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For the original version of this character, see Masahiko Okamura.

Masahiko Okamura (岡村 マサヒコ Okamura Masahiko) is a 4th grade student whose father died a year prior to Dai-Shocker's arrival, escaping the pain of his father's death by joining the Shocker School that has been established in his world. Because he excels in exposing rebels, Llumu Qhimil uses the boy to find Amazon's hideout. But during the fight, Dai-Shocker's forces turn on him, leading him to take GiGi Armlet from Amazon to get back in Dai-Shocker's good graces. When he is turned in to become the first of Llumu Qhimil's monster conversion project, he realizes the true nature of the evil organization and helps in regaining Amazon's GiGi Armlet and faith in people.

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