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The Marron Bombers (マロンボンバー Maron Bonbā) are the Armored Rider Arms Weapon granted by accessing Jimber Marron Arms. They consist of a pair of giant boxing gloves shaped like the spiky outer shell of a chestnut.

Small Marron Bombers

Marron Bombers with the shells removed.

The Marron Bombers' outer spiky shell can be shed off, revealing two smaller boxing gloves resembling roasted chestnuts. These allow Knuckle to deliver more fiery punches.

Known User

Finishing attacks

Knuckle jumps up and fires the Marron Bombers' spikes at the enemy, shedding off their shells before landing two fiery punches at once.

Knuckle uses an Au Lait function and charges the "peeled" Marron Bombers with flames and delivers an explosive punching attack, the attack will creats a walnut-shaped energy shockwave.



The Gori Bagoon from SaGohZo Combo and Marron Arm's gauntlets.

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