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Highlander (ハイランダー, Hairandā) is one of the Four Sages of the Sword of Logos council, who was killed by Isaac. After being revived by Storious, Highlander turned into Lord of Wise Highlander (ロード・オブ・ワイズ ハイランダー , Rōdo Obu Waizu Hairandā) and unwillingly became his own puppet.


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Battle With Buster

The four Lords of Wise later appeared on each level of Storious' tower to confront the Riders as they stormed it, leaving Ryo Ogami and Rintaro Shindo behind to battle Lord of Wise Highlander while the others went ahead.

Sometime after, Buster opted to stay behind to battle Highlander alone, so Blades could go on ahead and assist Saber and Espada. Tetsuo, after recovering from his battle with Kenzan against Lord of Wise Spartan, shrugged his wounds off to assist Buster in fighting Highlander. While fighting the Sage, Buster held Highlander in place, and the fatally-wounded Slash destroyed the Lord of Wise with one final shot from his Seiken, fatally hurting Ryo at the same time.


Lord of Wise Highlander

Lord of Wise Highlander


  • Scythe


  • Master Swordsman: Highlander is able to use the skills of scythe to the extreme.
  • Element Absorption: Highlander can absorb elemental energy attacks with his scythe.
    • Elemental Counterattack: Highlander can use the combined elemental energy that he absorbed to perform stronger elemental attacks of his own.
  • Energy Slashes: Highlander can perform crimson energy slashes with his scythe.
Saber Episodes 44-45, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage

Behind the Scenes

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  • Highlander's scythe is a repainted version of Great Demon Lord AzazelIcon-crosswiki.png's scythe.
  • Highlander is the only Lord of Wise not to use a sword as his main weapon.




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