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The Mammoth Magia (マンモスマギア Manmosu Magia) is a Magia with several identities.

Known Identities


Magia Form

Mammoth Magia
KR01-Mammoth Magia

Mammoth Magia

―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 188.1 cm
  • Weight: 146.8kg

Kobe transforms into the Mammoth Magia (マンモスマギア Manmosu Magia) by using the Mammoth Magia Zetsumerisekey in the Zetsumeriser.


  • Exhaler (エクスヘイラー Ekusuheirā): The mammoth trunk located on the chest. The Mammoth Magia is able to use it to absorb incoming projectile attacks and redirect it back to its enemy. It can also blow powerful gusts of wind.


  • Energized Tusks: The Mammoth Magia can charge its tusks with energy and expand them in an energy strike.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Mammoth Magia possesses superhuman strength and endurance.

Appearances: Zero-One Episode 7

Behind the Scenes



The Mammoth Magia is named after Mammoths (Mammuthus), an extinct genus of trunked animals similar to elephants that lived from the Early Pliocene epoch to the Late Holocene epoch and are closely related to modern elephants.




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