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"Someday, you'll understand why I'm laughing. You Orphnochs... can never win against humunaity!"
―Minami's last words to Kiba before turning to dust[src]

Masahiko Minami (南 雅彦 Minami Masahiko) is a high officer of the National Police Agency and the leader of actions against Orphnochs. Secretly, he acts as a scientist working with Smart Brain to have their help in his actions to purge the world of Orphnochs. He is also a major antagonist in Kamen Rider 555, being indirectly responsible for Yuji Kiba's later vengeful atrocities against humans.


Acting as the high officer of the National Police Agency, Masahiko Minami is an extremely xenophobic madman who believes that "monsters" deserve to be experimented on for not being human, despising those who are pro-Orphnoch. He is first seen stopping a police investigation into Yuka Osada, secretly planning on using her for one of his experiments. After making a deal with Smart Brain to use an Orphnoch as a weapon, Minami captures Yuka Osada and electrocutes her as part of his experiment. Yuka was later saved by the Crab Orphnoch, so Minami sent a squad of armored officers after her, Yuji Kiba and Takumi Inui.

Following Yuka's death, Minami's is chased down and killed by a vengeful Yuji. Before dying, Minami mocked Yuji that the Orphnochs would never win against humans.


Masahiko Minami is a heartless officer who despises Orphnochs with a passion, hypocritically using them for his experiments and weapons. He certainly believes of using others (like Smart Brain) to further his own agenda, while planning on having those he considers liabilities, like Aki, enemies that must be executed. His callousness even extends to the officers and scientists on his side, leaving many to be murdered by Yuji when he entered the laboratory.

Behind the scenes


Masahiko Minami was portrayed by Atsushi Ogawa (小川 敦史 Ogawa Atsushi), who previously played Tetsuya Sawaki from Kamen Rider Agito.