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For the surviving unit, see Matsurida Z No. 5.
―Little Assassin's catchphrase[src]

The Assassin Humagear (暗殺ヒューマギア Ansatsu HyūmaGia), nicknamed Little Assassin (暗殺ちゃん Ansatsu-chan) by Jin, was a series of Assassin-Type Humagears created by that transformed into the first Dodo Magia (ドードーマギア Dōdō Magia).


Character History


Matsurida Zetto

The Matsurida Z series dancing together.

Assassin Creation

The captured Matsurida Z series being modified.

Little Assassin was originally a member of the Matsurida Z (祭田ゼット) series, a special Humagear model created to dance in traditional festivals. Five units of the series were captured by a group of thieves, who specialized in changing the faces of Humagears. The units were given a younger appearance by the thieves, before then managed to obtain them by unknown means. One unit, named Z No. 5 (ゼット5号 Zetto Go-go) by Aruto Hiden, managed to escape before then, which meant that only four of them came into the terrorist group's possession. Horobi then repurposed all four units into Assassin-Type Humagears.

Kamen Rider Zero-One

Zetto 5 Profile

Matsurida Z No. 5, the only member who escaped's clutches.

In his first appearance, Little Assassin was introduced to Jin by Horobi, who elaborates that the Humagear will become stronger over time as he learns from battles. Horobi then provides Little Assassin the Dodo Zetsumerisekey, and gives him the order to assassinate Kamen Rider Zero-One. After Jin and Little Assassin are deployed, they are instead intercepted by Yua Yaiba, who transforms into Kamen Rider Valkyrie to fight Jin. Before Little Assassin can even transform, Valkyrie rushes at him and inserts the Freezing Bear Progrisekey into his Zetsumeriser, causing the Progrisekey's ability to partially freeze him. The deactivated Little Assassin is then transported away by a nearby A.I.M.S. van, while Jin is distracted by Valkyrie.

Yua recovers and reprograms Little Assassin, but keeps his directive to assassinate Zero-One to cover her tracks. He reappears during the Mammoth Magia's attack and transforms into the Dodo Magia, all while being filmed by Yua. He fights Zero-One and Vulcan alongside his fellow Mammoth Magia (much to Jin's surprise at his sudden return), but is destroyed by Vulcan using the Attache Calibur. His Dodo Zetsumerisekey is recovered by Jin, who sadly noted that Little Assassin was still too weak to fight properly.

Little Assassin reappears in his second body, infiltrating a hospital with a protected local Humagear network and attempts to hack one of the nurses, but strangely without success, much to his (exaggerated) confusion. Upon returning to Daybreak Town, Horobi explains to a surprised Jin that he uploaded Little Assassin's back-up data into a new body and gives him the order to assassinate Yua instead, having noticed what she did previously. Little Assassin then joins Jin and Horobi during the assault on A.I.M.S. HQ and transforms into the Dodo Magia again, now armed with the Buaruku Sabers due to learning from his mistakes after his previous battle. The three then leave after Jin defeats Valkyrie and Horobi succeeds in stealing the Attache Weapons.

He reappears as the Dodo Magia during the attack on the hospital and and battles Zero-One. However, he was destroyed a second time by Zero-One using all of his current Progrisekeys in rapid succession, preventing him from adapting properly. His Dodo Zetsumerisekey is (this time) reclaimed by Horobi.

Betrayal, Final Evolution, and Death

"Why don't we continue the festival, brother? We can exterminate humans to our heart's content... At a festival of blood!"
―Little Assassin attempts to convince his brother to join him, all while revealing his true identity.[src]

At Daybreak Town, Little Assassin watches a samurai movie called "And, Assassinate" made by Shinya Owada alongside Jin. Due to believing that the movie was real, Jin suggests that Little Assassin should become Shinya's personal student thanks to the Humagear's losing streak, though this offends the latter, who retorts that he grows rather than losing.

Little Assassin later went undercover during the Shinya Owada incident, meeting the actor himself while the latter was about to leave in his car. As Shinya questioned who Little Assassin was, the disguised Humagear ignored his question, merely saying that he desires to grow stronger. At nighttime, Little Assassin perfectly mimicked all of Shinya's moves and attacks from his samurai movie, impressing the actor and making him note that Little Assassin's eyes were akin to that of a killer, causing the Humagear to genuinely smile. As the two read the lines of a script, Shinya questioned Little Assassin if he truly believed in himself, though the disguised assassin admitted that he didn't (presumably from Jin's teasing and his constant losses despite his improving), which was why he came to Shinya for training in the first place. Shinya then stated a line from the script he just read, which made the assassin learn to perfectly ad-lib, much to Shinya's amazement. The veteran actor then declared that his improvisation and learning made him superior to Enji Matsuda, though the Humagear noted that he instead wanted to be stronger. Impressed by this resolve, Shinya chooses to make Little Assassin his personal apprentice, much to the Humagear's happiness as he bowed in respect. This act of kindness from Shinya made Little Assassin awaken to Singularity.

At morning, the still-disguised Little Assassin watches the filming off-set; watching Shinya's disapproval with Enji causes the assassin to declare that Enji is unfit to study under his mentor. Taking matters into his own hands, Little Assassin walks up to Enji, grabs him, and then throws him off the set. He then removes his disguise, transforms into the Dodo Magia, and attempts to kill the Actor-Type Humagear for not meeting his mentor's expectations. However, Jin stops him before he can do so; he transforms into his Kamen Rider form, and the Rider and Magia both fight together against Valkyrie. The two proceed to overpower her until Zero-One arrives and fends Jin off, leaving the Dodo Magia to fight Valkyrie on his own outside two warehouses. The Dodo Magia proceeds to overpower Valkyrie without Jin's aid, and defeats her by unleashing the Zetsumetsu Nova. Before the Dodo Magia can kill his kidnapper, Isamu Fuwa shoots him from behind, and transforms into Vulcan after a pep-talk for Yua. The Dodo Magia then uses his tendrils to corrupt nearby Humagears and turn them into Trilobite Magia, gaining an advantage in numbers over Vulcan. However, Vulcan was given the Gatling Hedgehog Progrisekey thanks to Yua (even though a Trilobite Magia caught it first) and proceeded to get rid of the Trilobite Magia hordes using the Gatling Kaban Shot. The Dodo Magia himself was destroyed again by Vulcan's Gatling Kaban Buster, with Jin grabbing the Dodo Zetsumerisekey and fleeing the battle yet again.

At Daybreak Town, Little Assassin was restored to his fourth and final body, with Horobi commenting on how Shinya's lessons made him much more powerful than ever before. Jin then revealed to his "father" that Little Assassin attempted to destroy their next Magia candidate out of his own volition. Amused by this revelation, Horobi instead declared that the assassin was more closer to Singularity then Jin was, prompting Little Assassin to smirk at him in victory. This caused Jin to pout and go sulk in a corner, while Horobi ordered the assassin Humagear to kill his next target: none other than Shinya Owada, much to Little Assassin's shock over having to end his teacher. This revelation caused him to stop and think what he was about to do to his mentor, but Little Assassin still followed the order regardless; he then shot the actor with a real gun and announced his "graduation" from apprenticeship, but not before Shinya declaring that he was the one who could save him and make him stronger. This caused Little Assassin to evolve into the Dodo Magia Custom, and, after attempting to escape undetected, he fought and defeated Vulcan before leaving to Daybreak Town, all while declaring that (alongside Horobi) humanity is doomed.

When Horobi reveals to Jin about the assassin's attempted mutiny, Little Assassin canceled his transformation, but suddenly used two silver balls to transform two nearby Trilobite Magia into Dodo Magia Chicks. It was then that he broke out of his restraints, got his Zetsumerisekey and transformed into the Dodo Magia Custom once more, but now with a skull-like face. After escaping Horobi and Jin, Little Assassin was now set on creating his own squad of assassins to personally train, and went on by himself to find his 'brother'. He encountered Zero-One, beating him and Vulcan, but after his Shining Hopper form was properly working, Little Assassin was permanently destroyed by Zero-One's Shining Mega Impact.


As Little Assassin is a creation as opposed to a hacked unit, he is little more than a robotic android with no existing template to work off of. However, his ability to adapt has caused him to inherit many of Jin's child-like traits and essentially emulates the personality of a playful child, gesticulating and adding goofy expressions to his sentences. After his first defeat, he becomes a bit more stoic and occasionally shows slight annoyance toward Jin. However, he still continues to exhibit many of the behaviors he learned from Jin.

During his training with Shinya Owada, Little Assassin becomes more self-aware and starts acting independently, ultimately culminating in him defying by attempting to assassinate Enji Matsuda for failing to meet Owada's expectations for acting. After achieving his Dodo Magia Custom form, his voice becomes much deeper and he ceases to exhibit the quirks he learned from Jin. As a miscalculation from Horobi, Little Assassin's capability on learning to further improve his skills even lead Little Assassin to create his own, personal philosophy: to become a better assassin, one must be able to surpass their master, but by killing them. This error emerged when Horobi ordered Little Assassin to kill Shinya, unexpectedly giving this conclusive belief by Little Assassin himself.

Magia Forms

Dodo Magia
KR01-Dodo Magia

Dodo Magia

―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 191.3 cm
  • Weight: 107.5 kg

Little Assassin transforms into the Dodo Magia (ドードーマギア Dōdō Magia) by using the Dodo Magia Zetsumerisekey in the Zetsumeriser. 


  • Buaruku Sabers (ヴァルクサーベル Varuku Sāberu): Twin feather-shaped swords wielded by the Dodo Magia in his second body onward.


  • Humagear Hacking: Using a method similar to transforming into a Magia, the Dodo Magia can corrupt other Humagears and transform them into a Trilobite Magia by piercing them with tendrils.


  • Zetsumetsu Nova (ゼツメツノヴァ Zetsumetsu Novā): The Dodo Magia performs a simultaneous red energy slash with both Buaruku Sabers.

Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 7, 8, 9 (flashback), 10

Dodo Magia Custom
KR01-Dodo Magia Custom

Dodo Magia Custom

―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 191.3 cm
  • Weight: 107.5 kg

After accumulating enough data from past experiences, the Dodo Magia evolves into the Dodo Magia Custom (ドードーマギア改 Dōdō Magia Kai).[1] It is equipped with chest armor that can withstand the Attache Shotgun's blasts, three grenade launchers on each shoulder, and smoke bomb launchers on its forearms. The Dodo Magia also continues to use the Buaruku Sabers.


  • Reji Slaughter (レジスローター Rejisurōtā): Six machine guns installed in the Dodo Magia's chest armor that are supplied with bullets by back-mounted magazines.
  • Buaruku Sabers (ヴァルクサーベル Varuku Sāberu): Twin feather-shaped swords.


  • Humagear Hacking: Using a method similar to transforming into a Magia, the Dodo Magia can corrupt other Humagears and transform them into a Trilobite Magia by piercing them with tendrils.

Appearances: Zero-One Episode 11

Dodo Magia Custom Two
KR01-Dodo Magia Custom Two

Dodo Magia Custom 2

―Transformation announcement[src]


  • Height: 209.9 cm
  • Weight: 131.4 kg

Little Assassin assumed this further evolution of his Dodo Magia Custom form after assassinating Shinya Owada. He now possesses metal balls that can be thrown at Humagears within close range to transform them into Dodo Magia Chicks. In addition to the armaments of his previous form, he is equipped with two anti-aircraft guns that are mounted on his head.


  • Helmvogel (ヘルムヴォーゲル Herumuvu~ōgeru): A device installed in the Dodo Magia's head that allows him to command the Dodo Magia Chicks simultaneously in group battles.
  • Reji Slaughter (レジスローター Rejisurōtā): Six machine guns installed in the Dodo Magia's chest armor that are supplied with bullets by back-mounted magazines.
  • Buaruku Sabers (ヴァルクサーベル Varuku Sāberu): Twin feather-shaped swords.

Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 12-13



Behind the Scenes


The Humagear Assassins are portrayed by Ryunosuke Matsumura (松村龍之介 Matsumura Ryūnosuke). In their original Matsurida Z state, they are portrayed by Kai Yoshida (吉田快 Yoshida Kai).


  • The Dodo Magia is named after the Dodo (Raphus cucullatus), an extinct species of flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius and was hunted to extinction by 1662.


  • The Dodo Magia is the first dodo-themed monster in the Kamen Rider series.
  • The Dodo Magia is the first and currently the most recurring Magia to appear again after being destroyed.
  • Little Assassin is the second Humagear with the ability to speak coherently as a Magia, with the first being Fukkinhoukai Taro as the Berotha Magia.
  • The Dodo Magia is the first Magia to defeat a Kamen Rider.
  • The Dodo Magia is the first and, so far, only Magia to use a finisher.
    • He is also the first monster in the Kamen Rider franchise to use a finisher activated and announced by transformation gear. All monsters before him either used an unannounced finisher-like move or announced the finisher name themselves.
  • As Little Assassin learns and adapts, he gains more red streaks in his hair.
  • Little Assassin is the first, and currently the only Magia to be seen reverting to his Humagear form.



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