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"Mango Arms: Fight of Ham~mer!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Mango Arms (マンゴーアームズ Mangō Āmuzu) is an alternate mango-based armored European Knight form of Armored Riders. Accessed through the Mango Lockseed, this form's Arms Weapon is the Mango Punisher, while the helmet the Rider wears is the Go Casque (ゴーカスク Gō Kasuku) with the Go Sight (ゴーサイト Gō Saito) visor. While it is mostly used by Armored Rider Baron, it can also be used by other Riders.


Arms Change



Finishing attacks

  • Punish Mash (パニッシュマッシュ Panisshu Masshu): Has three variations depending on which function Baron activates from his Sengoku Driver.
    • Squash: Has two variations. In The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle, Baron swings the Mango Punisher, sending a projection of the Mango Punisher's head at the target. In Kamen Rider Taisen, Baron charges the Mango Punisher, hitting his enemy with a giant projection of the Mango Punisher's head.
    • Au Lait: Baron swings the Mango Punisher around multiple times, growing in intensity, until he stops, making a giant projection of the Mango Punisher's head fire from the mace and slams into the target from an aerial angle.
    • Sparking: Baron performs a powerful swing, sending a giant, more solid-looking projection of the Mango Punisher's head straight at the target.



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