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"It's time for judgement."
―Cronus' proclamation before transforming.[src]

"I administer Kamen Rider Chronicle from now on...and will be the judge of your fates. I set the rules of this world."
―Cronus now oversees Kamen Rider Chronicle and the fate of the Kamen Riders and Bugsters.[src]

"Good Job."
―Cronus complimenting his underlings.[src]

"There's no one who can go against me, the controller of lives."
―Masamune telling Kuroto and Emu that none can stop him, and that all lives are his to control.[src]

"You all will be discontinued."
―Cronus proclamation before activating his finishers.[src]

"I'm the Ruler of this World!"
―Masamune's proclamation before activating Reset[src]

Masamune Dan (檀 正宗 Dan Masamune) was the first CEO of Genm Corp. and the father of Kuroto Dan. He was imprisoned for a period of time after being framed for starting Zero Day by his son. In reality, he had been manipulating a series of events leading to his son's creation of Kamen Rider Chronicle, which he planned to "claim" for his own agenda.

Upon being released from jail after Kuroto was discovered, Masamune immediately resumed his position as the CEO of Genm Corp. and entered the fray of the Riders and Bugsters using the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat with the Gashacon Bugvisor II to transform into Kamen Rider Cronus (仮面ライダークロノス Kamen Raidā Kuronosu).

Character History

Early Life

Masamune during his time as CEO of Genm Corp.

16 years ago, shortly after the Y2K crisis, Masamune was alerted by his son Kuroto to the first instance of the Bugster virus, appearing as a glitch on Kuroto's laptop. Unaware to anyone, Masamune would infect himself with the virus, with the goal of developing the ultimate antibody within himself. A few years later, the Bugster Virus was later triggered by Kuroto during Zero Day, while Masamune started his own agenda by accepting the blame Kuroto put onto him for Zero Day, letting himself be imprisoned while Kuroto would continue to further his plan to create Kamen Rider Chronicle, unknowingly becoming his father's pawn. Chasing the Mystery! Judgment Received!


Masamune while being imprisoned

Masamune was visited by Kiriya Kujo in his prison. He would later give the information about the truth of Zero Day to Kujo, which led to Kujo's death at the hands of Genm Zombie Gamer Level X, who was his own corrupted son. Christmas Special: Targeting the Silver X mas!

One day, a cop named Heiji Uesugi went to visit him and talked about that the case of Zero Day has not been solved, and two people (Kuroto Dan and Kiriya Kujo) that have something to do with him have been missing. He told the cop that he had nothing more to say to him and turned away to go back to his cell. As the cop insisted to find out something, he suddenly gets symptoms of Game Disease and starting to become weak, which caused him to turn around in confusion.

Later on, the same day, Emu Hojo, accompanied by Asuna Karino went to visit him. When Emu introduced himself, Dan was a little bit surprised. He asked Emu what did he come for, which Emu told him about Kiriya's death during last year's Christmas was caused by none other than his son. Hearing this, Dan said he was truly disappointed by his son's doings. Emu then asked Dan about what he said to Kiriya during that day, which Dan not only replied to him about the truth that happened in the past but also making a request to Emu to stop his son's sinister plans. Chasing the Mystery!

Revealing His True Colors

Masamune's proclamation before he transforms to Cronus.

"Kuroto's talents and the Bugsters' powers are nothing more than products of Genm Corp. I was the one who created Genm Corp. Not Kuroto, much less you. I am the CEO."
―Masamune's proclamation to the Riders and Bugsters.[src]

Months later, after his son's alleged death, Masamune was finally released from jail and took over Genm Corp. by force. Ren showed his protest in a gentle manner, which Masamune also took it gently. When the Riders and the Bugsters finally have their final clash, Masamune showed himself using the power of Cronus. He later told everyone that everything had gone according to his plans. He reveals that the manipulation of himself to be jailed, the perfection of Kamen Rider Chronicle, and the succession of Kuroto were part of his plan; making Kuroto his hidden pawn to his son's shock as he assumed he masterminded the events. Masamune then transformed into Kamen Rider Cronus, surprising the Riders as Kuroto had told Emu, Hiro, and Taiga that it is almost impossible even for the Riders with exception of Emu as he had a chance, to control the power of Cronus as the payment is huge for the controller's life especially immediate death for those who didn't receive an operation of Bugster immunity. He told the others that Emu is not the only person who first got infected by the Bugster Virus and revealed that he had infected himself with the Bugster virus sixteen years ago to develop the perfect antibody within himself.

Cronus killing Lovelica.

Parado, Ren, and Graphite were vexed on this especially because the Riders were defeated single-handedly with his power to control time. He also defeated Parado and Graphite, killing Ren permanently as he stopped the time of life of the Bugster whom he eliminated. He left all of them and announced that he is "the true God" of the world of Kamen Rider Chronicle.Judgement Received!

War Against His Son & CR

Obtaining Hands

To make his plan go smoother, he started to blackmail Hiiro with Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z. Initially, Hiiro wasn't shown to accept the offer, but he showed his decision by betraying Emu and Kuroto when they had the only chance to stop the Pause ability of Cronus. Company Reform!

Cronus, along with Brave and Lazer Turbo.

His next phase to continue his plan is by reviving Kiriya entirely. But to make him his underling, he asked Hiiro to steal Kiriya's Gamer Driver which was used by Emu. He later showed to Hiiro that he revived Kiriya and gave Kiriya his Gamer Driver to become a new Lazer, which is Lazer Turbo Level 0. Kiriya rescued him from Parado and Graphite's attack when his Pause ability was stopped by the Gamedeus virus, introducing Kiriya as Lazer Turbo to the doctors and the Bugsters.Accomplished Rebirth!

The reason why he revived Lazer was revealed by Kiriya himself: to become observant for the players of Kamen Rider Chronicle and preventing the doctors to stop the progress. He also graduates Hiiro from Taddle Fantasy into Taddle Legacy.Rescue the Partner!

Cronus Capture Quest

Cronus Conquer Quest's online trailer.

Masamune's next plan to keep the game's value increase was to make a quest to conquer himself. When the opening of his conquest had been made, Emu, Kuroto, and Taiga appeared. Masamune introduced Hiiro as the user of Taddle Legacy, revealing its Level as 100, but Hiiro was shocked when he was unable to use it due to lacking resolve. In the meantime, Kuroto introduced Hyper Muteki as a way to stop Masamune. When Emu failed to use the Hyper Muteki Gashat, Kuroto took it and showed its capability to Masamune by able to move in his Pause space and becoming stronger. But Kuroto's arrogance got him the best as he forgot about the 10 second time limit from Hyper Muteki, leaving a chance for Masamune to steal it from him so the doctors and Kuroto had no hope to stop him.

Masamune later reveals to Kiriya that his plan works because no player will realize that Masamune trapped them into believing that they could save their loved ones and become a hero because he will ensure they never make it to the end. He then says that the lost lives are the treasures of Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Cronus vs. EA Muteki.png

Masamune however, unaware that reviving Kiriya is truly his biggest mistake, as Kiriya later revealed that his true purpose is to make an opening, so Emu and Kuroto would create a new way to defeat him and had the Hyper Muteki Gashat given to Kiriya, only to be delivered back to Emu. He was later swiftly defeated by Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer.

Blackmailing Hiiro Even Further

"Taddle Legacy! It's time to make your resolve. Use your Level 100 powers to make Ex-Aid out of print once and for all! If you can't respond to my expectations...then I'll delete this woman's data!"
―Masamune finally snaps and blackmailing Hiiro even further.[src]

After being defeated, Masamune finally let all of his anger out, and he forced Hiiro to be able to control Taddle Legacy, or Saki will die for good.Perfect Invincible GAMER!

Ultimately, Cronus moved to terminate Parado and Graphite personally. Though his pause ability was neutralized through the Gamedeus virus that Graphite had incubated within himself, Cronus retained the advantage by seizing control of the Energy Items which he used to easily defeat the Bugsters. However, he was stopped short of eliminating them by Genm and Lazer Turbo, who fought to preserve Parado. Revealing that he had in fact ordered Hiiro to intentionally fail to save Taiga's life in his operation, Masamune would fight his son one-on-one as Kiriya returned to Seito Hospital. Held off by Genm, Cronus reduced his lives to 70 before being confronted by Emu. Forcing him to withhold from transforming with Saki's data at stake, Masamune gloated to Emu that Hiiro would fail for the first time on his order only to be met by the genius surgeon, who had returned from saving Taiga's life. Immensely disappointed by Hiiro's betrayal, Masamune terminated Saki before facing Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer joined by Brave Legacy Gamer. Outmatched by the two Riders, Cronus was defeated and forced to used the Bugvisor II to cover his escape. Period with Tears

Unlocking the Reset

Destiny Reboot! Reset Game!

End Game

"Masamune Dan's life as a human is already over..."
―Masamune's first words after injecting himself with the Gamedeus virus[src]
"Now that I have acquired the powers of both Cronus and Gamedeus...I manage Kamen Rider the true last boss!"
―G-Masamune, stating his intention[src]
"The Ministry of Health will not be the one to deliver the judgment, it's me! You defied me, the keeper of lives...and gave up on restoring the lives of those who vanished! You call yourself a live savior...but you destroyed their fates! You are a defier of life itself!"
―Masamune's last words before his suicide[src]
"The final judgment has been passed."
―Masamune's last words before dying[src]

After his plans to allow Gamedeus to instigate a worldwide pandemic similar to Zero Day failed miserably, Masamune loses all traces of sanity as he prevents Ex-Aid and Para-DX from delivering the killing blow on Gamedeus and does the deed himself instead. Then, in a fit of desperation, Masamune forcibly injects Gamedeus's remains into his body. This not only gets him a Game Over and turns him into a Bugster, but removed all traces of his humanity as a result. God Arrives! Unleashing a more deadly form of the Gamedeus virus, Masamune targets Nico to remove the only opposition to him as the only player who can face the end boss he has become. But Taiga fights in her place as Cronus against Gamedeus Cronus, losing against him as Emu and Hiiro arrive. Though the three Kamen Riders managed to overwhelm him, Masamune reveal the pandemic he caused as he transforms into Super Gamedeus.White Coat License But the sacrifice by Poppy to fortify the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat's anti-virus, with Parado using it as the Doctor Riders and Genm destroy Super Gamedeus with Masamune separated from the Gamedeus data which reconstitutes. But before Masamune could re-absorb Gamedeus, Parado uses the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat to destroy Gamedeus for good at the cost of himself. This delights Masamune who, knowing Emu no longer can use the Hyper Muteki Gashat with Parado gone, intends to give the Doctor Riders and his son a well-deserved "Bad End", by slaughtering all of them, starting with Emu.The Last Smile

Masamune's death

While he originally had the upper hand, the battle unexpectedly turned against him: Not only did enough of Parado's Bugster Virus remain in Emu to grant him immunity to Pause, Parado's sacrifice had suppressed the virus inside Cronus as well, severely weakening Masamune as a result. The Riders transformed into their Level 2 forms and overwhelmed Cronus, with Ex-Aid delivering the final strike. However, in a final act of defiance, Masamune injected himself with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat. The deranged CEO dissolved into data shortly after, taking away any chance of saving the eliminated players with him.

A victim of Zero Day, Masamune was acknowledged by Dr. Emu Hojo as he spoke at a televised press conference by the Ministry of Health following his demise, seemingly striking a chord with Kuroto who was also listed among the deceased with his mother.Endless Game

Other events

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Trilogy: Another Ending

Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe

Masamune was seen placed in a facility affiliate to Next Genome Institute.

Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy

Kamen Rider Genm vs. Lazer

"You're mad! I'll make your luck out of print with my own hands!"
―Masamune gets upset about Kuroto's Zombie Chronicle madness[src]

Masamune was revealed to possess Black Parado which is the physical manifestation of the bugster virus allowing him to use Cronus' power. He was revived as a Bugster and tied with the Level 0 program so that he couldn't escape. Kuroto revealed his plan to Masamune which infuriated him. Kuroto Dan was so satisfied to be able to humiliate his father that he invited him to join his Zombie Chronicle. Masamune was able to break out as his imprisonment and defeated a Zombie Gamer off-screen.

Masamune's second death

After Lazer Turbo was defeated, Masamune teleports him and hands Kiriya the information necessary to transform and defeat Kuroto Genm God Maximum Gamer Level Billion. Kuroto then defeats Masamune and leaves him to die. Nearing death, Masamune gives Kiriya his reset power and confesses his regret of bringing Kuroto into the world as his greatest sin.

Genms -The Presidents-

Masamune was revived as a bugster from Gai Amatsu's body and decides to confront his son by using the pause ability as the former is determined to stop the latter from reviving Genm Corp. for Malicious purposes.Kamen Rider Genms -The Presidents-

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Cronus Chronicle Gamer and Gamedeus Cronus is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Masamune Dan Kamen Rider Cronus Chronicle Gamer and Gamedeus Cronus is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Cronus Chronicle Gamer and Gamedeus Cronus is a playable character in Battle spirits with other Kamen Riders



At the center of Masamune's god complex, lies a smile that is subdued yet chilling.

While a cunning and charming businessman, Masamune actually is a far worse person than his son Kuroto. He is a manipulative and remorseless with a severe god complex who has no qualms of murdering others and committing underhanded tactics to get his way. His ultimate goal of conquering Earth fuels his desire to be a controlling god and ruler of the world, even going as far as committing mass genocide to achieve this, although it is unknown what motivated him towards this goal in the very first place. For the first half of the series, he claims to be a devoted father towards Kuroto while hiding his anticipation for Kamen Rider Chronicle. Masamune feigns disappointment in his son after allowing himself to be arrested, but Masamune allowed his son to believe that he was calling the shots while indirectly removing threats to his own agenda.

Once cleared of all charges and later released, Masamune he uses his charm and pulls ties to win the loyalty of Genm Corp employees upon reclaiming his position as CEO. He shows his true colors after reclaiming his position by beginning to distribute Kamen Rider Chronicle worldwide. He also dehamnizes the Kamen Riders and Bugsters as nothing more than Genm Corp property, referring to them by the names of the games they drew their powers from. Masamune does not seem to acknowledge the users of the gashats and has no problems with killing them as he believes that it is simply "discontinuing a product".

Despite being a skilled manipulator and schemer, most of Masamune's actions in furthering his goals to preserve Kamen Rider Chronicle usually backfire on himself. Such examples include reviving Kiriya (who feigns loyalty before stealing back all the Proto Gashats), keeping Energy Items for himself (causing a humiliating defeat after Para-DX Puzzle Gamer used them), manipulating Hiiro using Saki's data for extortion, forcing Emu to destroy Parado, or failing to honor the collaboration with Machina Vision to release the game through VR.

Masamune showing his paranoid side, as he requires Hiiro to kill Ex-Aid permanently, after being defeated by Muteki Gamer.

Since his first defeat by Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, Masamune is prone to violent outbursts which manifests into paranoia (very similarly to Kuroto Dan). As Ex-Aid and Para-DX nearly succeed in defeating Gamedeus, Masamune uses a last ditch option and injects Gamedeus's virus into himself to become the "True Last Boss" of Kamen Rider Chronicle to prevent the game from being completed. This completely removed all aspects of humanity due to his lack of sanity. After being defeated for the final time, Masamune rejects Emu's offer to turn himself in and kills himself by stabbing the Rider Chronicle Gashat into his chest in an act of spite. Not only rendering the Doctor Riders' efforts to bring back those who died in the Bugster infection moot, it shows that he is the same as his son in which he considers himself to be the only one deserving to pass judgment, and that no one else has the right to do so onto him.

In Another Ending, it's also revealed that Masamune genuinely loved his wife, as her getting infected with the Bugster virus serving as the catalyst to his and Kuroto's villainy. He also expresses his remorse following his resurrection and is horrified to see his son going off the deep end when the latter instigated Zombie Chronicle. However, this does not change the fact that the he still shows no remorse for the abuse he put on his own son, and stating that Kuroto's existence was nothing more, but his ultimate sin.


  • Original Bugster Virus: Being the other Patient Zero, one of the two first individuals to be infected of the Bugster virus before Zero Day, Masamune had incubated the virus for a prolonged period of time, causing the virus to fuse with and alter his DNA, thus granting him Rider and possibly even Bugster-like powers and abilities that would have required external intervention to acquire.
  • Natural Game Disease Immunity: Like Emu, Masamune can utilize any Gashat accessed Drivers like the Buggle Driver II and Rider Gashats without the need of the compatibility surgery. His immunity is more complete and extensive, unlike the other Riders' recently acquired immunity which can still be overwhelmed by large doses of Bugster virus. Ren/Lovelica explains that normal humans with compatibility surgery would have lost their lives should they try to use the Buggle Driver II.

Masamune reviving Kiriya Kujo.

  • Data Restore: He can enter the Game World, which was normally an ability of bugsters, and retrieve the data of patients, who had been taken over completely by the virus. By inserting the respective Proto Gashat used to infect them into the Buggle Driver II. He can wipe out the revived data as well.
  • Circadian/Weather Manipulation: He can easily turn day into night (or vice versa) in his civilian form. He can also control various weathers, but the reason behind this ability is unknown, possibly a variant of the Stage Select function.
  • Security Bypass: Through unknown means, Masamune was able to slip through tight security and steal a briefcase of Proto Gashats that the Ministry of Health had kept.

Cronus stopping time.

  • Time Manipulation: As Cronus, the Sanctions Effector on Masamune's Lung Lifeguard breastplate has a built-in Time Executor which allows him to manipulate time within a Game Area. The Crono Blade shoulder armor enables Cronus to be unaffected by his own temporal manipulation. However, it is possible to render this ability ineffective by destroying the large clock that often appears around Masamune, thus canceling the ability.
    • Pause and Restart: Using the Buggle Driver II, Cronus presses both A and B buttons to pause time for his advantage. Any being killed during a time freeze, even a perfected Bugster, cannot be revived through any means.

Cronus reversing the timestream of the Gashats.

  • Reset: By utilizing the power of the Bugster virus within him at maximum, Masamune can initiate a "Reset" by separating the Bugvisor II from the Bugster Buckle II, pressing and holding the B button like a remote, reversing the game's progress to an earlier point. In the sole instance where he used this ability successfully, the following took effect:
    • Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat was fixed.
    • Hyper Muteki Gashat was erased from existence.
    • Nico's Game Illness was undone.
    • New Kuroto Dan's remaining Continues were restored to 94.
    • The Gamer Drivers and Gashats he had stolen earlier were returned to their owners, while Proto Gashats stolen from him are returned to him.
    • Graphite's adaptation to the Gamedeus Virus was weakened.
    • Saki's data was recovered.
  • Teleportation: As Cronus, Masamune is capable of teleportation as means of quick retreat. This ability is similar to Bugster's teleportation.


  • Gamedeus: As the archenemy of Cronus, Gamedeus can suppress certain abilities of Cronus', such as nullifying his time manipulation ability. However, if it is in a form of a small portion of virus, it can be easily neutralized with a Level 0 Gashat.
    • Graphite: Due to him (as a Bugster) having a sample of Gamedeus's virus in his body, Graphite can bypass Cronus' time manipulation ability.
  • New Kuroto Dan: Since Kuroto was revived as a Bugster, he could enter his Buggle Driver II at his own free will and manage to manually cancel Cronus's 'Pause' ability. Though this requires Kuroto to receive a Game Over first in order to do so, and this plan was eventually ruined by a blackmailed Hiiro.
    • God Maximum Mighty X: Kamen Rider Genm can resist Cronus' time manipulation while using this Gashat, a feature that was previously unique to Hyper Muteki.
  • Hyper Muteki: The Hyper Muteki Gashat, whether it is being used in the Gamer Driver's second slot or by Ex-Aid as Muteki Gamer, can resist Cronus' time manipulation.

Save Item disabled Reset ability.

  • Save Item: If anyone uses this item, their progress in the game won't be affected by Cronus's Reset function, completely nullifying the effect.


Kamen Rider Cronus's ending theme is JUSTICE.

Chronicle Gamer

Chronicle Gamer

"Buggle Up! Ten wo tsukame Rider! (Wow!) Kizame chronicle! Ima koso toki wa kiwamareri! (Wow!)"
―transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 205.0 cm
  • Weight: 101.0 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 110 t.
  • Kicking power: 120.7 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 96 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 0.96 sec.

Chronicle Gamer (クロニクルゲーマー Kuronikuru Gēmā) is the default form of Kamen Rider Cronus, activated by pressing the Bugvisor II's A Button, inserting the Master Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat into the Buggle Driver II, and pressing the small red button next to the Gashat slot.

The power of Kamen Rider Cronus was originally meant to be awarded to whoever could progress through Kamen Rider Chronicle all the way to Gamedeus, due to its power being the only thing that can stop him.

In this form, Cronus outclasses every Rider with a level in terms of punching power, kicking power, and speed, though he loses only slightly to Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 in terms of jump height. However, he is outclassed by Muteki Gamer in every area.

Cronus's true power lies in his ability to manipulate time. By pressing the A and B Buttons simultaneously on his Buggle Driver II, it allows Cronus to 'Pause' and 'Restart' time itself, letting him move freely while everything else in the battlefield is frozen. Cronus can permanently kill a completed Bugster in the time stop, ensuring that the Bugster cannot be resurrected.

Like other users of the Gashacon Bugvisor, Cronus uses the Gashacon Bugvisor II as his default weapon.

After recycling all the Energy Items into his holder case, he gains a big advantage by only letting himself use them, making him an even bigger threat. However, the Energy Items were later reclaimed by Para-DX and used against Cronus.

After the master Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat is destroyed in episode 39, Masamune gains the "Reset" ability, which can be used by Cronus. By using "Reset" he can rewind time to remove an object from reality, which he used to delete the existence of Hyper Muteki Gashat.

His Level is unknown; however, he is clearly stronger than any Level seen so far, being only on par with Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer.

Kamen Rider Cronus has the following parts:

  • CR Head-CHR (CRヘッド-CHR CR Heddo-CHR) - Kamen Rider Cronus Chronicle Gamer's head.
    • Eye Light Scope (アイライトスコープ Ai Raito Sukōpu) - Kamen Rider Cronus's "eyes". It can emit light for night battles and can also capture images comparable to a high- speed camera. It can also observe microscopic Bugster Virus.
    • Chrono Blade Crown (クロノブレードクラウン Kurono Burēdo Kuraun) - Kamen Rider Cronus's horns. They can capture and identify motion and set tracking markers automatically. The radar on the internal monitor shows the positions of enemies, allies and energy items.
    • Master Ride Hair (マスターライドヘアー Masutā Raido Heā) - Kamen Rider Cronus's "hair". It is coated with a blast-resistant coating.
    • Dynamic Goggles (ダイナミックゴーグル Dainamikku Gōguru) - Kamen Rider Cronus's goggles. It protects the visual sensors from shocks and dirt and is coated with a blast-resistant coating.
    • Sender Ear (センダーイヤー Sendā Iyā) - Kamen Rider Cronus's hearing sensors. It filters surrounding noise so Cronus only hears the necessary sounds. There is also a communication function for private conversations with specific parties.
    • Air Fresh Guard (エアフレッシュガード Ea Furesshu Gādo) - An intake system within the helmet that filters out harmful substances in the air. It also regulates the suit's temperature and allows for underwater breathing.
  • Long Life Guard (ロングライフガード Rongu Raifu Gādo) - Kamen Rider Cronus's chest armor. It disperses damage throughout the body to protect the chest. It becomes more protective with the passage of time.
  • X Controller (エクスコントローラー Ekusu Kontorōrā) - Management module on the chest. It transitions to debug mode and systems control when activating the special attack.
  • Sanctions Effector (サンクションズエフェクター Sankushonzu Efekutā) - A device within the chest plate. A system called Time Executor (タイムエグゼキューター Taimu Eguzekyūtā) allows Cronus to control the passage of time within the game area. Its operation is linked with the buttons of the Buggle Driver II.
  • Chrono Gear Suit (クロノギアスーツ Kurono Gia Sūtsu) - Kamen Rider Cronus's bodysuit. It uses the Bugster Virus to increase the rider's physical capability. The agility focused adjustments increase the rider's reaction time and the rider's skills will be reflected as attack power.
  • Chrono Blade Shoulder (クロノブレードショルダー Kurono Burēdo Shorudā) - Kamen Rider Cronus's shoulder armor. It isolates itself from the surrounding space allowing Cronus to freely move in stopped time.
  • CR Master Arm (CRマスターアーム CR Masutā Āmu) - Kamen Rider Cronus's arms. It has a function called Gain Over Riser (ゲインオーバライザー Gein Ōba Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. The arms allow for quick responses for complicated attacks.
  • Saver Fight Glove (セイヴァーファイトグローブ Seivā Faito Gurōbu) - Kamen Rider Cronus's gloves. It coordinates with the Gashacon weapons to optimize attacks. Its attack power is increased by 10% with each successful hit.
  • CR Master Leg (CRグロウスレッグ CR Masutā Reggu) - Kamen Rider Cronus's legs. It has a function called Gain Over Riser (ゲインオーバライザー Gein Ōba Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. Their high running speed allows the rider to attack quickly.
  • Saver Fight Shoes (セイヴァーファイトシューズ Seivā Faito Shūzu) - Kamen Rider Cronus's shoes. It enables acrobatic movement such as airborne flight, adjustment of drop timing, and two-step jumps. Its attack power is increased by 10% with each successful hit.
  • Mech Hundred Guard (メックハンドレッドガード Mekku Handoreddo Gādo) - Kamen Rider Cronus's black and green guard pieces. It is coated with a blast-resistant coating and can withstand attacks of 100t or less.

This form has three finishers:

  • Buggle Driver II finisher:
    • Critical Crews-Aid (クリティカルクルセイド Kuritikaru Kuruseido): This finisher has three variations:
      • Cronus performs an energized counter-clockwise reverse roundhouse kick with his left leg. While in action, a holographic clockwork appears beneath Cronus's feet, with the clock hands moving in synchronized manner with his counter-clockwise kick.
      • Cronus performs a roundhouse kick covered in green energy with his right leg.
      • Cronus leaps into the air with a golden projection of clockwork behind him and performs a dropkick covered in green energy. When he strikes the opponent, another clock projection appears at the point of impact.
  • Gashacon Bugvisor II finishers:
    • Critical Sacrifice (クリティカルサクリファイス Kuritikaru Sakurifaisu): Using Chainsaw Mode, Cronus can hurl large energy-based circular saw blades shaped like gears.
    • Critical Judgment (クリティカルジャッジメント Kuritikaru Jajjimento): Using Beamgun Mode, Cronus casts a barrage of energy projectiles at his target.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 32-42, 45, Ex-Aid Trilogy: Another Ending (Genm vs. Lazer), Kamen Rider Genms -The Presidents-

Gamedeus Cronus

Gamedeus Cronus

"Buggle Up! Ten wo tsukame Rider! (Wow!) Kizame chronicle! Ima koso toki wa kiwamareri! (Wow!)"
―transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 205.0 cm
  • Weight: 102.0 kg

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 119 t.
  • Kicking power: 124 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 108 m.
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 0.89 sec.

Gamedeus Cronus (ゲムデウスクロノス Gemudeusu Kuronosu) is an evolved form of Chronicle Gamer obtained by fusing with Gamedeus's virus. Not only does Cronus retain all of his previous abilities, but his stats are also slightly enhanced as well. He also gains Gamedeus' ability to use all of Bugsters' special attacks, and can still use the "Pause" and "Restart" ability of standard Cronus.

Claiming himself to be the true last boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, this form is shown to be very powerful, as he was able to fight Ex-Aid's Muteki Gamer, Snipe's Level 50 and Brave's Level 100 at once. He even defeated the second Cronus without much effort. Armed with Gamedeus's Deuslasher and Deus Rampart, he can use all channeling techniques Gamedeus used. His shield, the Deus Rampart, can extend its claw into a long arm that can shoot lightning and can be stretched like a tentacle. Even after Gamedeus was removed from him, he retained some of his power still, as he was still capable of summoning the Deus Rusher and Deus Rampart.

Gamedeus Cronus is immune to Maximum Mighty X's reprogramming ability and is able to short distances. Like Gamedeus, he is also able the channel the abilities of Bugsters. By channeling the Guren Graphite Bugster, he can perform the Crimson Exploding Dragon Sword (紅蓮爆竜剣 Guren Bakuryū Ken): Gamedeus Cronus empowers his sword with red energy, which turns into a red dragon and flies around when he slashes his opponent. Moments later, the dragon is absorbed back into the sword, which would create a huge explosion on the second slash. The attack is strong enough to knock back even Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer and defeat Brave Level 100 and Snipe Level 50 at the same time.

Gamedeus Cronus consists of the following parts:

  • GC Head (GCヘッド GC Heddo) - Kamen Rider Cronus Chronicle Gamer's head.
    • Bloodshot Scope (アイライトスコープ Ai Raito Sukōpu) - Gamedeus Cronus' visual sensors. They can emit light for night battles and can also capture images comparable to a high- speed camera. It can also observe microscopic Bugster Virus.
    • GC Blade Crown (GCブレードクラウン GC Burēdo Kuraun) - Gamedeus Cronus' horns. They can capture and identify motion and set tracking markers automatically. The radar on the internal monitor shows the positions of enemies and their remaining physical strength.
    • Chaos Ride Hair (ケイオスライドヘアー Keiosu Raido Heā) - Gamedeus Cronus' "hair". It is coated with a blast-resistant coating.
    • Dynamic Goggles (ダイナミックゴーグル Dainamikku Gōguru) - Gamedeus Cronus' goggles. They protects the visual sensors from shocks and dirt and is coated with a blast-resistant coating.
    • Sender Ear (センダーイヤー Sendā Iyā) - Gamedeus Cronus' hearing sensors. They filters surrounding noise so Cronus only hears the necessary sounds. There is also a communication function for private conversations with specific parties.
    • Air Fresh Guard (エアフレッシュガード Ea Furesshu Gādo) - An intake system within the helmet that filters out harmful substances in the air. It also regulates the suit's temperature and allows for underwater breathing by storing compressed air.
  • Mastermind Guard (マスターマインドガード Masutāmaindo Gādo) - Gamedeus Cronus' chest armor. It disperses damage throughout the body to protect the chest. Also, it is possible to fully recover physical strength in a dozen seconds with its self-repair function, but if a large damage is received during recovery, all defense functions will temporarily stop.
  • Deus Controller (デウスコントローラー Deusu Kontorōrā) - Management module on the chest. It activates the special abilities of Bugsters as well as summons the Deuslasher and Deus Rampart.
  • Sanctions Effector (サンクションズエフェクター Sankushonzu Efekutā) - A device within the chest plate. A system called Time Executor (タイムエグゼキューター Taimu Eguzekyūtā) allows Cronus to control the passage of time within the game area. Its operation is linked with the buttons of the Buggle Driver II.
  • Bugs Gear Suit (バグスギアスーツ Bugusu Gia Sūtsu) - Gamedeus Cronus' bodysuit. It uses the Gamedeus virus to increase the rider's physical capability. The agility focused adjustments increase the rider's reaction time and the rider's skills will be reflected as attack power.
  • GC Blade Shoulder (GCブレードショルダー GC Burēdo Shorudā) - Gamedeus Cronus' shoulder armor. It isolates itself from the surrounding space, allowing Cronus to freely move in stopped time.
  • GC Master Arm (GCマスターアーム GC Masutā Āmu) - Gamedeus Cronus' arms. It has a function called Gain Over Riser (ゲインオーバライザー Gein Ōba Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. The arms allow for quick responses for complicated attacks.
  • Dead End Glove (デッドエンドグローブ Deddo Endo Gurōbu) - Gamedeus Cronus' gloves. They can send the Gamedeus virus into equipment through the glove surface to enhance its performance. Its attack power is increased by 10% with each successful hit.
  • GC Master Leg (GCグロウスレッグ GC Masutā Reggu) - Gamedeus Cronus' legs. It has a function called Gain Over Riser (ゲインオーバライザー Gein Ōba Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. Their high running speed allows the rider to attack quickly.
  • Dead End Shoes (デッドエンドシューズ Deddo Endo Shūzu) - Gamedeus Cronus' shoes. It enables acrobatic movement such as airborne flight, adjustment of drop timing, and two-step jumps. Its attack power is increased by 10% with each successful hit.
  • Mech Activator (メックアクティベイター Mekku Akutibeitā) - Gamedeus Cronus' guard pieces. The activate the Gemdeus virus throughout the whole body by utilizing the stress of the user from being attacked. Over time, all abilities are strengthened and it will be possible to evolve into a new battle mode.

This form's finisher is the Critical Crews-Aid (クリティカルクルセイド Kuritikaru Kuruseido): Cronus strikes his target with an energized, reverse roundhouse kick. While in action, a holographic clockwork appears beneath Cronus's feet, with the clock hands moving in a synchronized manner with his counter-clockwise kick. Unlike his original form, the holographic clockwork becomes dark red. This kick is strong enough to counter-attack the same kick from the second Cronus.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 43-44



After Masamune absorbed Gamedeus Virus, when he transformed into Gamedeus Cronus, he briefly transformed into Gamedeus.

Powers and Abilities
Godlike Powers
As the final boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, Gamedeus possesses the greatest power of all Bugsters.
Worldwide Pandemic
Like the Pac-Man Virus, Gamedeus's virus can affect multiple people at the same time, even Bugsters.
Pause Immunity
It can be assumed that Gamedeus himself is immune to Cronus' Pause ability, similar to Hyper Muteki.
Bugsters Power Channeling
He can briefly manifest an image of a Bugster's head on his chest and then use a technique unique to that Bugster:

Gamedeus' original stats on Masamune Dan's monitor

Kamen Rider Cronus
As the symbol that was designated to go against Gamedeus. Cronus is one of the few riders who logically can defeat Gamedeus.
The key ability exclusively for Cronus to defeat Gamedeus. It can stop the flow of time around Cronus. It is also used to prevent any defeated Bugsters from being revived.
Doctor Mighty XX Gashat
This Gashat is specifically designed to neutralize Gamedeus's powers, as it acts as a vaccine against the Gamedeus virus. It didn't only cure all infected patients of the virus, but also weakened Gamedeus significantly.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 43

Super Gamedeus

Super Gamedeus

  • Height: 18.1 m[1]
  • Weight: 80.8 tons[1]

This is the true form of the boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, emerged when Gamedeus Cronus is defeated. With its appearance, all Gamedeus's patients, even other Bugsters, transform into infectious mindless Bugster Viruses.

Appearances:: Ex-Aid Episodes 43-44





  • Kuroto Dan - Masamune's son, and Kamen Rider Genm. He originally had high hopes for him up until he was framed for the Bugster Virus outbreak. His son was killed by Parado after Ex-Aid rendered Kuroto powerless from becoming a Rider until Poppy managed to find the way to revive Kuroto during the Kamen Rider Chronicle incident. However, Masamune actually planned all of this in order to become the 'True God' of Kamen Rider Chronicle, even calling his son by his most used Gashat, 'Dangerous Zombie' and sarcastically saying that his talents are merely products of Genm Corp. Kuroto, in return, became determined to stop his father, since he believes his genius abilities are nothing beyond compare.
  • Emu Hojo - Masamune appears to know about Emu since their first meeting 16 years ago during Emu's special surgery led by Kyotaro, though how much is unknown, as he expressed surprise after hearing his name for a long time. It is currently unknown how exactly he knew him 16 years ago. Later, he revealed that there are actually two Patient Zeros, one is Emu and the other one is himself, thus was explained why Masamune's able to transform, despite never receiving a compatibility surgery, just like Emu. Later on, after Masamune explained his plans about Kamen Rider Chronicle, Emu swore to stop him at all costs.
  • Sakurako Dan - Masamune's wife. He deeply cared about her after she was infected by the DoReMiFa Beat virus courtesy his son Kuroto to give birth to a Bugster aptly named Poppy Pipopapo.Kamen Rider Genm vs. Lazer
  • Hiiro Kagami - Masamune's former right-hand man. Masamune blackmailed Hiiro to betray CR in return to revive Hiiro's late girlfriend, Saki Momose, while the latter felt rather uneasy on him in return.
  • Kiriya Kujo - After Masamune revives him, Kiriya became his left-hand man. Unlike Hiiro who was blackmailed by Masamune, Kiriya followed Masamune by his own free will, thereby explaining why Kiriya is still on Masamune's side even after being reprogrammed by Emu. It is unknown if Masamune is aware of this, however. All of this turned out to be a big mistake for Masamune, as Kiriya later revealed that his "true purpose" is to make an opening so Emu and Kuroto would create a new way to defeat him and had Emu successfully getting back the Hyper Muteki Gashat that he had given to Kiriya before.

Legend Rider Devices

Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat (Memorial Finish Ver.)

A special Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat (Memorial Finish ver.) (仮面ライダークロニクルガシャット (メモリアルフィニッシユVer.) Kamen Raidā Kuronikuru Gashatto Memoriaru Finisshu Ver.) was released in 2017.

"(Digital beeping) Cronus!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"The ultimate last boss rider with the power of a god who controls time is... Cronus! (時を司る神の力究極のラスボスライダーは…クロノスだ! Toki o tsukasadoru kami no chikara kyūkyoku no rasubosu raidā wa... Kuronosu da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Menacing rock music) Buggle Up! Cronus!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Menacing rock music) Buggle Up! Cronus!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Cronus! Zeppan Time (Break/Burst/Jack)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Cronus Ridewatch (クロノスライドウォッチ Kuronosu Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Cronus, this Ridewatch would provide access to the CronusArmor. It is dated 2016. This Ridewatch was one of the five winners of a poll held by Bandai to select Riders to be used in a five-pack of DX Ridewatches.[2]

Behind the Scenes


Masamune Dan is portrayed by Hiroyuki Takami (貴水 博之 Takami Hiroyuki). As Kamen Rider Cronus and Gamedeus Cronus, his suit actor is Kosuke Asai (浅井 宏輔 Asai Kōsuke) with Yuji Nakata acting as his substitute.

Concept Art

Gamedeus was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


The clock that follows Cronus' appearances.

  • Throughout the series, most of Cronus' appearances are followed by the presence of a giant ornamental clock within his vicinity. It is not explicitly stated as to what the purpose of this clock is, although it is implied that this clock has some sort of connection with Cronus' time manipulation abilities.
  • Cronus's name is assumed to be from Cronus, as the creator of the Gashat has a desire for power much like Cronus did, and envied those whom possessed more power than himself. The connection also applies to Masamune as he had a greater desire for power than Kuroto.
    • It could also be connected to Chronos, the personification of time in ancient Greek culture. In fact, Cronus is often confused with Chronos because of their similar names. The confusion is so common that even some historians treat the two as one god. However, according to the origin of the myth, Theogony, Cronus has no relationship with any form of the "Time" concept, as he was born after time had begun, and was only titled as the Titan of the Harvest[3].
    • It could also be partially derived from the word "chronicle" in Kamen Rider Chronicle, the game his Rider Gashat is based on, which itself uses "chron-" for "time" derived from "Chronos".
    • One version of his legend is an inverse of the intent behind Kamen Rider Chronicle in that while the game pits players against each other in combat, Cronus led humanity to a Golden Age where no one fought and immorality was nonexistent.
    • Another reference to Greek myth is that Cronus is the leader of the Titans and father of the Olympians. Aptly, Masamune is the true father of the Bugster virus and Kuroto's father. This connection is deepened by how Kuroto is now fighting against him in the same way Zeus fought against his father, Cronus.
  • Cronus' face mask is reminiscent of Genm, as initial scans of Sports Action Gamer Level 3 show blinkers with a similar design to the visor of Kamen Rider Cronus.
    • The design ties into the connection between the two Riders with Masamune being Kuroto's father and the design of the visor appears as a crown as opposed to just an ornate frame.
    • In a sense, Cronus's design also mirrors Ex-Aid, as both Masamune and Emu were the earliest to be infected with the Bugster virus.
  • The many horns on his head are also similar in appearance to those of Zero Specter and some Oni Riders.
  • Each Rider or Gamer is based on its Gashat's cover art, with Cronus being an exception as Cronus himself is a character of Kamen Rider Chronicle silhouetted on the cover art.
  • Cronus's ability to freeze time dead-stop, instead of simply slowing greatly or moving quickly, is reminiscent of the Scarab Undead and Cassis Worm.
  • Original toy catalogue scans had the Bugvisor II colored green, being the negative of the original Bugvisor's purple and more closely matching Kamen Rider Cronus' color scheme. However, the final prop color was shifted to a shade of cyan instead, presumably to better match Kamen Rider Poppy, who was also a user of the Bugvisor II.
  • Cronus is another Kamen Rider whose suit bears a trenchcoat, the first ones with this kind of suit being Kamen Rider Orga, Kamen Rider Yuuki, Kamen Rider Wizard, and Kamen Rider Heart.
    • Incidentally, the inner side of his trenchcoat uses the same red color as that of Wizard's. It appears to be recycled from Genm Wizard Gamer Level 2's trenchcoat.
    • Discounting his armor and trenchcoat, his base suit was reused from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Legend Rider forms (barring Kaigan Ghost) and the Ride-Player's form. Also, it looks like the base suit of Genm Action Gamer Level 0.
    • Cronus is the first Evil Kamen Rider to have a trenchcoat design to be in the main story of his respective series.
  • Like Parado's forms having colors (blue and red) that become the same as Mighty Brothers XX's (orange and azure) when inverted, Cronus' main color (green) is an inversion of Genm's base form's main color (purple).
    • Both this and the similarity in Cronus and Genm's appearances could be a reference to how Masamune was the original CEO of Genm Corp., but Kuroto stole it from him.
  • Masamune is also compared and similar to Tenjuro Banno as both are actually manipulating their own sons for their need. However, to differ both, Masamune is subdued and affable for a villain in contrast to Banno's psychotic personality. They also view their families differently: while Banno sees his family as nothing more than experimental guinea pigs, Masamune loves his wife and regrets seeing his son go down the path of madness once again.
    • However, his personality is more of Masato Mishima of Kamen Rider Kabuto for being no-nonsense villains who sees both heroes and villains alike beneath them.
    • He is arguably similar to Kiyoto Maki, they were both introduced as characters with small roles connecting to the events of the story until their actions brought a big impact to the point they became the true main antagonists of their respective series.
  • Cronus having the power to stop time and land multiple blows capable of instantly defeating enemies could be a reference to game hacking to make it so that the player could win near-instantly with little to no effort.
    • As mentioned in episode 33, Cronus' Pause ability is also akin to pausing a video game in real life, as Cronus, being the "player", is the only one who is able to move around during a paused game, with the Buggle Driver II acting similar to a game controller of a video game console.
  • Him being the other Patient Zero is similar to how Sou Fueki embedded the Carbuncle Phantom within him that allows him to assume his Phantom form and/or simultaneously transform into White Wizard.
  • Masamune and Kuroto's relationship and personalities could possibly be based on how some fans interpret the relationship between game developers and the companies publishing them. While Kuroto is an eccentric yet crazed game developer, Masamune is a ruthless businessman doing anything to make his company the number one game company.
  • Cronus is the third Rider to be named after a historical god. The first was Kamen Rider Odin, and then the second was Kamen Rider Poseidon. One major difference between Cronus and the other two is that he is the first god-related Rider to have a permanent civilian form, while not being mind-controlled or temporary possessed.
    • Like Kamen Rider Odin, Cronus also possesses an ability to rewind time: Odin with Time Vent, while Cronus has the Reset on his Bugvisor II.
    • Also, Gamedeus Cronus's design very much resembles Odin, especially while he was fused with Gamedeus.
  • Cronus' Chronicle Gamer is similar to Tenjuro Banno's Gold Drive form:
    • Both forms are slightly modified in design from the main Rider, while said forms also possess a prototype version used by a separate Rider.
    • Each Rider possessed an ability that made it impossible to fight them directly until something was developed to counteract it.
    • Their abilities are a result of utilizing the series antagonists' power source.
  • Masamune is the first Kamen Rider villain not to be killed by one of the main heroes and instead commits suicide after his last stand.
  • Masamune's style of transforming into Cronus is similar to Ren Aoi into Kamen Rider Fifteen, as well as Jun Kazu into Utopia Dopant, as his item is drawn into his Driver seemingly by itself after he presses it as opposed to him physically inserting it into the Driver.
  • In terms of gaming skill, Masamune does not seem to be very skilled at all, as rather than match his opponents on an even playing field he chose to rely mainly on using Pause and the stats of Cronus to overwhelm his enemies through sheer force. When he was faced with Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, who was immune to Pause, he could not compete, and when the Pause function was disabled and his stats reduced by the Bugster vaccine in the final episode, the other Riders only needed to use Level 2 to completely overwhelm him, in spite of their stats being equal.



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