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The Machine Hoodie (マシンフーディー Mashin Hūdī) is Kamen Rider Specter's personal Rider Machine. It is based on a Honda CBR650F.

Machine Hoodie is the machine-alter ego of the Houdini Parka Ghost which is capable of moving at its own will. The machine itself is also able to transform into the Houdini Parka Ghost and combine with Specter in order to allow him to access Houdini Damashii, granting him flight capabilities (in addition to teleportation). The chains on Machine Hoodie can be used to attack enemies. Forever! Cries of the Heart!

While in Houdini Damashii, the jetpack portion of the Houdini Damashii on Specter's back can detach to form its Glider Mode (グライダーモード Guraidā Mōdo), a hoverboard for Specter to ride on.

After Makoto sacrifices his Eyecon body to protect Alain from Jabel, the Machine Hoodie is inherited alongside Specter's Ghost Eyecons by Kamen Rider Ghost, Disaster! The Red Sky! who uses it to assume Toucon Houdini Damashii. Conflict! The Terms of Resolution!It was eventually returned to its original owner after his return.



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