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M-BUS normal

M-BUS (Normal Mode)

M-BUS shooting

M-BUS (Exposure Mode)

The M-BUS (エムバス Emubasu, short for Meteor-BackUp Satellite) is an artificial satellite that serves as the hideout for the Anti-Zodiarts Union. It also serves as the energy provider and back-up systems for Kamen Rider Meteor in battle. When it transforms into Exposure Mode (照射モード Shōsha Mōdo), it is able to transfer Cosmic Energy to Kamen Rider Meteor to power his transformation. During Gentaro's training, it was programmed to automatically transfer Cosmic Energy to Meteor. It has stayed that way since, due to Emoto being revealed as both Tachibana and Virgo, and then dying at the hands of the Horoscopes. The M-BUS also has offensive capabilities, as it can fire purple-hued Cosmic Energy beams.

It was revealed that the M-BUS is also the false identity of Virgo's Dark Nebula (ダークネビュラ Dāku Nebyura), what was supposedly a dimensional labyrinth created by the negative Cosmic Energy produced from a Zodiarts. It was utilized by Kuniteru Emoto as the Virgo Zodiarts as a prison for his victims. It was first used by Emoto when he banished Sarina Sonoda, after she was seen as a failure to the Horoscope's cause. It was subsequently used when something ever got in their way.

When Virgo was supposedly sending people to the Dark Nebula, he was simply teleporting the people to a secret compartment of the M-BUS that kept them in stasis for their own good. Though revealed to be very much alive and in a suspend animation in the M-BUS, the captives (except for Ryusei and Tomoko) were never seen after the revelation and their current whereabouts were left unknown.

The novel Kamen Rider Fourze: Ama High Graduation would reveal that the remaining captives (Sarina Sonoda, Natsuji Kijima, Yuta Sugiura) were transported back by Fourze Cosmic States shortly after the end of the series.

Known captives


  • In real world astronomy, a dark nebula is an interstellar cloud that obscures light from emission and reflection nebulas, as well as background stars; yet are also the spawning grounds for stars and planets.
  • The name refers to the school bus because it has the word "BUS" or the satellite bus.
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