone (ビートルフォン Bītoru Fon) is a mobile phone that switches between Cell Phone Mode (携帯モード Keitai Mōdo) and Beetle Mode (ビートルモード Bītoru Mōdo) with the use of the Beetle Memory (ビートルメモリ Bītoru Memori). It looks similar to the Stag Phone, except it has a blue Japanese rhinoceros beetle design.

In addition to its functions as a Memory Gadget and phone, the Beetle Phone appears to have a built-in TV-broadcast-tuner, which partially worked even after the Beetle Memory got disabled by Eternal's Eternal Requiem Maximum Drive. Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate

Prior to its appearance in the series, Ryu Terui used the Beetle Phone to spy on the Narumi Detective Agency.

SpiderShock Spider Mode

Spider Shock Spider Mode

The Spider Shock (スパイダーショック Supaidā Shokku) is a G-Shock wrist watch that switches between Wrist Watch Mode (腕時計モード Udedokei Mōdo) and Spider Mode (スパイダーモード Supaidā Mōdo) with the use of the Spider Memory (スパイダーメモリ Supaidā Memori). It has a grappling hook in Wrist Watch Mode. It can also shoot out trackers which can be tracked in Wrist Watch Mode.

When attached to the Trigger Magnum, it allows Kamen Rider Double to fire out a net that can capture Dopants.

When attached to the Metal Shaft, it allows Kamen Rider Double to shoot out a webbed string that restrains a Dopant.

BatShot Bat Mode

Bat Shot Bat Mode

The Bat Shot (バットショット Batto Shotto) is a digital camera that switches between Digicam Mode (デジカメモード Dejikame Mōdo) and Bat Mode (バットモード Batto Mōdo) with the use of the Bat Memory (バットメモリ Batto Memori). A live video feed can be linked to the Stag Phone while in Bat Mode.

Its flash can disorient others, and when attached to the Metal Shaft (a combination that Shotaro dubs the Sonic Shaft (ソニックシャフト Sonikku Shafuto), it can emit sonic waves strong enough to shatter solid objects. The Bat Shot also has a Maximum Drive for the Luna Memory, allowing its flashes to reveal and stun any hidden targets in its vicinity.

When attached to the Trigger Magnum, it allows Kamen Rider Double to perform the Trigger Bat Shooting (トリガーバットシューティング Torigā Batto Shūtingu) Maximum Drive, locking onto the target through the Bat Shot and then firing a concentrated blast from the Trigger Magnum with pinpoint precision.


Frog Pod

The Frog Pod (フロッグポッド Furoggu Poddo) is a speaker that switches between Speaker Mode (スピーカーモード Supīkā Mōdo) and Frog Mode (フロッグモード Furoggu Mōdo) with the use of the Frog Memory (フロッグメモリ Furoggu Memori), which is similar to a MP3 Player that acts as a sound recorder. When the recording is played back, the Frog Pod can modulate the sound to be anyone's voice. Its primary uses are for audio recording and analysis.

The Frog Memory and manual for building the Frog Pod were sent to Philip in a black envelope, by a person he believes to be Shroud, the woman who provides Kamen Rider Accel with his transformation items and arsenal.

DendenSensor Denden Mode

Denden Sensor Denden Mode

The Denden Sensor (デンデンセンサー Denden Sensā) is a pair of night vision goggles that switches between Goggle Mode (ゴーグルモード Gōguru Mōdo) and Denden Mode (デンデンモード Denden Mōdo) with the use of the Denden Memory (デンデンメモリ Denden Memori). Its primary ability is to detect changes in the light spectrum and alert its user to possibly cloaked targets. Its Goggle Mode also serves this purpose, used to detect the presence of the invisible Lily Shirogane in its first appearance. It is also used as a surveillance device, being able to store 8 terabytes of information in its Pseudo Memory.

The Denden Sensor is the second Memory Gadget Philip is seen constructing from a set of instructions sent to him by Shroud.

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