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Icon-ghost.png This article is about a transformation device in Kamen Rider Ghost.

"Yes sir!"
―Eyecon insertion announcement[src]

―Insert announcement[src]

"Tengan! (Eyecon)! Mega Ulord! (music) (phrase)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

―Finisher stand by announcement[src]

"Dai Tengan! (Eyecon)! Omega Ulord!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Transformation Brace Mega Ulorder (変身ブレス メガウルオウダー, Henshin Burēsu Mega Uruoudā) is the eye dropper-based transformation brace used by Alain to transform into Kamen Rider Necrom.

It was developed in the Gamma World but stolen by Alain, though his older brother Adel granted him permission to use it afterwards out of a curiosity to see his growth as Necrom.Perfect! The White Kamen Rider!


  1. Chart from the official website indicating positions of each component. For ease of viewing, the components on this page are in order of what they were on the website. For example, '1.)' in the list is '1.)' on the chart.

    Eyecon Throne (アイコンスローン, Aikon Surōn) - The slot in which Eyecons are inserted. It extracts the ability of the Parka Ghost.
  2. Alter Ingot (ルターインゴット, Orutā Ingotto) - A silver shield generating device on the Eyecon Throne. The defensive shield it generates wraps around the whole Mega Ulorder, protecting internal devices during combat.
  3. Strategy Sender (ストラテジーセンダー, Sutoratejī Sendā) - A command device mounted on the Eyecon Throne, it is the section jutting on the side opposite to the Destloading Starter, and has a clear green panel on top. It can emit special waves and move Ganmas and objects according to the user's will. Additionally, it can also control people who are possessed by the Necrom Ghost Eyecon.
  4. Consider Bind (コンシダーバインド, Konshidā Baindo) - The strap and base that allows the Mega Ulorder to perch on someone's arm. It freely stretches according to the wearer's arm, and has excellent blade resistance. It also sends the person's intentions and thoughts to the Strategy Sender.
  5. Destloading Starter (デストローディングスターター, Desutorōdingu Sutātā) - The green button on the side of the Eyecon Throne. Pushing it puts the Mega Ulorder on a standby state.
  6. Green Fill Tray (グリンフィルトレイ, Gurin Firu Torei) - A green circular material conversion device located on top (during active phase)/the side (during inactive phase) of the Eyecon Throne. During transformation, it utilizes a reaction liquid called Ulordew (ウルオーデュー, Uruōdiū), dropped from the Liquid Dropper, to penetrate the Necrom Eyecon, turning the Parka Ghost into Quantum Liquid (クァンタムリキッド Kuantamu Rikiddo) material, which amplifies the energy of the Parka Ghost.
  7. Liquid Dropper (リキッドロッパー, Rikid Doroppā) - The orange and green drop unit installed on the Mega Ulorder, it drops Ulordew onto the Green Fill Tray during transformation. During finishers, increased Ulordew is dropped, drawing more energy from the inserted Eyecon.
  8. Anima Synchronizer (アニマシンクロナイザー, Anima Shinkuronaizā) - A gray device that sits opposite to the Eyecon Throne, it is connects and synchronizes the wearer's consciousness with the Eyecon's consciousness. When transformed, memories of the person composing the Eyecon can be viewed by the wearer of the Mega Ulorder, allowing them to execute techniques used by the Eyecon's soul during their lifetime.


In a similar concept to Ghost Driver, both Mega Ulorder and its prototype harnesses the power of the selected Eyecons.

To transform into Kamen Rider Necrom, the user first tilts the Eyecon Throne (アイコンスローン, Aikon Surōn) 90 degrees counter-clockwise and upwards. After inserting an Eyecon, the user then press the Destloading Starter (デストローディングスターター, Desutorōdingu Sutātā) button, causing the Liquid Dropper (リキッドロッパー, Rikid Doroppā) to release a drop of Ulordew (ウルオーデュー, Uruōdiū) liquid onto the Green Fill Tray (グリンフィルトレイ, Gurin Firu Torei) and releasing a corresponding Parka Ghost while the Transient suit is formed before the Parka Ghost merge with their user. Using the Yujou Burst Icon, the Eyecon Throne is not rotated, and Necrom only needs to press the Destloading Starter to summon the Parka Ghost and merge with it to finish the transformation.

At the side of the Mega Ulorder displays the Strategy Sender (ストラテジーセンダー, Sutoratejī Sendā), which allows Necrom to control Gamma Commandos in a manner of a necromancer, his namesake motif. This part also functions as a remote controller whenever the user enslaves a Ghost Driver user by forcefully installing the Necrom Eyecon onto said belt and pushing the trigger.[1]

The Mega Ulorder can also summon forth Necrom's weapon, the Gan Gun Catcher, and re-summon it in the event that the Catcher is lost or destroyed.

Behind the Scenes


The voice of the Mega Ulorder was provided by Peter von Gomm (ピーター・ヴァン・ガム, Pītā Van Gamu)[2].


  • The name of Mega Ulorder is based on a Japanese phrase "eye was moistened" (目が潤う, Me ga uruou)"
  • The Mega Ulorder does not need to be flipped into its standing position before transforming, as revealed in Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter.
    • This only occurs because of the nature of the Yujou Burst Eyecon, which bypasses the eyedropper function of the Mega Ulorder.
  • The Mega Ulorder has often been compared by fans to the original Omnitrix from the Ben 10 franchise, due to its green and black coloration, the fact that both are wrist-mounted devices, and imposing a time limit on the transformation.

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