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"Love! Kofu!"
―Lovekov's murmuring.[src]

Lovekov[1] (ラブコフ, Rabukofu) is the inner demon that dwells within Sakura Igarashi. She is the manifestation of Sakura's innocence and materialized when Sakura recognized her own weaknesses.[2]


Lovekov is the inner demon born within Sakura Igarashi who has been present since her childhood and stems from Sakura's innocent desire to become "invincible". Lovekov initally appeared in the form of a shadow like a purple haze, watching over her host.

Once Sakura tearfully admitted that she is not stronger than she looks, the inner demon comforted her. Sakura found the resolve to properly use the Libera Driver and become Kamen Rider Jeanne, allowing the inner demon to materialize in corporeal form. She was named "Lovekov" by Vice because of the way she speaks. While she lacks the ability to fight, often needing someone to defend her from Giff Juniors, Lovekov can transform through Genome changes into weapons utilized by Jeanne in combat.


Lovekov is also shown to be an incarnation of Sakura's past, which is possible that her personality is identical to Sakura when she was a toddler. As a result, her speech is extremely limited to one-word phrases, often uttering the words "Love!" and "Kofu!", though she can say other things as well.

Unlike other inner demons, Lovekov is completely docile and friendly, not possessing any harmful intentions to kill humans nor forcefully possessing her host. However, Lovekov is not without a mischievous side, as she called Vice "trash" twice before walking away.


  • Demon Physiology: As a demon, she possesses the following characteristics outside of her manifestation:
    • Imperceptibility: Lovekov cannot be perceived by anyone other than her host, with other inner demons like Vice being an exception.
    • Intangibility: Lovekov is completely intangible and can pass through everything, including her host.


  • Sakura Igarashi: Lovekov is dependent on the body and mind of her host, Sakura. Lovekov cannot assume a physical form without Sakura using the Libera Driver, and will return into an incorporeal state upon the Driver disengaging. Like Vice and Kagero, Lovekov will also die if Sakura is killed.
  • Poor Combat Experience: While she becomes corporal every time Sakura transforms into Jeanne, Lovekov has no fighting abilities and has to be always protected by someone, except when she is activated for Jeanne's finishers, or when turned into a weapon that Jeanne can wield.[2]




When Jeanne transforms using the Libera Driver, Lovekov is released and materialized. However, Lovekov has no fighting ability and has to be protected by others, as she is a representation of Sakura's weakness. Like Vice, Lovekov returns to her host's body when Jeanne cancels her transformation.

Jeanne can use a Vistamp in the Libera Driver in order to transform Lovekov into a Genome that takes the form of a weapon she can wield.

Kujaku Genome

"Rebuddy Up! Ah! Kujaku! Dadadadan!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Kujaku Genome (クジャクゲノム, Kujaku Genomu) is Lovekov's peafowl and Kamen Rider ZX-based form accessed by Jeanne using the Kujaku Vistamp in the Libera Driver.

In this form, Lovekov transforms into a pair of tessen whose blades are colored after Kamen Rider ZX. When needed, Jeanne can ignite Lovekov on command for an enhanced slashing attack.

Kujaku Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Kujakudo Feather (クジャクドフェザー, Kujakudo Fezā): The feathers. The sharpened feathers give off an aura of alluring beauty which fascinates those who see it. During the Kujaku Stamping Smash finisher, the Kujakudo Feathers attach onto Jeanne's back to give her a pair of wings, temporarily granting her the ability to fly.
  • Hot Arch (アツアツアーチ, Atsuatsu Āchi): The curved blade on the fan's leaf. It gives off the image of a peacock with its tail feathers spread out, and its shape allows Jeanne to fight with graceful and almost dance-like movements. In addition, it can use the energy from the Libera Driver to generate crimson flames to further supplement its power.
  • Fan Fan Pivot (ファンファンピボット, Fan Fan Pibotto): The rivet. This point allows Lovekov to be folded up into a compact form specialized for striking, and it releases itself during Jeanne's finisher to allow the Kujakudo Feathers to attach onto her back.
  • Lovekov Eye (ラブコフアイ, Rabukofu Ai): Lovekov's eyes. They can sharing Lovekov's visual feed with Jeanne, allowing the latter to fight from 3 different perspectives.

This form has two associated finishers:

  • Kujaku Liberal Smash (クジャクリベラルスマッシュ, Kujaku Riberaru Sumasshu):
    • Jeanne performs multiple slashes with Lovekov covered in orange fire before surrounding herself with a fiery tornado that lifts her into the air before dropping back down for another more powerful fiery slash.
    • Kujaku Stamping Smash (クジャクスタンピングスマッシュ, Kujaku Sutanpingu Sumasshu):has two variations.
    • Lovekov separates into a multitude of blades that attach to Jeanne's back as she levitates into the air. The blades then project larger blue energy peacock feathers as 8 of the blades converge around Jeanne's foot before she drops down for a kick.
    • Jeanne launches Lovekov and controles her movements to slash multiple enemies at the same time.

Turtle Genome

"Rebuddy Up! Ah! Turtle! Dadadadan!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Turtle Genome (タートルゲノム, Tātoru Genomu) is Lovekov's turtle and Kamen Rider V3-based form accessed by Jeanne using the Turtle Vistamp in the Libera Driver.

In this form, Lovekov transforms into large cannon colored after Kamen Rider V3.

Turtle Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Kirimomi Zooker (キリモミズーカー, Kirimomi Zūkā): The barrel. It can double the energy by shining red light inside the long barrel. Furthermore, at the time of injection, a turning motion is added to the accelerated energy bullet, and the high-speed rotation dramatically improves the straightness and the drilling force. Thus, Kamen Rider Jeanne can fire a thousand shots of that power in a row.
  • V394 Canopy (V394キャノピー, V394 Kyanopī): The armor. The strong armor plate of special metal protects the user from the blast. This makes it possible to fire from close range.
  • Mierre Hopper (ミエールホッパー, Miēru Hoppā): The Genome's sight. Kamen Rider Jeanne looks into and shares the target with the buddy. It can also be used as a reconnaissance device by removing it and launching it into the sky.
  • Lovekov Eye (ラブコフアイ, Rabukofu Ai): Lovekov's eyes. Instead of Kamen Rider Jeanne who is concentrating on the target, she has the role of watching the surroundings. However, it is often the case that Lovekov is fascinated by the subject.
  • Victory Grip (ビクトリーグリップ, Bikutorī Gurippu): The grip. Kamen Rider Jeanne grips a very soft grip to stabilize the shooting posture. At the same time, energy is supplied from the Libera Driver.

Behind the Scenes


Lovekov is voiced by Miku Ito (伊藤 美来, Itō Miku), who previously portrayed a Humagear Announcer in Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME.


  • Lovekov's name is combined from the words Love (ラブ, Rabu) and Kofu (コフ, Kofu), two words that Lovekov speaks.
    • Lovekov is also a loose anagram of cobra (コブラ, Kobura), the animal basis for Kamen Rider Jeanne.


  • Lovekov is the first inner demon in Revice to act benevolently towards her host from the start and not have a Rider form, as the other main inner demons (Vice and Kagero) were initally antagonistic and are active Kamen Riders.
  • Lovekov's color scheme and design corresponds to Cobra Man.
  • Lovekov is the first demon in the series to not be a Kamen Rider, yet receive normal forms like one.
  • Lovekov's Turtle Genome being a cannon/bazooka is a literal play on the Vistamp's basis relating to the Kame Bazooka.




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