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An Angel in White Mashirochan (白衣の天使ましろちゃん Hakui no Tenshi Mashirochan)[1][2] , or simply Mashirochan (ましろちゃん Mashirochan), was a Nurse Type Humagear. She was one of the first Hospital staff Humagears reprogrammed by and turned into a Trilobite Magia through a hacked Giger Unit.


Mashirochan was the Nurse Humagear in the National Medical Hospital (国立医電病院 Kokuretsuiden Byōin) assigned for Aruto's check-up. After Izu introduced her to the president, Mashirochan proceeded with the tests. After Aruto's check-up, she caught a pregnant patient that was fell.

She was later assigned to assist in Yua's medical after attacked A.I.M.S. HQ. After which, she was found to begin showing signs of gaining her Singularity when she diverted from her original programming when she offered Isamu a medical test that was not in her registered programming.

She was then escorted by the four to Hiden Intelligence for a full scan, which showed that she was still functioning properly.

After heading back to the hospital with the others due to a Giger Unit attacking the Hospital's Network Building, Mashirochan fell victim to one of the reprogramming coils from the Giger, turning her into a Trilobite Magia.

Magia Form

KR01-Trilobite Magia

Behind the Scenes


Mashirochan is portrayed by Suzuka Ohgo (大後 寿々花 Ōgo Suzuka).



Mashirochan's Data

  • Mashirochan's Humagear No. is No.0009212.[1]
  • She had two years worth of running activity.[1]
  • Her height was based on her actress' actual height, rounded-off.[3]
  • The "Mashiro" (ましろ) part of her name means "Broad-minded" or "Pure White".



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