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Haruto recharges Koyomi

Haruto Soma recharges Koyomi with his mana.

Magic (魔力 Maryoku) or Mana (マナ) is a type of energy used to perform magic in Kamen Rider Wizard. Gifted humans known as Gates have the potential to use mana. When a Gate gives in to despair, the mana cores within their bodies are corrupted into Inner Phantoms and proceeds to break out of their Underworld, killing their Gate and taking their real world, full-fledged form.

Kamen Riders like Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard, as well as presumably Sou Fueki/White Wizard, Orma/Kamen Rider Sorcerer, and the Kamen Rider Mages, utilize mana. Koyomi, a "doll", requires regular infusions of mana from Haruto via the Please Wizard Ring to keep her half-life going by keeping the Philosopher's Stone charged with energy.

Should Haruto run out of mana, he will be unable to perform magic, resulting in an "Error" sound when a Wizard Ring is scanned on the Wizardriver. Some Phantoms such as Medusa can siphon mana, which she does using her hair of snakes. The Doll and the Pianist The Deciding Match of the Contest Wiseman can also suck the mana out of a target such as Wizard, draining him almost instantly with almost no effort. The Myna Speaks

A unique Phantom from ancient times, Beast Chimera is a cannibal who consumed other Phantoms and Ghouls by absorbing their mana for substance. He was sealed in the Beast Driver until it was discovered by budding archeologist Kosuke Nitoh, the Phantom formed a pact with him and entered his Underworld. Kosuke would use the Beast Driver to become Kamen Rider Beast to defeat Phantoms for Chimera to eat. The catch was that Kosuke constantly needs to hunt down Phantoms to feed Chimera or he will die. Another Magician The Magic of Food Haruto had offered to supply Chimera with mana via the Please Ring, but the Phantom refused to be simply given mana rather than taking it, much like a prideful wild creature. The Evolving Wild Beast It was later discovered that Chimera could feed on the fruits of the Helheim Forest as an alternative to mana. Kamen Rider Gaim: Sengoku Battle Royale

Wiseman told Sora that to obtain the Philosopher's Stone, a huge quantity of mana must be gathered to perform the Sabbath without the need of a solar eclipse, thus more Phantoms need to be created by forcing Gates into despair. Sora wondered if there was another way, despite Wiseman's claims. The Stolen Hope

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