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Mazinger Z Anime 1974

Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ Majinga Zetto) is a Super Robot created by Go Nagai. It is the first giant robot to be internally piloted leading a series, launching the Super Robo genre into existence.

A live action Mazinger Z character had appeared along with Kamen Rider V3 in a food commercial for Popy in 1973.


  • Although it only happened in commercial, Mazinger Z can be considered as the first character from another franchise that had a crossover with the Kamen Rider Series.
    • Mazinger Z would later appear in a set of live action commercials known as Chief MazingerIcon-crosswiki released in 2015.
  • Go Nagai, the creator of Mazinger Z, was also the former assistant of the creator of Kamen Rider. The next crossover between these two manga artists' works is Cyborg 009 VS Devilman (2015).

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