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Matsurida Z No. 5 (祭田ゼット5号 Matsurida Zetto Go-gō), nicknamed Z No. 5 (ゼット5号 Zetto Go-gō), short for , is a Festival Dancer-Type HumaGear and also one of the Matsurida Z series, who was captured by a group of thieves who specialize in changing the faces of HumaGears along with other Matsurida Z members.

Character History


Z No. 5 (ゼット5号 Zetto Go-go) was the part of Matsurida Z (祭田ゼット) alongside with other Matsurida Z Members, a group of Matsuri Dancer-Type HumaGear who were captured and modified by a group of thieves who specialize in changing the faces of HumaGears, but Z #5 later escape before being obtained and used by while the other four of Matsurida Z were obtained by for unknown reasons and modified again into Assassin-Types.

Later, he was seen remembering Aruto while dancing at Festival as he scan his HumaGear Body Seal barcode with his own Progrisekey to help Izu Transfer his Data to Progrise Hopper Blade.It's Our Turn


Behind the Scenes


Matsurida Z No. 5 is portrayed by Ryunosuke Matsumura (松村龍之介 Matsumura Ryūnosuke). In his original Matsurida Z state, he is portrayed by Kai Yoshida (吉田快 Yoshida Kai).




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