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Magna Visor

Magna Visor

The Machine Summoning Gun Magna Visor (機召銃マグナバイザー Kishōjū Maguna Baizā) is Kamen Rider Zolda's Visor. It is a submachine gun modeled after Magnugiga. This Visor has a cyclic rate of 120 rounds per minute. In Zolda's Final Vent the Magna Visor is inserted to the back of his Contract Monster to unleash the End of World attack.


The Magna Visor is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Behind the scenes


As one of the thirteen Visors, the Magna Visor's voice is provided by Tsuyoshi Koyama (小山 剛志 Koyama Tsuyoshi).

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