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For his A.R. World counterpart seen in Kamen Rider Decade, see Masahiko Okamura (A.R. World).

Masahiko Okamura (岡村 まさひこ Okamura Masahiko): The nephew of professor Kōsaka and Daisuke's first friend in Japan, helping him in anyway he can. In Episode 13, it is shown that Masahiko teaches Amazon to speak coherent Japanese. Masahiko attends Jonan Elementary School.

In Shin Kamen Rider Spirits, Masahiko reappears to support the Riders, who is now a teenager and enjoys cycling.
Masahiko Okamura (Spirits)

Teen Masahiko

Behind the scenes


Masahiko Okamura was portrayed by Yōji Matsuda (松田 洋治 Matsuda Yōji). Coincidentally, Kamen Rider Amazon premiered on his seventh birthday.


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