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"Ultimate Lupin!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"(Suspenseful Jazz standby music) Lupin! (Suspenseful Jazz End-riff music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

―Gun Mode announcement[src]

―Break Mode announcement[src]

"Tune: Lupin Blade!"
―Slot insertion announcement[src]

―Blade Mode announcement with Lupin Blade Viral Core[src]

"Ultimate! (suspenseful jazz accent) Lupin Stlash! (intense jazz fanfare)"
―Blade Mode finisher announcement[src]

The Phantom Thief Dagger Lupin Gunner (怪盗短剣 ルパンガンナー Kaitō Tanken Rupan Gannā) is the pistol-like transformation device of Kamen Rider Lupin, created by stolen data from Mashin Chaser's Break Gunner. Unlike the Break Gunner, the Lupin Gunner has more strange abilities than the original version, and the announcement is very suave.

It has an additional Blade Mode (ブレードモード Bureido Mōdo) that is accessed via the Lupin Blade Viral Core. Kamen Rider Drive: The Challenge from Lupin In this mode, by pressing and releasing the Destruction Muzzle, Lupin can launch a colorful energy beam to slash his enemy.

After Lupin returned and helped to defeat Roidmude 100, the Lupin Gunner was left behind and later came into the possession of the Special Investigation Unit. Type LUPIN: ~Lupin, The Last Challenge~ After the destruction of Gold Drive and Sigma Circular, it was among the Kamen Rider arsenal locked beneath the Drive Pit alongside Krim Steinbelt himself. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?


To transform, the user firmly holds the Hard Gear Grip (ハード ギア グリップ Hādo Gia Gurippu) and slams their hand on the Destruction Muzzle (ディストラクション マズル Disutorakushon Mazuru) spring-like button, holds it for a few seconds, then lets go and aims the Lupin Gunner above their head, causing the device to announce "Lupin" (ルパン Rupan) while a series of jewels projects out of it to surround the user and combine with the user's body, thus ending the transformation sequence into Kamen Rider Lupin.

By pressing and releasing the Destruction Muzzle, Lupin can also activate the Lupin Gunner's Gun Mode. Pressing the Destruction Muzzle once again activates its Break Mode as well. It also allows him to use the Lupin Gunner as a knuckle duster with the small spikes below the Destruction Muzzle called Revenger Pikes (リベンジャーパイク Ribenjā Paiku) empowering the blow.

Lupin can only "Tune" (チューン Chūn) up using his personal Viral Core by inserting it into a slot called the Viral Landing Panel (バイラルランディングパネル Bairaru Randingu Paneru) behind the Guard Wingle (ガードウィングル Gādo Uinguru), a silver spoiler. Pressing the Destruction Muzzle while the Lupin Gunner is in Blade Mode will reactivate its Gun Mode once more, allowing Lupin to snipe his target by pulling the Demolition Trigger (デモリッショントリガー Demorisshon Torigā).

Once his Lupin Gunner is in Blade Mode, Lupin can use a finishing attack called Ultimate Lupin Stlash (アルティメットルパンストラッシュ Arutimetto Rupan Sutorasshu), which is a jewel-shaped energy slash. It is activated by pressing and holding the Destruction Muzzle before pulling the Demolition Trigger once more.



  • In the DX Lupin Gunner, when anything other than the Lupin Blade Viral Core is inserted, it will make the following sounds:
    • Drive's normal Type Change Cars, Tire Exchange Cars, Special Side of Shift Next Special, and Shift Speed Wild Technic: Drive System (ドライブシステム Doraibu Shisutemu)
    • Mach and Chaser's Signal Bikes, Shift Deadheat, Tridoron Key, and Next Side of Shift Next Special: Next System (ネクストシステム Nekusuto Shisutemu)
    • Shift Formula, Shift Tridoron, and Pit Crew Shift Cars: Advanced System (アドバンスドシステム Adobansudo Shisutemu)
    • Viral Cores: Viral System (バイラルシステム Bairaru Shisutemu)
    • Any other Shift Cars or Signal Bikes inserted will cause the DX Lupin Gunner to make an error sound.


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