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Mari Shirase (白瀬 マリ Shirase Mari) is a news reporter who was manipulated by the Ono Ganma as part of the Mysterious Man's agenda, and become the hooded thief Little John (リトルジョン Ritoru Jon).

Character History

Ono Gamma Incident

Mari is seen reporting the news of Little John, the infamous robber whom steals several money and delivers it to the needy, thus being called as the modern day Robin Hood. Later on, she meet Takeru who asked her for reason comparing Little John to Robin Hood. She revealed that it is due to their similarity to rob from the rich and corrupt and give it to the poor. Mari recalls the day when her father lost his life to a corrupt person while Takeru compares it to his father's death.

Eventually at Little John's hideout, Mari is revealed to be Little John whose main reason of doing this is due to the ongoing corruption. Ono Gamma's influence finally descends her into madness and is about to unleash the Robin Hood Ghost but Takeru refuses to require an Eyecon at the cost of a person's life and instead calms down Mari with a hug, cancelling the Gamma's influence. Knowing the error of her ways, Mari was consulted by Takeru to use her career as her own version of Robin Hood and turns herself in for the crimes she commited.

Behind the Scenes


Mari Shirase was portrayed by Yukari Taki (滝 裕可里 Taki Yukari), who previously portrayed Aoi Katsuragi in Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel and would later portray Sawa Takigawa in Kamen Rider Build.


Shirase's given name, Mari, is one half of an in-joke. When combined with the family name of Yoshinori Sonoda, the "victim-of-the-week" from the episode preceding hers, it makes Mari Sonoda, a character from Kamen Rider 555 whom was primarily portrayed by Yuria Haga, and in childhood by Aoi Yuki, who voices Yurusen in Ghost.


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