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Icon-kr.pngThis article is about an actor in the Kamen Rider Series.

Masashi Taniguchi (谷口 賢志, Taniguchi Masashi) is a Japanese actor and model affiliated with SOS, best known for portraying Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlueIcon-crosswiki.png in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFiveIcon-crosswiki.png.

In Kamen Rider, he portrayed Jin Takayama/Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha in Kamen Rider Amazons. He later portrayed Bahato/Kamen Rider Falchion in Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, and reprised his role in the series starting with Episode 34.


Tanaguchi had been interested in modeling since his high school years, though did not initially pursue it after graduating as he went to work in a corporate office. After realizing he wanted to try it out, he quit his corporate job at the age of 19 and debuted as a magazine model. When he wasn't getting enough work, he transferred into his current acting agency at the recommendation of a friend. His debut role was in GoGoFive as Nagare Tatsumi.

Personal Life

  • Taniguchi is colorblind, and has stated that this affects his ability to play the game PuyoPuyo.
  • Taniguchi received criticism for his role in GoGoFive by its script-writer Yasuko Kobayashi. As a result, he left his role with regrets and was happy to quell that regret during his return to Tokusatsu with Kamen Rider Amazons.




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