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Love & Peace for the Winner! (勝者に捧ぐlove & peace! Shōsha ni Sasagu Rabu ando Pīsu!) is the twenty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It features the debut of the Lovelica Bugster and Ride-Player Nico.


Thanks to the public announcement by the Ministry of Health, the number of Kamen Rider Chronicle players seems to have decreased significantly, which would subsequently reduce the amount of game disease patients. However, unbelievable information about Kamen Rider Chronicle is released by Ren Amagasaki, the new CEO of Genm Corp. There is a hidden component inside Kamen Rider Chronicle, one that is said to dramatically increase player participation! However, Taiga, who was suspicious of the love and go CEO's actions, goes into Genm Corp. to confront him himself...


In the wake of the Ministry of Health recalling Kamen Rider Chronicle, Genm Corp. CEO Ren Amagasaki broadcasts an announcement to the public: Kamen Rider Chronicle's "Game Over" is not a defect but a feature, and after the final boss is defeated, all erased players will be revived, punctuating the speech by transforming into a Ride-Player and telling everyone they can be a hero. "Hero" catches Nico's attention and she races off. Naturally, the doctors are convinced that reviving players is simply a lie to keep the game in circulation, but they are called to a Bugster attack. Emu and Hiiro arrive to find Revol and his soldier Viruses knocking a female Ride-Player out of her transformation, but as they transform into Ex-Aid and Brave Action and Quest Gamers Level 2, Nico arrives and transforms into a Ride-Player, decking her armor out with personal decals before jumping into battle. She defeats the soldier Viruses with bumper car animals before using a Reflect Energy Item against Revol's attack, then rising on a balloon and dropping down with "Nico Critical Kick", defeating him. A small Gashat-like object floats to her, and navigator Poppy arrives and says the Bang Bang Shooting Gashatrophy shows she defeated Revol, and is the first Ride-Player to defeat a Bugster.

The first Ride-Player says she only started the game to revive her boyfriend who'd gotten a Game Over, but Nico starts showing signs of the game illness, and is rushed to CR; Taiga arrives to find her diagnosed with Vernier's infection. Nico explains she's tired of watching from the sidelines and this is her chance to be a hero too—as if she would ever lose. Her source of stress is being unable to game, and she berates Taiga for trying to make her stop when he never would, for never doing what she asked, and why is it his business to care what she does if he's always trying to push her away? Hiiro drags Taiga out of the patient ward, explaining that Nico doesn't respect him because he never takes her seriously, but Taiga leaves.

As Parado and Poppy celebrate Kamen Rider Chronicle's new spike in popularity, Taiga barges into Ren's office, but Ren quickly link's Taiga's accusations to a concern for Nico. Ren then reveals himself as a Bugster and disappears. Nico inserts herself into the doctors' conference room, still complaining about Taiga despite knowing he's trying to protect her; then a call about Vernier comes in. Emu, Hiiro, and Nico arrive, but Ren steps in their way, admitting he made the call and promising to remove Nico's competition for her, using the Gashacon Bugvisor to become the Lovelica Bugster and summoning maid Viruses and Poppy. The Riders transform into Ex-Aid and Brave Level 2 and Ride-Player Nico, Nico running to fight Vernier but Lovelica stopping the others, Snipe Shooting Gamer Level 2 running in; the maid Viruses knock the Riders around before Lovelica faces them, each of their attacks registering as a Miss despite hitting. Lovelica explains that his game, Toki Meki Crisis, is about using charm to appeal to and win the heart of the opposite gender—fighting is not the way to win. His maid Viruses' booing and wooing impede the Riders and empower Lovelica, and he knocks them out of their transformations and into a fountain pond, all from the power of expertly refined words. Nico turns to them, and Vernier uses the chance to shoot her out of her transformation as well, Taiga catching her but being pushed away. As Lovelica mocks him for being unlikeable, Taiga fires back: he doesn't want to be liked. Unlike other people with futures, he has nothing to lose, and so will carry alone all the burden of fighting so others don't have to; he was happy when Nico chose him as her doctor, and he won't stop her fighting anymore, no matter how many times he has to cure her game illness. He transforms to Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50 as the maid Viruses begin to swoon, and he knocks Vernier aside and destroys him with Bang Bang Critical Fire. Emu notices Poppy speak a silent, "Thank goodness." Lovelica tries brushing off Taiga and Nico's touching moment, saying they have no taste; Nico sends the insult back, and the weaponized words knock Lovelica back to human form. He tries to quickly recover his composure before retreating. Taiga and Nico decline joining Emu's "team", saying they'll clear Kamen Rider Chronicle themselves before leaving.

Back at CR, as Emu is leaving for the night, he stops to look at Poppy's arcade cabinet, remembering her smile from after the battle. Could the old her still be there?


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Energy Items

  • Energy Items Used:
    • Ride-Player Nico
      • Reflect
    • Unused
      • Speeding-Up, Iron-Body, Instigate, High-Jump, Muscular, Recover, Invisible, Confusion


  • When Ren becomes a Ride-Player, the Gashat doesn't announce its name, though the music and transformation announcement play as normal.
  • When Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50 uses his finisher, the ship hull part on his hands suddenly switch position into upright position, when normally they are upside-down.


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