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This article is about a/an comic book featuring characters and concepts in Saban's Masked Rider.

Masked Rider was a comic book published by Marvel Comics. Due to the loss of the license to Power Rangers and other Saban properties, this became the only Masked Rider comic ever to be published.


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In the one shot, Count Dregon places a planet eating monster on path to Edenoi, while sending a monster called Rhinosaur to Earth. Dex is forced into choosing which planet to defend, but is aided by the Ninja Rangers (on a trip in Leawood City). The Ninja Rangers defeat the Rhinosaur while Dex saves Edenoi.

The story ends with Dex taking the Rangers to meet his Earth family (The Stewarts).



Masked Rider Dex Stewart
White (Ninja) Ranger Tommy OliverIcon-crosswiki
Red (Ninja) Ranger Rocky DeSantosIcon-crosswiki
Black (Ninja)  Ranger Adam ParkIcon-crosswiki
Blue (Ninja)  Ranger Billy CranstonIcon-crosswiki
Yellow (Ninja) Ranger Aisha CampbellIcon-crosswiki
Pink (Ninja) Ranger Kimberly Ann HartIcon-crosswiki




  • Aisha's name is erroneously spelt "Aiesha".


  • By sheer coincidence, this comic's release date was just two days before the 25th anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise.
  • This is the only issue of the comic, and is also the only other time when the Power Rangers and the Masked Rider team upIcon-crosswiki. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #7 and Ninja Rangers #5 both end with a set up for the story.


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