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Maya Young is a young woman who is investigating the mysterious disappearances and believes in conspiracies, getting caught up in the Kamen Rider battle. She is a member of the website WayAboveTopSecret.com, which is themed around conspiracy theories and strange anomalies, especially those centering around the Mirror Monsters. To this end, she enlists Kit's help in uncovering the mysteries surrounding Ventara and the Mirror Monsters, although Lacey thinks she's just trying to ask him out.

Maya thus became the second Kamen Rider Siren.


Due to her attempted abduction by one of the Newt Monsters, she is able to see the Mirror Monsters when no one else can.

Following an attempt to flush out a Kamen Rider by staging a monster attack, Michelle Walsh snapped the pictures of the attempt and Maya is fired from the website. Maya has since distanced herself from the reporter and continues her pursuit of uncovering the mysteries of the Kamen Riders. She finds that her information was stolen and in response, deletes her work as a paranormal investigator so that she would not get targeted by the feds.

While discussing how to counter Xaviax's plans, Eubulon reassigns the Siren deck for Maya to help Len while he goes to retrieve the other Riders. He gives her the ability to fight by installing the memories of the previous Siren owner, Kase.

though unlike her Ventaran counterpart, she has black hair, as opposed to Kase's blonde hair. She later meets Chance, Pryce and Hunt, some of the original Riders. Due to her past experiences with JTC, she feels uneasy around Pryce despite his attempts to befriend her.

Once Kit and Kase come back from the Advent Void she gives the deck back to the Ventaren Siren. She soon senses that something is wrong with Adam when he leaves with Len to the last transmitter, which is confirmed to be true. She also manages to patch the bad relations with Pryce realizing that Pryce and JTC, though they look the same, are two different people.

Along with Trent, she manages to sneak inside Xaviax's base to allow the other Kamen Riders to infiltrate the base as the shield surrounding it only allowed people who were not locked to an Advent Deck inside. There she witnessed the 13 Kamen Riders use their Link Vents and destroy Xaviax once and for all.

During the Epilogue, she makes a children's book "Mirror World: The Adventures of the Kamen Riders" detailing the events of the whole series, which she passes off as fiction promising to keep the Rider's identities a secret. It becomes a popular book as she is seen in a book signing, even meeting up with Kit, Len and Kase, with Len jokingly apologizing about her camera from the start of the series. Also, she starts dating Pryce who also visits her in her book signing.

Kamen Rider Siren

Kamen Rider Siren

Kamen Rider Siren

Maya can transform into Kamen Rider Siren using her Advent Deck and V Buckle upon forming a contract with Blancwing. Her Visor, the Blancvisor, is a rapier that also functions as her personal weapon. Siren's kicking power and running speed are average, but her punching power is the lowest out of all of the 13 Riders and she is tied with Torque for the lowest jump height.

Through the use of her Sword Vent Advent Card, Siren can arm herself with the Wing Slasher, a double-bladed staff derived from the edges of Blancwing's wings combined together. Her Guard Vent equips her with the Wing Shield, a shield derived from Blancwing's wings and back. It is able to summon a gust of white feathers and allows her to teleport within short distances so as to confuse and evade enemy attacks. In addition, Siren is always seen with Blancwing's torso mounted on her back, equipping her with a cape.

By using her Final Vent, Siren can execute her finisher, the Misty Slash, which equips her with the Wing Slasher if she does not already possess it. Blancwing then flies behind the enemy and creates a gust by flapping its wings, sending the opponent flying towards Siren, who slashes it with the Wing Slasher.

Appearances: Dragon Knight Episode 32 - 35

Contract Monster

Main article: Blancwing (Dragon Knight)


  • Advent Deck - Transformation device and Advent Card holder
  • V Buckle - Transformation belt
  • Advent Cards - Trinkets that enable a Rider to summon Contract Monsters, access equipment, and use special abilities
  • Blancvisor - Siren's Visor and personal weapon that enables her to use Advent Cards


  • Advent Cycle - Motorcycle used by any Rider to enter the Mirror World

Behind the scenes


Maya Young was portrayed by Aria Alistar in the series & her suit actor was Keiko Hashimoto (橋本 恵子 Hashimoto Keiko), in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (Video game) is voiced is protayed by Laura Bailey.

In the Japanese dub, she is voiced by Yuria Haga (芳賀 優里亜 Haga Yuria) who previously portrayed Mari Sonoda in Kamen Rider 555 and Mio Suzuki/Pearlshell Fangire, and later portrayed Yuki/Thorn Fangire in Kamen Rider Decade.


  • Maya is the only Earth Kamen Rider not to be the genetic double of the Ventaran Kamen Rider whose Advent Deck she used.
  • Maya is also the only Earth Kamen Rider that was never vented.
  • Maya was the only rider not to ride a motorbike.
  • Maya was never shown being disconnected from the Siren Deck, so technically she could still use the deck if required.
    • It could also mean that it happened but was never shown.
  • Maya was the only rider not to fight another rider.
  • According to Stephen Lunsford during a Q&A panel at Japan World HeroesIcon-crosswiki.png II, one of the candidates for the role of Maya was one of Danny Trejo's daughters, with the famous actor present when his daughter auditioned. Ultimately, the role went to Aria Alistar.


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