This article is about a/an Undead in Kamen Rider Blade.

The Locust Undead (ローカストアンデッド Rōkasuto Andeddo) is the second monster (Undead) to appear in Kamen Rider Blade.

Fictional Character Biography

This Undead is able to jump great heights and break his body into a swarm of locusts, using that ability to survive Garren's attempt on his life before personally destroying BOARD's headquarters, killing the majority of members there by the time Kazuma Kenzaki arrives to fight him. It was only after believes that Garren betrayed BOARD that Blade loses it and seals the Undead.

However, the Locust Undead was later unsealed by Leangle before being resealed by Blade, making another appearance in Missing Ace.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade (video game)

The Locust Undead is one of many Undead who appear in the Kamen Rider Blade video game.

Other Game appearances

Masked Rider Expansion


Locust Undead Masked Rider Expansion card.

Locust Undead appears as a playable character in this trading card game.

Locust Undead

  • Height: 217 cm
  • Weight: 110 kg

An immortal creature that is the ancestor of the locust, which belongs to the Category 5 of Spade Suit.It has the ability to produce large numbers of locusts and use them for attacks. Although not clearly described, this locust also seems to have considerable toughness because it was produced from the Undead.

In the series, a locusts hatched from a myriad of egg sacs studied at the Institute for Human History (BOARD), and emerged when all of locusts gathered together. It can be seen that this locust is more like a part of the body than a genus.

Also, because it is a locust monster, it has very high jumping and kicking powers, and when jumping it changes its legs into a grasshopper and flies with its wings on its back.

Locust Undead is composed of the following body parts:

  • Undead Heart (アンデッドハート Andeddo Hāto)
  • Crusher (クラッシャー Kurasshā)
  • Locust Sense (ローカストセンス Rōkasuto Sensu)
  • Silblack (シールブラック Shīruburakku)
  • Undead Buckle (アンデッドバックル Andeddo Bakkuru)
  • Locust Wing (ローカストウィング Rōkasuto U~ingu)
  • Locust Spring (ローカストスプリング Rōkasuto Supuringu)
  • Locust Cell (ローカストセル Rōkasuto Seru)

Rouse Card


Locust Undead Rouse Card


Locust Undead Guild Rouse Card

  • Suit: Spade (♠)
  • Category: 5
  • Effect name: KICK
  • Card name: Kick Locust (キック・ローカスト Kikku Rōkasuto)
  • Consumption points (Guild Rouse Card): FP 1000 (1200)

Behind the Scenes



Locust Undead's concept.


  • As mentioned above, it is revived from the egg sac in the series, but it is completely unknown when this egg sac was secured in BOARD.
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