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The Machinewinger (マシンウィンガー Mashin Wingā) is Haruto Soma's personal Honda CRF250R offroad bike. This bike can be summoned via the Connect Wizard Ring.


The Machinewinger is composed of the following parts:

  • Reins Steer (レインズステア Reinzu Sutea) - The handlebars. Controls operation and braking.
  • Shield Core (シールドコア Shīrudo Koa) - The front red magic stone/'windscreen'. It strengthens the entire vehicle with magic power when Wizard rides it. It is strong enough to withstand hits that can usually destroy normal motorcycles. It can also function as a headlight by emitting light.
  • Magritte Ballast (マグリットバラスト Maguritto Barasuto) - The orange stones on the sides of the Shield Core. They are a type of floating stone that responds to magic to produce buoyancy. It supports the vehicle's attitude control, and greatly improves high speed turning performance beyond what is normally possible.
  • Wing Rim Guard (ウイングリムガード Uingu Rimu Gādo) - Silver parts that protect the front wheel's rim, the Front Fork and the Break System. It reduces air resistance during travel.
  • Septo Roaders (セプトローダー Seputo Rōdā) - The tires. They work on and offroad, and is high quality in terms of braking efficiency, grip and controllability.
  • Wind Pod System (ワインドポッドシステム Waindo Poddo Shisutemu) - The 2-piston caliper hydraulic disk braking system. It is extremely efficient, and can stop the Machinewinger quickly even when travelling at 100km/hr.
  • Elastic Flat Sheet (エラスティックフラットシート Erasutikku Furatto Shīto) - The seat. The cushioning material it has been made out of that has been changed into a highly elastic material that can absorb shocks, allowing the driver (and passengers) to withstand intense driving.
  • Tail Fender (テイルフェンダー Teiru Fendā) - The rear section. It is a balancer that balances the front and back of the Machinewinger during operations such as jumps or wheelies. It also absorbs the impact that occurs when landing, minimising the damage done to the frame and the body.
  • Blighted Feathers (ブライテッドフェザー Buraiteddo Fezā) - The golden guard parts located through the body. It's miniaturised size ensure that it does not hamper the vehicle's speed and mobility while protecting important power systems from impacts.
  • WZ-0D (WZ-0D(ダブリューゼットゼロディー) WZ-0D (Daburyū Zetto Zero Dī)) - The 4-stroke inline 2-cylinder gasoline engine. Thanks to a tune-up, it's output has been enhanced by 50%.


Winger Wizardragon

It is named for the fact that it can combine with Wizardragon to become Winger Wizardragon (ウィンガーウィザードラゴン Wingā Wizādoragon), boosting its flight capabilities. This also allows Wizard to control Wizardragon during the first few times it appeared in another Gate's Underworld.

Rider Grand Prix

Shocker Rider Wizard's race data.

Wizard, as a Shocker Rider, participates in the Rider Grand Prix race, riding his Machinewinger. He is eliminated from the race when the Machinewinger is taken out alongside Agito's Machine Tornador by missiles fired by Kamen Rider 3's TriCyclone, but is rescued by Drive using the Tridoron's Mad Doctor Tire Enhancement. The Machinewinger is restored to its proper place in space and time when the destruction of the History Modifying Machine restores the timeline. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Legend Rider Signal Bike

Legend Wizard Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend Wizard (シグナルレジェンドウィザード Shigunaru Rejendo Wizādo): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: Wizard (ドライブ・ウィザード Doraibu - Wizādo).


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