This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A monster that could liquefy himself and shapeshift into a shadow-like form. Upon reviewing Dex's second forms, Count Dregon wonders why he doesn't have an Insectivore that can liquify. Cycloptor reminds him that they have Liquisect and plan the right time to use him. When they learn that Dex has gotten a job at the Cosmos Arcade, Count Dregon decides to take the opportunity to use Liquisect by having him disguised as a grape soda which is planted at the Cosmos Arcade. When it spills, Dex follows Liquisect's liquified form to the boat yard. Dex transforms into Masked Rider and manages to knock him down with the Rider Kick. Liquisect shapeshifts into a shadow and ambushes Dex. After Dex broke free, Liquisect escaped after being knocked down by Magno. To lure Dex into a trap, Count Dregon sent the Maggots to capture Hal and Ferbus and place them in a warehouse where Gork has placed a bomb. When Dex locates the warehouse where Hal and Ferbus are tied up in, Liquisect ambushes Dex who then transforms. When Liquisect transforms into his shadow form, Dex uses his Ecto-Accelerator to materialize Liquisect. Dex manages to land a Rider Kick on Liquisect. When Liquisect liquifies again, Dex turns into his Super Blue mode to follow him. Upon catching up to Liquisect, Dex destroys him with the Blue Saber before freeing Hal and Ferbus with Magno's aid. Fits the theme of Gork's monsters.

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