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"Single Scanning Charge!"
―Finisher announcement via O Scanner when one Cell Medal is inserted[src]

"Double Scanning Charge!"
―Finisher announcement via O Scanner when two Cell Medals are inserted[src]

"Triple Scanning Charge!"
―Finisher announcement via O Scanner when three Cell Medals are inserted[src]

The Medajaribur (メダジャリバー Medajaribā) is a sword that serves as Kamen Rider OOO's personal weapon, which he can also use to fire waves of energy. It first appears in Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, and then made its TV debut in episode 2.

Created by the Kougami Foundation as part of their Medal System, this weapon was given to Eiji by Shintaro Goto as a "birthday present" from the Foundation.


The Medajaribur is composed of the following parts:

  • Medal Injection (メダルインジェクション Medaru Injekushon) - A slot on the hilt that Medals are inserted into.
  • Healing Medalizer (ヒーリングメダライザー Hīringu Medaraizā) - A piece of equipment over the Medal Injection, it reduces any shock impact OOO will feel when the Medajaribur comes into contact with something.
  • Medalever Top (メダレバートップ Medarebā Toppu) - The Medalever's head. It's surface is designed for comfortable gripping.
  • Medalever (Twin Shaft) (メダレバー(ツインシャフト) Medarebā (Tsuin Shafuto)) - The lever used to transfer Medals into the Crystal Unit. It also reinforced the Medajaribur's main body.
  • Fixing Bolt (フィキシングボルト Fikishingu Boruto) - The axis on which the Medalever is joined to the Medajaribur. Also provides a role in reinforcing the strength of nearby parts on the weapon.
  • Gold Terminal (ゴルドターミナル Gorudo Tāminaru) - The gold trim towards the bladed section, it assists the O Scanner when it slides over the Medajaribur, allowing Scanning Charges to occur.
  • Signal Point (シグナルポイント Shigunaru Pointo) - A red signal light that indicates whether or not the Medajaribur is running properly.
  • Crystal Unit (クリスタルユニット Kurisutaru Yunitto) - A storage unit inside the blade that can hold up to 3 medals. It contains a window that allows one to see the medals.
  • Scan Slider Rib (スキャンスライダーリブ Sukyan Suraidā Ribu) - The white segments of the blade, it is a rail that allows the O Scanner to stay in place when it slides over the Medajaribur. It also reinforces the blade.
  • Meda Drive (メダドライブ Meda Doraibu) - The blue conduits that run throughout the blade, it efficiently distributes the Medals' power all over the blade when performing finishing moves.
  • Jaribur Edge (ジャリバーエッジ Jaribā Ejji) - The Medajaribur's blade, it is composed of strontium (ストロンジウム Sutoronjiumu), a metal alloy that Kougami Foundation was able to synthesise by studying the metal alloys that make up the O Scanner. It is extremely sharp, and can cut through almost any solid object.
  • Power On Baton (パワーオンバトン Pawā On Baton) - A button on the Medajaribur's hilt. Pressing it will draw out the latent energies of the Cell Medals, allowing OOO to execute the OOO Bash manoeuvre.
  • Jaribur Grip (ジャリバーグリップ Jaribā Gurippu) - The Medajaribur's grip. It is very sturdy.
  • Bar End Earth (バーエンドアース Bā Endo Āsu) - The bottom of the Jaribur Grip, it briefly distorts surrounding space-time when utilising a deathblow.

Finishing attack

By inserting three Cell Medals into the Medajaribur and scanning them with the O Scanner, it can be used to perform a Triple Scanning Charge (トリプルスキャニングチャージ Toripuru Sukyaningu Chāji) attack called OOO Bash (オーズバッシュ Ōzu Basshu).[1] The OOO Bash appears to slice through not only the Yummy, but the fabric of reality itself, though anything other than the Yummy is restored afterwards.

Successful OOO Bashes

Legend Rider Weapon

Arms Weapon

The Medajaribur is the Arms Weapon wielded by either an Armored Rider or a New Generation Rider when they transform into OOO Arms.


The Medajaribur is the Legend Rider Weapon granted upon assuming OOO Damashii, which is used by Kamen Rider Specter. Wizard Chapter Kamen Riders Ghost and Necrom can use it as well. Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing


The Medajaribur is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Behind the scenes


Although the spelling of "Excalibur" with a "l" is more commonly used, the name of this sword is officially Medajaribur with a "r" in all media.


  • Medajaribur's name is a portmanteau of "medal" and Excalibur, the legendary sword from Arthurian myth.
  • The Medajaribur was primarily used by Eiji in his Tatoba Combo Form, but also often used in his Latorartar Combo Form.
  • Eiji seemingly has no place to actively store the Medajaribur on his person while not using it, nor is he capable of summoning it as it is not part of the native OOO equipment.


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