The Man of the Beginning (始まりの男 Hajimari no Otoko) is the title given to the designated man chosen to wield the Golden Fruit by his fated companion. There are two known characters given the title, the first was Rosyuo of the Femushinmu, while the other was Kouta Kazuraba of the Humans. Both have powers that can literally "paint the planet in his own image" and are classified as Over Lord Inves.

In one alien planet, a Man of the Beginning was chosen in the form of Megahex, where he assimilated with the inhabitants of his planet to become a whole being. However, he was destroyed by Kouta, the Earth's Man of the Beginning and the Kamen Riders.


  • It is possible in some cases that the roles of the Man of the Beginning and the Woman of the Beginning could have been reversed or interchanged if the male of the species was the first to acquire the Fruit of Knowledge instead.


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