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"Mach Driver!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"Signal Bike!"
―Signal Bike insertion announcement[src]

"Shift Car!"
―Shift Car insertion announcement[src]

"Signal Bike Shift Car!"
―Shift Deadheat/Tridoron Key insertion announcement[src]

"Rider! (Signal Bike name)! (Music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Signal Koukan! (Signal Bike name)! (Music/sound effect)"
―Signal Exchange announcement[src]

"Tire Koukan! (Word related to inserted Shift Car)! (music/sound effect)"
―Tire Exchange announcement[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle! (Signal Bike/Shift Car name)!"
―Standard finisher announcement[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle! (Signal Bike/Shift Car name)!"
―Finisher announcement for Deadheat Mach & Super Dead Heat Drive[src]

―Deactivation announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Mach Driver Honoh (変身ベルト マッハドライバー炎 Henshin Beruto Mahha Doraibā Honō, lit. "Mach Driver Flame"), or simply the Mach Driver (マッハドライバー Mahha Doraibā), is the transformation device of Kamen Rider Mach and Kamen Rider Chaser. Kamen Rider Drive also uses it to transform into his Deadheat Drive and Chou Deadheat Drive forms. It was invented by Harley Hendrickson.


The Mach Driver Honoh was designed to someday be a successor to the Drive System. It is programmed with an A.I. to handle the tasks Krim Steinbelt does to the Drive System, and as such, boosts the effectiveness of Mach, though this deals a heavier toll on the user's body compared to Drive's as a result. Professor Hendrickson would have had more time to tone this issue down, had Go not run off mid-training with the Mach Driver Honoh and Signal Bikes back to Japan. Why Won't My Little Brother Put On the Brakes?

Modification and Reverse-Engineering

The original belt was critically damaged during Mach's battle against the Shoot Roidmude, but was repaired afterwards by Rinna Sawagami. Through learning on how to fix the Driver, she reversed-engineered the belt and created a second one to be experimented on for further upgrades. Go originally wanted upgrades to his Mach Driver, but opted to not want any after he overcame the Berserk State of Deadheat Mach. What Can Keep Mach Running?

The belts were modified to separate humans from Roidmudes during their Fusion Evolution.

The second belt would be given to Chase, who would use it in conjunction with Signal Chaser to become Kamen Rider Chaser. Chase later gives his Driver to Shinnosuke after being critically injured by Dark Drive. Shinnosuke would later try to use Signal Chaser with the Mach Driver, but was unable to do so. Instead, he was forced to use the Tridoron Key instead to transform into an incomplete "Super Dead Heat Drive". The Driver was damaged by Dark Drive.

It is unknown whether or not the second belt was repaired, but Chase resumes being Kamen Rider Chaser after the events against Dark Drive. The belt was permanently destroyed by Gold Drive.

The belts were sealed with the Kamen Rider arsenal in the aftermath of the Roidmude fight. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

A third Mach Driver Honoh was created by Harley Hendrickson specifically for Shinnosuke to use, allowing him to transform into Dead Heat Drive.[1] Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie Wars Genesis

During the events of the Mach Saga Novel Rinna Sawagami created a prototype Mach Driver to allow Go to become the complete "Super Deadheat Mach" utilizing the Shift Viral Core Shift Car


The Mach Driver Honoh is composed of the following parts:

  • Boost Igniter (ブーストイグナイター Būsuto Igunaitā) - The white button on top of the Driver. By pressing the button up to four times, it is possible to release compressed energy and execute finishing deathblows.
  • Frame Wing Guard (フレームウィンガード Furēmu U~ingādo) - A guard part that houses the Signal Landing Panel, it is what surrounds the exposed parts of the inserted Signal Bikes, preventing it from accidentally falling off in battle.
  • Signal Landing Panel (シグナルランディングパネル Shigunaru Randingu Paneru) - A panel inside of the Mach Driver, it reads the abilities of the inserted Signal Bike/Shift Car and transfers it to the Driver. In the DX toyline, it is what allows the Driver to differentiate each Signal Bike or Shift Car inserted.
  • Core Driviar-M (コア・ドライビア-M Koa Doraibia-M) - The energy generator of the Driver, it is built into the frame of the Driver. It contains an AI system located in the deepest part of the Driver that manages the whole body of Mach during combat.
  • Ability Window (アビリティウィンドゥ Abiriti Uindo~u) - A circular hole that displays the Signal Bike's Ability Crest on its rear wheel.
  • High Metal Muffler (ハイメタルマフラー Hai Metaru Mafurā) - A silver metal plate which covers a part of the Driver, it shields the flames coming out of the Driver. Dozens of lightweight and resilient metal alloys are used to create this defensive shield, and eliminates damage from affecting vital components of the Driver.

    Mach Driver Honoh with flames coming through the Energy Backfire.

  • Cylinder Amplifier (アビリティウィンドゥ Shirindā Anpurifaia) - A red cylindrical ring-like amplification device, it amplifies the energy of the inserted Signal Bike via the energy amplification furnace inside of the cylinder. It is responsible for adding special abilities to Mach/Chaser/Drive Chou Dead Heat's finishing attacks.
  • Energy Backfire (エナジーバックファイア Enajī Bakkufaia) - A condition meter on the right side of the High Metal Muffler, it displays flames during finishing moves. The colors of the flames vary according to what Signal Bike is inserted.
  • Driver Webbing (ドライバーウェビング Doraibā U~ebingu) - The belt strap of the Driver. It is composed of highly flexible metal fibres and is designed to combine ruggedness and comfort.
  • Signal Link Receiver (シグナルリンクレシーバー Shigunaru Rinku Reshībā) - A sensor which receives data from weapons such as the Zenrin Shooter and transmit it to the driver to initiate special attacks.


To transform, the user raises the Signal Landing Panel and inserts a Form Change Signal Bike or the Tridoron Key before pushing it back back down. Flames are then emitted from the Cylinder Amplifier and the form's Signal Kourin then appears along with the components of the armor that assemble around the user, completing the transformation.

After transforming with a Form Change Signal Bike, Mach may use one of several auxiliary Signal Bikes by raising the Signal Landing Panel, removing the inserted Signal Bike, and inserting the new Signal Bike before pushing it back down. This initiates a Signal Exchange (シグナル交換 Shigunaru Kōkan), replacing the current Kourin Signal with that of the inserted Signal Bike.

Much like the Shift Brace, the user is able to use any special abilities tied to the Signal Bikes currently in the Mach Driver Honoh by pressing the Boost Igniter up to four times. Mach can also summon the Zenrin Shooter by hitting the Boost Igniter four times. Alternatively, if Mach already wields the Zenrin Shooter when he initiates this hitting action, he can instead run at an insanely fast speed. Who Will Control Deadheat?

The Mach Driver Honoh also works with Shift Cars, activating special Kourin Signals tied to that Shift Car. When a Shift Car is inserted into the Signal Landing Panel, and the Signal Landing Panel is pushed back down, a Tire Exchange (タイヤ交換 Taiya Kōkan) is initiated. Like with Drive, if the Shift Car that is being used happens to possess a Tire Specific Item, Mach or Chaser can wield it. When activating a Shift Car-related Kourin Signal, the sound effects played would be a mix of the Mach Driver Honoh's sounds and the Drive Driver's sounds for that Shift Car.

Whenever Deadheat Mach initiates a Signal or Tire Exchange, instead of permanently changing the DH Kourin or Type Deadheat Tire respectively, the new Kourin Signal or Shift Tire just briefly replaces them before returning to normal.

To initiate a Full Throttle finishing attack, Mach or Chaser must raise the Signal Landing Panel, press the Boost Igniter, and pushing the Signal Landing Panel back down afterwards.

In order to have the Mach Driver Honoh cancel the transformation, Mach or Chaser must raise the Signal Landing Panel, remove the Signal Bike currently placed in the Mach Driver Honoh, and push the Signal Landing Panel back down.

Users (chronological order)

User Transformation Episode Obtained Description
Go Shijima
Kamen Rider Mach
Pre-series TBA
Kamen Rider Chaser
Where is Chaser Going? TBA
Shinnosuke Tomari
Kamen Rider Drive
Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie Wars Genesis TBA

Kamen Riders

Behind the Scenes


The Mach Driver Honoh, along with the Zenrin Shooter and Shingou-Ax, is voiced by George Williams, a British-Japanese NHK radio host. [2]


  • This Driver is the first transformation gear to have a word after the word "Driver".
    • The reason of naming mostly due to copyright problem, since "Mach Driver" in Japan already registered as a golf club's franchise.
  • The Mach Driver Honoh makes a sound effect similar to that of the Double Riders' transformations.
    • When the user raises the Signal Landing Panel when Signal Mach is inserted, the music sounds like Let's Go!! Rider Kick, the first and most recognizable opening theme for Kamen Rider.
  • When the Boost Igniter is hit four times, it makes an announcement, with some Signal Bikes and Shift Cars sharing the same announcements. If Mach initiates this action as Deadheat Mach, the word "Burst" (バースト Bāsuto) is placed at the beginning of each announcement.
  • "Much" (ズット Zutto): Signal Mach, Signal Chaser, Signal Ittsu, and Shift Spin Mixer.
  • "Suddenly" (急に Kyūni): Signal Magarl, Shift Deadheat, Tridoron Key, Shift Max Flare, Shift Massive Monster, Shift Rolling Gravity, and Shift Road Winter.
  • "Very" (トテモ Totemo): Signal Kikern, Shift Speed, Shift Technic, Shift Burning Solar, and the Lupin Blade Viral Core.
  • "Right now" (今すぐ Imasugu): Signal Tomarle, Shift Midnight Shadow, Shift Dimension Cab, Shift Mad Doctor, and Shift Deco Traveler.
  • "A lot" (沢山 Takusan): Signal Kaksarn, Shift Fruits, Shift Funky Spike, Shift Hooking Wrecker, Shift Colorful Commercial, and any (Chaser) Viral Core.
  • "Fairly" (可也 Kanari): Signal Yukkuri, Signal Kattobi, Shift Wild, Shift Formula, Shift Tridoron, Shift Next Special (Special Side), Shift Rumble Dump, Shift Fire Braver, Shift Amazing Circus, and any toy-exclusive Shift Car.
  • "Absolute" (絶対 Zettai): Signal Tousan, Shift Justice Hunter, Shift Dream Vegas, Shift Mantarn F01, Shift Jacky F02, and Shift Sparner F03.

  • When using Shift Cars, the Driver announces them by different names:
  • Type Change Cars
    • Shift Speed = Hayai (ハヤーイ Hayāi, lit. "Fast" (早い))
    • Shift Wild = Tsuyoi (ツヨーイ Tsuyōi, lit. "Strong" (強い))
    • Shift Technic = Umai (ウマーイ Umāi, lit. "Clever" (巧い))
    • Shift Formula = Kosoku (コウソーク Kōsōku, lit. "High Speed" (高速))
    • Shift Fruits = Kudamono (クダモーノ Kudamōno, lit. "Fruit" (果物))
    • Shift High Speed = Cho Hayai (チョウ・ハヤーイ Chō Hayāi, lit. "Very Fast" (超早い))
      • Shift Next Special (Special side) = Tokubetsu (トクベーツ Tokubētsu, lit. "Special" (特別))
        • The Next side of Shift Next Special gives the same sounds as that of Signal Mach.[3]
  • Tire Exchange Cars
    • Used in series canon
      • Shift Max Flare = Moerl (モエール Moēru, lit. "To burn" (燃える))
      • Shift Rumble Dump = Arabull (アラブール Arabūru, lit. "To roughen" (荒ぶる))
      • Shift Spin Mixer = Mazerl (マゼール Mazēru, lit. "To mix" (混ぜる))
      • Shift Mad Doctor = Naorl (ナオール Naōru, lit. "To cure" (治る))
    • Toy-exclusive
      • Shift Amazing Circus = Bikkuri (ビックーリ Bikkūri, lit. "to (be) surprise(d)" (びっくり)).
      • Shift Burning Solar = Pikaru (ピカール Pikāru, lit. "To shine" (光る))
      • Shift Colorful Commercial = Senden (センデーン Sendēn, lit. "To advertise" (宣伝))
      • Shift Deco Traveler = Travel (トラベール Torabēru, from "Travel" (トラベル))
      • Shift Dimension Cab = Takuru (タクール Takūru, slang for "To ride in a Taxi" (タクル))
      • Shift Dream Vegas = Atare (アターレ Atāre, lit. "To win" (当たれ))
      • Shift Fire Braver = Nobiru (ノビール Nobīru, lit. "To extend" (伸びる))
      • Shift Funky Spike = Sasaru (ササール Sasāru, lit. "To pierce" (刺さる))
      • Shift Hooking Wrecker = Hippare (ヒッパーレ Hippāre, lit. "To pull" (引っ張れ))
      • Shift Justice Hunter = Toraeru (トラエール Toraēru, lit. "To arrest" (捉える))
      • Shift Massive Monster = Kajiru (カジール Kajīru, lit. "To gnaw" (齧る))
      • Shift Midnight Shadow = Shinobi (シノービ Shinōbi, from "To hide" (忍び))
      • Shift Road Winter = Hieru (ヒエール Hiēru, lit. "To chill" (冷える))
      • Shift Rolling Gravity = Tsubusu (ツブース Tsubūsu, lit. "To crush" (潰す))
      • Shift Mantarn F01 = Ichiban (イチバーン Ichibān, lit. "No. 1" (一番))
      • Shift Jacky F02 = Niban (ニバーン Nibān, lit. "No. 2" (二番))
      • Shift Sparner F03 = Sanban (サンバーン Sanbān, lit. "No. 3" (三番))
    • Toy-Exclusive Cars
      • Shift Speed (Televi-Magazine Ver.) = Tele-Maga (Only during the Full Throttle section)
      • Shift High Speed (Televi-kun Ver.) = Televi-Kun (Only during the Full Throttle section)
      • Shift Mega Max Flare (Kindergarten Ver.) = Cho Moerl (チョウ・モエール Chō Moēru, lit. "To super burn" (超燃える)) / Kindergarten (幼稚園 Yōchien, Only during the Full Throttle section)
      • Shift Rideron/Metal Hero/Kamen Rider = Legend (レジェーンド Rejēndo)
      • All Sentai Shift Cars = Sentai (センターイ Sentāi, lit. (戦隊))
      • Shift Speed Wild Technic = Hayai Tsuyoi Umai (ハヤーイ・ツヨーイ・ウマーイ Hayāi Tsuyōi Umāi, lit. "Fast, Strong, and Smart" (早い・強い・巧い))
      • All other toy-exclusive Shift Cars = Tokubetsu (トクベーツ Tokubētsu, lit. "Special" (特別))

  • When using Viral Cores the Driver announces them by different names:
  • Cobra = Muchi (ムーチ Mūchi, lit. "Whip" ())
  • Spider = Tsume (ツーメ Tsūme, lit. "Claw" ())
  • Bat = Yumiya (ユミーヤ Yumīya, lit. "Bow & Arrow" (弓矢))
  • Chaser Spider = Chaser Tsume (チェイサー・ツーメ Cheisā Tsūme, lit. "Chaser Claw" ())
  • Chaser Cobra = Chaser Muchi (チェイサー・ムーチ Cheisā Mūchi, lit. "Chaser Whip" ())
  • Chaser Bat = Chaser Yumiya (チェイサー・ユミーヤ Cheisā Yumīya, lit. "Chaser Bow & Arrow" (弓矢))
  • Lupin Blade = Warui (ワルーイ Warūi, lit. "Bad" (悪い))

  • There are also unused sounds found in the Driver:
  • Type Changes
    • Shift Get Wild = Cho Tsuyoi (チョウ・ツヨーイ Chō Tsuyōi, lit. "Very Strong" (超強い))
    • Shift Ultra Technic = Cho Umai (チョウ・ウマーイ Chō Umāi, lit. "Very Clever" (超巧い))
    • Shift Ultra Fruits = Cho Kudamono (チョウ・クダモーノ Chō Kudamōno, lit. "Super Fruit" (超果物))
    • Shift Dash Formula = Cho Kosoku (チョウ・コウソーク Chō Kōsōku, lit. "Super High Speed" (超高速))
    • Shift Super Special = Cho Tokubetsu (チョウ・トクベーツ Chō Tokubētsu, lit. "Super Special" (特超別))
  • Tire Exchanges
    • Shift Unknown F04 = Yonban (ヨンバーン Yonbān, lit. "No. 4" (四番))
    • Shift Unknown F05 = Goban (ゴバーン Gobān, lit. "No. 5" (五番))
    • Shift Unknown F06 = Rokuban (ロクバーン Rokubān, lit. "No. 6" (六番))
    • Shift Unknown F07 = Nanaban (ナナバーン Nanabān, lit. "No. 7" (七番))
    • Shift Unknown F00 = Reiban (レイバーン Reibān, lit. "No. 0" (零番))

  • Ironically, even though the Driver was invented by an American scientist, most of its phrases are announced in Japanese, in contrast to the "Japan's Kamen Rider"'s Drive Driver, which uses its announcements in English.
  • It is ironic that the Mach Driver Honoh was designed to succeed the Drive System, as the Drive System continues to receive newer and more powerful upgrades and forms, while the Mach System's only upgrade was Shift Deadheat, which is shared with Drive. This leaves the Mach System somewhat overshadowed, with the crippling damage of the Driver in episode 23 worsening the issue.
  • When Chase transforms into Kamen Rider Chaser for the first time, Mashin Chaser can be briefly seen during the transformation sequence.
  • Shift Tridoron is the only Shift Car that cannot fit in the DX Mach Driver Honoh, unless one unscrews the bottom part of the Shift Car containing the pins and inserts that part into the driver. The Lupin Blade Viral Core also has this issue, yet it can be easily fixed by letting the blade part face forward, though the result is a very awkward look of the blade sticking out of the Mach Driver.
    • It is to be noted that, even if Shift Tridoron is inserted and closed in the DX Mach Driver Honoh, it would simply result in a generic 'vroom' sound with no vocal sounds indicating its name. The same cars also occurs with Shift Heartron.
  • The Signal Chaser Signal Bike and Tridoron Key trigger the same transformation standby music.


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