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Masuzawa (増沢) was a Touto government aide who was later revealed to have been a Seito spy.

Character History

When a Touto facility holding Fullbottles was attacked, Masuzawa called Sento Kiryu for assistance. When Sento asked him if the attacker was Grease, Masuzawa claimed that he had no details. First Chapter Evidently, Masuzawa was aware that the attackers were Faust Guardians accompanied by a new Bikaiser prototype, whose battle with Build would be used by Nariaki Utsumi to complete the new Kaiser System, Next Chapter which would be granted to Seito. The Phantom of the West

Behind the Scenes


Masuzawa was portrayed by Taro Nakatani (中谷太郎 Nakatani Tarō).


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