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Medusa (メドウサ Medousa, 4, 21, Movie & 27) - A Medusa monster who took the identity of Professor Kogure Seijiro assistant named Kiyomi.

Character History

She was destroyed by X's X Kick. G.O.D., the Shadow of Fear!!

Revived by King Dark, Medusa was sent with Chimera to back up Neptune, who had failed to damage the image of the Kamen Riders. The three G.O.D. monsters were met by not only X-Rider, but Kamen Rider V3 as well. Medusa was quickly defeated by X-Rider's X Kick, colliding into Chimera. Soon after, Neptune was beaten by V3 and X-Rider, the latter of whom used his Rider Kick to propel him into his fallen comrades, causing all three of them to be destroyed in an explosion. Special Edition, Full Force of Five Riders!!


Medusa has the ability to fly, summoning snakes and turn human into stone with her eyes.

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