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Taisho Sugo (菅生 大将 Sugō Taishō), better known as his stage name, Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉 Suda Masaki) is a Japanese actor signed with Top Coat Talent Agency. He made his acting debut as Philip, the male lead and half of the eponymous hero of the 2009/2010 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider W. He reprised the role in Movie War Mega Max, but was unable to accept future offers to reprising the role due to his rising popularity in Japan. He does however voice his character in Battride War & Battride War II.


At the age of 14, Sugo applied to AMUSE Inc., but was not accepted. At 15, he was a finalist of the 21th Junon Superboy Contest and signed with his current agency Top Coat, adopting his current stage name. Within a year, he made his acting debut as Philip in Kamen Rider W.

After W's end, Suda went on to star in several films and dramas, winning several awards for Best Actor.

Personal Life

  • During Suda's audition, he was cast primarily for his similarities to Philip in terms of innate knowledge.
  • Suda mentions that because he has a naturally average height and appearance, it is easy for him to get roles.



  • He is the first actor born in the 90's to play a Primary Rider.
  • He is also the youngest Primary Rider to date, being only 16 years old at the start of Kamen Rider W.
  • He is a winner of GQ Men of the Year Award 2016.[1]
  • He had expressed a desire to reprise his role as Phillip in at least a voice capacity for Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, but was incapable due to his schedule for the next two years being filled up. [2]

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