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Masahiko Odagiri (小田桐 正彦 Odagiri Masahiko) was a professor who plagiarized the Anima System from his assistant Hitomi Kasai. He died after getting involved in an accident.

Behind the Scenes


Masahiko Odagiri is portrayed by Hiroo Ohtaka (大高 洋夫 Ōtaka Hiroo), who previously portrayed Professor Nomura in Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost, Ken Akutsu in episode 21 of Kamen Rider W, and later Kagiomi Shizumiya in Kamen Rider Zangetsu Stage -Gaim Gaiden-.


  • The Type TOKUJO minisode Who Killed Professor Odagiri? contains a mystery on his death by murder in the form of a 5-letter puzzle, which requires viewers to collect the gold letters in each Secret Mission. After all the letter clues are collected (Z, K, !, O, I) and rearranged, the result becomes ZIKO! (事故 Jiko, lit. "accident"), meaning his death was indeed by an accident, and not by murder.
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